My insatiable lover

April 28th, 2010

This guy picks up a hot chick and arranges to meet her in his office, she comes and gives him the best break from work one can ever imagine!

This happened not long ago at my friend’s flat. She sat on the sofa and I approached to her slowly. I embraced her. She didn’t resist. I stroked her face and my hand slid under her skirt.

At this moment my mobile rang. I talked to my colleague and then turned off the phone. I came up to her again and wanted to take off her skirt but she stopped me saying:

“I’ll do it myself. You can tear my pantyhose…”

She took off her skirt together with hose and panties and put these on the floor. The scene was fantastic, it was everything I could only dream about. At the bottom of her belly there was a dark triangle covered in hairs. Her vulva lips were great and the pussy itself smelled perfectly.

I took off my pants and the boxers, dropped them on the floor and put her on her back. My stiff cock couldn’t wait entering the so much wanted hole. I set it against the hot passage and began penetrating it. The vagina was wide enough to allow me in (at that moment I remembered our first night with my wife – my cock just couldn’t enter the place specially intended for that.)

She was lying holding her breath with her legs widely open. I made a few frictions when her telephone rang. She answered and said we were on the way already. While was talking I was fondling her labia and the clit. Her legs were half-bent in the knees and I saw blue wines on her calves.

I thrust deep inside and my cock met no resistance as the vagina was wet with juices. She wasn’t a virgin of course and had many lovers. She liked fucking and knew how to do it well. She always preferred married men because they couldn’t infect her with some disease.

Her boobs were small and for some reason looked unattractive. Besides, we had little time and needed to hurry. I made a few thrusts and felt I was on the verge. I took out my cock and directed the spurts of cum onto the sofa thus spotting the bedspread. We got dressed and went to the office.

She called me and said she wanted to see me again. I offered her to come to my room in the office the next day. In the morning I took a video camera with me and set it up under my table carefully so that she couldn’t see it.

She arrived at about 10. We discussed work and then I locked the door. We embraced and I focused on her tits. Soon we were near my huge armchair. I bent forward as if I wanted to take a towel and switched on the camera. Meanwhile she took off her skirt and hose, leaving white lacy panties on.

She sat in the armchair. I pawed her breasts and kissed passionately. Then she unbuttoned her blouse and I took it off. Her panties and the bra followed.

She was sitting in the armchair with her legs apart allowing me to see her treasure. I came closer to her. She raised her legs up and I helped her to put them on the table. While doing that I saw the nub of her clit appeared through the pubic tuft. My lips covered it and I started kissing and licking it feverishly.

Her twat was swollen and full of sweet juices. I positioned myself between the table and the armchair and started drilling into the hole. Pushing the armchair further from the table I built the tempo of my thrusts. She began moaning quietly so that other people in the office didn’t hear her.

She pulled me closer to her and I felt her hot vibrating tongue in my mouth. I sucked it inside and bit it slightly. We changed the positions of our tongues many times caressing each other. My cock was working non-stop. I controlled it all the time to prevent it from falling out.

I tore myself away from her lips and removed the cock from the cunt. I set my head against the navel and rubbed it against the belly for some time. While doing that I watched her pussy, and the clit and the labia. Her anus looked tempting and inviting as if it wanted to be impaled on my organ.

I asked her to rise a bit so that I could spread a towel under her butt. When it was there I thrust into the hole I liked so much again and resumed the frictions. She was moaning quietly and breathing hard. My balls beat against her moist vagina. A few seconds later I pressed to her and ejaculated into her loin that absorbed everything with obvious pleasure. Her vulva lips were wrapping my pulsing shaft while I was lying almost motionless on her.

I stood up and took my limp cock out, wiped it and started getting dressed. She lay for some time to let the cum flow out of her vagina and then stood up and wiped her pussy. She straightened the straps of her bra, put on the panties, hose, skirt and blouse.

We talked for a while and she promised to bring me some documents soon. Then she left and I turned off the camera.

I used to visit her at home as well. Once when I arrived at her place she was alone. Her husband was at night shift.

She was wearing a bathrobe. She asked me if I was hungry but I told we had too little time. She sat in the armchair and spread her legs allowing me to see that she had only tiny panties on. I approached to her, put my hands into her panties and began massaging her crotch. She offered to move to the bedroom and I agreed.

While I was undoing my shirt and trousers she took off her bathrobe… I put her on her belly having taken the panties off her. She raised her butt a little and parted her thighs. I entered her fast, without any preparation. She was already wet and I met no resistance. Her body swallowed my organ with pleasure.

Then we turned round and she lay on her back. My cock now was very deep inside her. I was holding her legs widely open while she was rubbing her clit touching my dick with her fingers occasionally.

Then she suggested to move to the floor. She threw a fur-coat on the floor and we resumed the fuck. Soon I was close to climax, increased the tempo and exploded into her hot passage.

I rose but she stayed on the floor with her legs apart and eyes closed. My semen was flowing out of her slowly…

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