Nice leisure time

October 14th, 2007

These two people meet and make themselves comfortable in a room, there they make sweet love and sex. Read and enjoy!

Bright sunshine, snow… He was sliding down the hill. Right in front of him he saw a girl lying on the ground. Her skis were lying on her sides. She was laughing. It was her fall that made her burst into laughing. He pulled up near her and gave her a hand. Their eyes met and they recognized each other.

-Oh, hi! I didn’t expect to see you here!

-Hi, I’m also delighted to meet you!

-You came here for skiing? Isn’t it great here?!

-Yeah, it is. What are you doing after the walk?

-I’m going to swim in the pool. That’s my hotel over there.

-So we stay in one and the same hotel! – He said cheerfully, helping her clean her jacket of snow.

-See you later then!

-See you….

He entered the building, looking around, peering at faces, but she wasn’t there swimming. He ordered juice with ice. He decided to wait for her. It was all useless. He was longing to meet his old acquaintance, but seemed he wasn’t meant to. He was upset. He took his stuff and went to the sauna. First he took a shower, and then entered the steam room. There were some other naked men and women there. Suddenly something attracted his attention. He saw thin eyebrows, small breasts, soft skin of the neck, small shoulders, nipples, soft stomach, and incredible legs. It was her.

Yes, she was the most beautiful woman there. He was breathing heavily. He was getting aroused. It was too hot in the steam room. he decided to leave, so he touched her hand, scaring her, and whispered:

-Honey come into my room. I’ll be waiting for you. I’m begging you please. Room 307.

She was watching people playing ping-pong, but she was thinking about him, she wanted to hear his sweet whisper, feel his tender lips, get lost in his embrace. She wanted something passionate. But it wasn’t easy to make the first step. It was difficult to knock on the door with number 307 on it.

She went out of the building and took seven deep breathes. She looked at the windows of the hotel. His windows were dark. She became anxious. What if he was kidding me, what if … and I’m that stupid to believe…, she thought. She wanted to come to his room and leave an ironic note, saying something like: “No fibbers found in the house.”

She was running up the stairs. She found room 307. It was surprising but the door was slightly opened. She made a step into the darkness of the room. The door closed. She was walking in the room looking for a switch.

-I’m waiting for you, – she heard the voice in the darkness.

-Ah, you scared me! Can I turn on the light?


He kissed her on the lips. It was a vehement long French kiss. His tongue was caressing her cheeks and palate. His hands were fondling her back and hips. She wasn’t resistant. She was flowing in delight. He stepped back and sat down in an armchair. He turned on the light, but it was still dim in the room. She saw his naked aroused body.

-Take off you T-shirt and bra!

She did. She was still wearing a long pink skirt and pink stilettos.

-Take off your panties.

She was slow, getting her lingerie off.

-Ger on your knees and creep over here.

She got on her knees, creeping, swaying her butt, playing to the gallery and accepting his game. She thought of Kim Basinger that moment. But she was looking at him so lustfully that even Kim couldn’t play better. She liked to play, as everything was real, not like in movies.

She reached her goal and sucked into it, licking it with her tongue, holding it with her lips, jerking it with her fingers, sucking deeper and deeper. He was breathing heavily, moaning. He was kissing her hair, her neck, her back. He put her in the armchair too, getting under her skirt. She couldn’t see what he was doing there, but she felt some incredible, unbelievable sensations. Her bosom could feel his nose, his sweet tongue, is frisky skillful fingers. He was playing with her pussy. Two other fingers stretched the vulva lips caressing them all over.

She closed her eyes. She was short of breath. She put herself together to whisper: “I want it…” He pulled off the skirt and hugged her, kissing her passionately, raising her up a bit and impaling her on his dick.

The first touch of their fleshes was marvelous. The sensations were terrific. They both were moaning, several more thrusts and they were crying with pleasure. Soon they were quivering in orgasm. When they recovered consciousness they began kissing sand caressing each other….

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  1. Alessandro Says:

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  2. antonio Says:

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