My plumber

April 6th, 2008

A lady calls a plumber to repair her kitchen sink and feels that he could be a man of her dreams, she should use every way possible to allure him…

I woke up in the morning to find out my kitchen sink was leaking. I called a plumber. Soon he knocked on my door. He was an attractive guy in uniform. I love guys in uniform. I was really happy to see him, I almost threw my arms round his neck. I saw his surprise at my reaction. I showed him into the kitchen.

He took his tools out and got under the sink. I was standing by his side watching his actions. I was wearing a light pink dress and slippers in the form of bunnies. I was looking at the plumber realizing… he could become a great sex buddy for me. I hadn’t had sex for a pretty while and was really longing to feel something hard and throbbing in my insides.

I asked him if I could help him, but he said he could do everything on his own, thank you. I sat on the chair and decided to watch him work. My arousal was very strong. I felt warmth all over my body. I went to the bathroom to chill my hot body a bit. I splashed cold water on my face and got back to the kitchen.

The plumber was still doing something under the sink but his face looked much happier meaning he was about to finish everything up down there.

I offered him a cup of coffee. We were sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee from lovely cups with heart and angel decoration. He smiled on seeing the cups but then frowned again. “Tough guy,” I thought trying to make him relax talking lovely nonsense.

He was looking at me, sipping his coffee. I smiled. He reached his hand for a biscuit, I did the same. His hand touched mine for a split second. But he didn’t jerk his hand away. He was caressing my hand with his fingers murmuring something. I couldn’t make out the words. My whole self was focused on his caress. I liked to feel his fingers massage my skin gently, I liked their warmth, I didn’t want him to stop. But… he smiled and took a biscuit.

I stood up to take something from the shelf and felt his hands on my waist. He bent over to my ear and whispered:

“You want it right?”

I nodded not saying a word. His hands started roaming over my body, caressing my curves. All I had to do was just enjoy the fondling. He kissed me on the shoulder, touched my neck, while his hands were vigorously feeling my body up through the dress. He was breathing heavy caressing my buttocks. He kissed my back, I felt his hot lips through the fabric. It was awesome!

He dropped my dress. His hands were squeezing my breasts, my nipples got hard wanting for more… He pinched both of my nipples at once and made me moan lustfully and horny. He surely liked it as he squeezed the nipples again and kissed my neck:

“Do you want me to love the way you’ve never felt before?”

I nodded again realizing there was no way back for me. He started kissing my shoulder again. My neck, my upper back were all wet and hot with his kisses. But he wanna explore all of my body. His game made me moan and tremble. I was unable to move feeling my pussy get really wet, feeling sweet pain in my lower belly. Mmm…

His hand slipped down between my hips. He was caressing my skin, teasing me, kissing me. I was crazy about him! I turned round and kissed him deeply. He took me in his arms and put me on the kitchen table. I was almost stark naked now. He was staring at my breasts, caressing my shoulders, breathing hot in my ear:

“I want you”

He undid his belt, unzipped his fly and took out his hard pecker. He caressed my gushing pussy with the dickhead. My panties were wet, he liked it. He raised my legs and took off my panties. We were holding each other close caressing each other, kissing shoulders, necks, lips. I stuck my nails in his back making him groan contentedly. He spread my hips wide squatted down and started playing with my pussy. He was kissing it and pleasing it with his tongue. I couldn’t help but moan.

His tongue was licking my hot bosom, sucking on the vulva lips, fucking my slit with the tip of his tongue, playing with the clit, making me gush and give more and more of my juices to him. He seemed to like licking them off. He knew I was ready. He stood up and started kissing the inner side of my hips, then my belly button, then my puffy nipples. I was so relaxed and elated.

His hands were caressing my waist. His dickhead was rubbing against my pussy. I couldn’t wait for him to enter me. But he wasn’t in a hurry, he was teasing me, turning me on more and more. I wanted him to enter my vagina and fill me inside… but he was still teasing me.

I sat at the end of the table willing to get his cock deep inside me. I was moaning asking him to enter me. The dickhead was wet, he couldn’t wait any more and … I felt his pecker deep inside my pussy. He kissed me on the lips, I felt his big hot tongue in my mouth. I tasted my own juices, it was so unusual for me but so arousing. I was impaling myself on his cock, squeezing the muscles, trying to feel every single bit of his flesh inside me.

He was changing the tempo of his thrusts, fucking me deep and hard or just teasing me and dipping just his dickhead in my pussy. He was moaning louder and louder with every thrust. I felt his hard cock. He sped up screwing my pussy. I was delighted, I tossed my head backwards and moaned. It was a lusty, sexy loud moan. The orgasm cloaked my body. It was fantastic. I pressed him tighter, squeezing his hips with my legs. He felt my vagina muscles contract, and erupted a huge cumload inside my body. His thrusts, his look, his moan… Mmm… the second orgasm of mine.

I relaxed completely. The plumber kissed my neck, my boobs. I jumped off the table and sucked on his cock, licking off the last drops, the head. The taste was so wonderful. Sex made me dizzy. The dick was all wet with my saliva.

I kissed his lips in gratitude.

“You’re very delicious. I’ll never forget your taste.” I whispered in his ear.

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