My passionate mother-in-law

November 17th, 2007

Have you ever fucked your mother in law? This guy tired that and actually she’s even better than his wife…

It happened three years ago when I was still married. I was visiting my ex mother-in-law. And she still keeps on calling me from time to time. Perhaps, she remembers me and expects me to be visiting her.

It all has started when me and my wife had a financial crisis and had to work a lot. I worked night shifts and she worked during the day. Because of the financial shortage we had to move over to my wife’s mother.

She was a widow and we didn’t ruin her comfort of the personal space.

It was a hot summer morning. I never wear pajamas. I always sleep in the nude. My wife was at work so the bed was mine. I closed the door before going to bed and fell asleep without a blanket. My mother-in-law was at home as well. She had a day off.
Her house is pretty huge but has only one floor and all the rooms are located at the same level.

Unfortunately there was only one bathroom and it was down the hall in front of my bedroom.

It was in the afternoon when I woke up and saw my mother-in-law standing in the door half naked. All she was wearing was a short see-through peignoir. I saw her rubbing it between her legs and she was starring at me. My dick started swelling and getting hard from such view. I asked her if she likes what she’s starring at. She replied that she hasn’t seen such a charming dick for a long time.

She came up to me and sat down on the bed.

Her huge tits were visible through the see-through chemise and I told her I want to touch them. She looked into my eyes and said she wet-dreams about it when she masturbates all the time. Than she said that its too hot and took off her nightwear. She appeared absolutely naked.

From that my dick had an absolute hard-on.

She grabbed my hand and without saying a word took me to her bedroom saying that it is chilly over there. There, on the huge king-size bed she took my hard and swelling from excitement dick and said:

- “Now I understand why my daughter is so much in love with you!”

She took my stud into her mouth and started sucking it with such a thirst while her warm fingers were tickling my balls. I wasn’t given much time and very soon I came into her mouth and filled it up with my burning sperm.

For quite a long time I was shagging her hot and wonderful cave. By the end of our bang I set her bewitching ass on my burning dick. I liked every minute of it and my dick would get hard aver and over again…

After we’ve tried all kinds of different positions I sunk her cunt and her ass in my hot sperm. We were playing our games until my wife had to be back from work.

Hopefully, my ex mother-i-law will call me up soon and we’ll jump into the lake of pleasures.

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    One night, when my wife was away, my mother in law moved into the house to watch the kids. I leave for work very early, and we needed Barbara to get the kids ready in the morning and then pick them up from school. I had 2 weeks notice that this would happen, so made sure to be ready. My wife was so nervous for the two of us to be in the house without her, because for some reason, she’s convinved that I have a cruch on her mother–hehehe.

    I made sure to have a bottle of Absolut in the freezer, some olives in the fridge and my martin glasses. I showered shortly before she arrived that night and put on some cologne, but not too much and I made sure the kids were asleep with their doors closed. Barbara came in, set her things down. I showed her that I was just fixing myself a vodka martini, and offered her one. Barbara’s not a big drinker, but she likes a nice drink to unwind every now and then and gets tipsy rather easily. I poured her a drink and told her to relax on the couch in our den. We turned the channel to one of her favorite Housewives shows. Barbara lied down the full length of the couch. I arrived a second later and asked if I could sit down to have a good view of the TV. She picked her knees up, to free up a cushion. I sat down and told her she could put her legs on my lap. She said, “Thanks Dave” as she lay her beautiful pedicured feet on my lap. I asked if she’d like a foot rub–she said that would be great. I have studied reflexology and knew all the best places to rub, espeically the ones that correspond to her private areas. I started our rubbing the top of each foot between her 2nd and 4th toes. THese correspond to the breasts. Barbara sighed and after a little seemed to jump a bit–I guess I found the right spot to stimulate her small but pert boobs without leaving her feet. After a few minutes of her intensely enjoying this, I thoughtit as time to dial things up a bit. I started rubbing the area on the top of the foot around the front of the leg bone–this corresponds to the pussy–she really enjoyed that and I kept going for a long time as she not only ooed and ahhhed but squirmed a bit too. I then told Barbara that my hands needed a rest, would she like a refill on her martini. She said yes and I stood up.

    I was completely tenting my pants and when I got up, Barbara’sface was right there, right in front of my crotch. She said “I guess you enjoyed that as much as I did!” I embarassedly nodded and went to the kitchen to fix ourselves another round. When I returned, Barbara had sat up and was lounging in the middle of the couch. I leaned over to give her her drink and sat down next to her. I asked if she’d like me to continue. She said, sure, but she was too tired and a bit tipsy to get herself into the right spot, so I got onto my knees in the floor and started rubbing her feet again. She sprawled out some more and spread her legs. I was so turned on and a tad tipsy and I lifted her right foot to my mouth. I kissed the “breast” area and started licking it. I then proceeded to suck on each toe and lick between–this heightened Barbara’s pleasure. I kissed up her foot to her ankle and then started to caress her calves. I kissed my way up her right leg, up above the knee and then blew warm air into her crotch. She sighed and pushed my head down. I licked up her thigh until my nose reached her panties. I reached under her dress and pulled the panties down as I continued to kiss and lick her inner thighs. I inhaled her wonderful musk–it was incredible-I couldnt believe I was a second away from licking my mother in law’s pussy. I stuck my tongue out and licked her pussy from bottom to top–she moaned deeply and pushed my face down. I continued to give Barbara the licking of a lifetime, from her outer lips, up to her clit and as I felt her near climax, I’d backoff and tongue her hole as far up as I could reach. We played like this for over an hour until she grabbed my hair, squeezed her thighs and came in my face to an incredible, loan moan.

    “Dave–that was wonderful. What took you so long? I’ve been waiting for this day for years.” I told her I fantasized about her every day and dreamt of it too and that it as even better in real life. I continued to tell her how I felt about her and midsentence, she just pushedmy head down to her pussy. She wanted more! I was so happy! I licked her pussy a while longer and before she could cum again, I licked further down until I reached her ass. I licked all over her cheeks and kissed them. I licked up her crack and down, up and down to more sighs and squirming. When I dipped my tongue into her asshole, she yelped and actually screamed oh my g-d! I licked that hole for a while, tryig to open it a bit. Eventually her sphincter eased and my tongue reached into her ass! Barbara moaned “dont’ stop, just keep fucking my ass with your tongue!” and I listened. After a long time, when I thought my tongue would actually fall off, she pushed me down onto the carpet on my back. She then lowered herself onto my face and fucked my lips, tongue, nose and chin to a monster orgasm. I lifted Barbara up and lay her on the couch to recuperate. THis was one very happy woman.

    I pulled down my pants and underwear and removed them. I lined up with her dripping red hot snatch and eased in to more moans. Within a few strokse I was all the way in and couldnt believe that this 60 year old pussy was so tight and soft and wonderful. I started stroking all the way I could but after a few strokes, I couldnt hold out and I came inside her. Barbara sat up in schok “Dave! You licked my ass and my pussy like a pro but you need to take something for that premature ejaculation.” I was upset-she was really ruining my fantasy – cum- true.

    “Let’s do it again, Dave–maybe you’ll last longer”. I was still hard and throbbing, I lined up in front of her but Barbara said–I need some licking first. So, I knlet before her and licked her dripping cunt. She told me she wanted to cum from a tongue fucking and that I had to get every drop of my premature cum. I tongue fucked her for a long time until she finally came hard against my face, the remaining cumshot washing down my throat.

    “Now I’m ready to be fucked, dave. Let’s do it right, huh?” and she spread her legs. I pushed my cock in and it went startight through to the hilt, no resistance at all. I fucked her furiously for 15 minutes until she came hard on my cock–I felt her pussy squeezing me and it felt amazing. I told her I wasnt done yet and pulled out. I turned her over, and her beautiful ass was sticing out. I licked it, slapped it and then fucked her from behind for another 15 minutes until I felt I couldnt any longer. I didnt have the physical stamina to fuck in this position for that long. I sat down on the couch to rest a bit and Barbara hopped on and rode me. Seeing her beatiful face right in front of mine, feeling her nipples rub against my chest and her soft, wet pussy made my cock feel so light, soft and happy put me in seventh heavebn. After a few minutes, I came deep inside Barbara and she collapsed against me. We lied down on the couch entangled in one another and fell asleep.

    I awoke the next morning and realized shit-I had to go to work and get our naked selves into our respective bedrooms before the kids woke up. I scooped Barbara up in my arms and took her to the guest room. I couldnt help myself and licked her pussy very quickly to another orgasm–Barbara didnt open her eyes but muttered that this was a wonderful way to wake up. I then covered her and ran upstairs to take a shower and get dressed for work.

  57. LAS Says:

    My mother in law is one of the hottest 58 year old women I have ever seen. She is about 5’5″ and weighs about 125lbs. She is 36C and no matter where she goes men are looking at her. She enjoys dressing in a way that shows off her sexy body even though she does it in a discrete way. She is one hot MILF. I generally get an erection when I am around her and I have caught her looking at it on several occasions. I doubt that anything will ever happen between us because she thinks a lot about what people think about her. She told me the other day that she enjoys getting hugs from me. So I guess I will just have to fantasize about her and wonder what it would be like to see that sexy body naked.

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