October 20th, 2007

You meet a girl at the party and you don’t know her at all but you can feel the desire overtaking you, you wanna be with her, you want her pussy, her flesh and there’s nothing you can do about it!

When my sister invited me to the party I didn’t expect anything interesting to happen there. But there I met HIM. He was standing in another corner of the room. Our eyes met, and I realized I had to use my chance. I wanted to ask my sister to introduce me to him, but she was out of sight, probably hanging out in one of the rooms with her friends.

I felt he was looking at me. It made me blush. I had to go to the terrace to breathe some fresh air. When I heard the squeak of the door, I knew it was him. His hands touched my waist, and I heard:

-I didn’t know when you’d return so I decided to follow you.

I was looking into his green eyes, clearly realizing what would happen in a second. So did he. I was watching his face getting closer to mine. We were kissing. The whole world shrunk to two of us that moment. We parted just for a moment to undo the buttons on our shirts. His tanned skin touched mine, making me shiver. His lips were kissing my neck, and then he pulled off my shirt. I unbuttoned his shirt for my hands to feel free roaming over his body. His strong hands were caressing my body, then he took me in his arms and I cupped his waist with my legs.

No one had ever made me feel anything like this before. I forgot where I was, I forgot that somebody could open the door any minute and see us there. He pressed me against the wall, still kissing me vehemently. He raised my skirt to be able to pull off my panties. Hardly had my lingerie touched the floor than his dick was on its way to my hot cave. I began fondling it when suddenly the door opened. I jerked my hand away, but nobody came out of the house. I guess they just opened the door to air out the room.

I was choking as his tongue was in my mouth. I was over aroused by the fear of being exposed and at the same time I was eager to get every new thrust of his. He was moving faster and faster. We came at once. We began laughing, holding each other close not letting each other fall. I guess none of us could believe IT had just happened. It was the first time in my life when I was acting not thinking about consequences, and it felt damn good. I had no regrets.

We dressed up and got back in the house. He was holding my hand. We crossed the big room and found ourselves in a small one. I locked the door and we began kissing and hugging each other. It felt so natural to kiss him, like it was essential for me to keep on living. I just had to do it to survive. He was unbuttoning my shirt, while I was doing the same with his one, pulling it off over his head. When he was through with the blouse, he unzipped my skirt. I threw it away along with the shoes.

My panties and stockings were left. I reached for his pants, unzipping them. I got my hand under them to set the cock free. I was about to lose consciousness when I felt it pressing against my belly. He stepped back to get undressed and then he was embracing me again. My hand got down. I felt his phallus in my clasp. I felt it getting harder. He couldn’t stand that sweet torture for long and then he made me get my hand off his penis. His hand was getting lower caressing my body. It was driving me crazy, as I knew absolutely well where it would stop. My knees were weak. When he entered my pussy with his finger, I was hardly able to stand. I was swaying my hips – his finger was doing something incredible inside of me.

I was unable to stand. I was crying. Then he took me in his arms. I thought he would take me to the bed, but he took me to the table. He laid me on the table. He was standing motionless for a minute, looking at me. Then he entered me with one mighty thrust. I cupped his hips with my legs for the pecker not to slip out of my snatch. I was happy to get his every thrust. His fingers were sticking into my hips, pulling me closer, impaling me deeper. Huge orgasm sent a long wave of bliss over my body. The same happened to him too.

After a short break, he said in a hoarse voice:

-By the way, I’m Kenny.

-I’m Lucie. Hi. – I said laughing.

He took me to the bed. That was much unexpected!

-Don’t you think it’s time we used some more traditional positions, Lucie? – He asked lying on me.

I laughed and said yes. Then I rolled over to mount him. I started kissing his body, getting lower. He liked it, for sure. While rubbing my face against the penis, I felt him tremble. I looked into his eyes. It made me smile. I was kissing the inner side of his hips getting closer to my goal. Kenny was groaning when I touched his dick with my lips. Thinking it wasn’t enough, I sucked into it. Kenny hugged me and kissed me deeply. The kiss let me know what he really wanted.

He turned me to the back, kissing my nipple. When I thought he was through with it, he began kissing the other one. The nipple was in his mouth. He was sucking it so lustfully that I was on the verge of bliss again. His lips were getting lower to my navel. Suddenly he stopped and looked at me. Anticipation of what he was going to do was almost driving me mad. He bent his head to my bosom, making me buck of his touch. I couldn’t tell him to stop. I knew I would remember that night forever. I could no longer control myself. I took Kenny by the shoulders and pulled him up. My hands were cupping his neck, we were kissing.

Edge of his cock touched my pussy and then rushed into me. I was pressing his hips closer to my body to feel him deeper inside me. I was short of breath after cumming. I knew he also felt some chemistry between us. Kenny was holding me tight, as if afraid to lose me. He was kissing my temple when I asked him:

-When do you think they’ll start looking for us?

He looked at me in a strange way.

-I guess no one noticed we disappeared. Why are you asking?

-I don’t know. I guess I just wanna know how much time we have in store.

-Don’t worry, I locked the door. – He shrugged his mighty shoulders.

-So we have a plenty of time?

-Sure. What do you think if we stop wasting it?

I kissed him. I felt something getting harder inside of me in response. Kenny was ramming me, holding his hands on my buttocks. He was fast and vigorous. I felt so many different emotions, looking into his eyes. A new wave of orgasm seized me. His fingers sticking into my skin showed me he was cumming too.

It was the night of discoveries, and I have no regrets about it. If I were under the same circumstances again, I guess I would do the same thing all over again. We remained in bed, listening to the partying people behind the wall. Noises were getting quieter.

-I guess we should get dressed and get outta here, – I said being afraid of these words.

-Yeah, guess so, cuz it’s my party.

We were silent getting dressed. Then we kissed each other. We both realized it was he last kiss we were sharing. He looked around and opened the door. We went out of the room. What a night it was!

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  1. xman Says:

    i would have joined them, for threesome

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  3. Anonymous Says:

    Wow thats hot

  4. Hmmm… Says:

    Adored. Muha…… This is gr8

  5. Anonymous Says:

    this made me wet

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  10. Master Chubb Says:

    she is a ho

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