Old friend

October 30th, 2007

It’s nice to meet an old friend, isn’t it? Especially when you are slightly more than friends. This guy met a girl he used to know and they had a pretty good time.

I haven’t seen Sarah for 3 years but she hasn’t changed even a bit. She left New York for Philadelphia. Heretofore she was my neighbor and we “met” quite often. And now she suddenly threw herself on my neck, kissing and hugging me right in Manhattan street.

- Let’s date tonight on the beach, – she said suddenly after ten minutes of our ordinary jabber.

I agreed with great pleasure.

The July heat was burning the Manhatten streets and the upcoming evening didn’t bring any relief. I knew that tonight thousands of people would be longing for some freshness on the beach. But for that case I had a secluded corner under the pier and I was sure that nobody would be able to disturb us there.

Sarah came at 10 p.m. sharp. She was wearing the same swimsuit she was the last time we saw each other.

- This time you won’t have to war with me to take it off. – She said straight away. I could tell she was excited.

- I dreamt about it and wanted it from the last our date.

Sarah lied to her back and moved as far as it was possible under the pier. Both of us didn’t want anybody to see us. She leaned against some thick wooden stick and started to move her butt as if inviting. It ignited my excitement.

I couldn’t get out of a thought that she looked luxuriously. Time works wonders for her. Her waist remained thin and thighs widened a little. Her breasts, WOW! Damn me! They just couldn’t be covered under the top!

- Come to me, Ryan! Undress me. I want you do everything.

My head was spinning. Here it was my past that asked me to come back!

I knelt and took off her bikini. As far as she was naked, Sarah moved her legs apart, raised her belly a bit and showed me her pussy with golden curly hair. She dabbed on some perfume round the clit and it smelled wonderful.

My tongue immediately plunged into the cherished place. In a second Sarah was already showing the signs of pleasure. I used my fingers to excite her more. My tongue and lips were kissing and sucking her slit. Her moans became louder and louder, muffling up the sounds of the breakers.

She was so tasty and smelled so good! I almost buried my face in her pussy while my tongue was artfully working inside it. Her love juices proved to be delicious. It seemed that Sarah was near to come when I started fondling her breasts. She grasped me by my hair and begged only not even to pause the clit sucking.

I left my right hand on her breasts toying with her nipples. With the other hand I raised her ass a bit toward my face just to sink deeper inside her cunt.

Sarah began to beat her legs against the sand. She was almost coming. I could hardly keep the posture. Having come she crawled a bit away from me. Her top kinked under the breasts.

- Do everything you want with me! I’m totally under your power and control, Ryan! – She whispered.

Sarah looked totally satisfied.

I set my excited rocky dick free from the swimming trunks. It was wet between my girl’s legs. I slowly ran my dickhead around her vagina, covering it with her juices. Then I entered her. Sarah parted her legs as wide as she could. It allowed me to penetrate her deeper.

I moved my penis up and down several times. But I wanted her all. I thrust my pecker inside her with all my might. I felt that my dick stretched her womb. It was so tight and hot inside! That was awesome!

- Do it! Yeah…! – She almost yelled – Fuck me! Yeah…! Don’t stop! Deeper…. Deeper…!

She put her legs on my shoulders and I pushed the dick even deeper.

I was moving my cock up and down without respite. Harder… faster… up and down … more… deeper… I pumped my dick in Sarah’s twat, spurting glob after glob of hot, milky cum up into her womb. I was in heaven.

Sarah was lying there on the sand; I was lying from above her with my dick inside her slit. We felt depleted and whole. Several years had gone since we were here. But I could swear she’s become mature for the last years.

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4 Responses to “Old friend”

  1. Dabby Says:

    What kind of a beach was that? How could they be fucking right there, what about the people around? Weren’t they seeing anything? This story sucks!!! It’s unrealisticly set and the author is a perverted bastard

  2. Lorry Says:

    It’a all so easy in the stories, but IRL it’s much harder.

  3. CADE Says:


  4. Dirty Ernie Says:

    This story was so bad it was funny. (Why would Sarah lie to her back? Has it ever been dishonest with her?) I assume this story was written by the same illiterate idiot that wrote “Natalie.”

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