My ex girlfriend!

May 13th, 2008

A guy meets his ex-girlfriend in the bar and takes her home. She feels that he can do anything to get into her pussy, so she can play around with him…

Hi, everyone! Here I am. It happened to me a few days ago! It was a normal Saturday night; I was out at a bar with some friends of mine, having a few drinks and watching a football game. That was a match between Manchester and Real Madrid, the bar was overcrowded, like all men from Misty Albion I was a fan of England teams, so time was passing by. Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder, and when I turned around, to my shock, there was my ex-girlfriend Megan. I did not know what to say at first, because we dated for a long time, and the break up was pretty bad. She blamed me for everything, saying that I broke her life and she devoted all her life to me. Well, you know all that girls’ shit! When she sat down I noticed her wearing amazing clothing: she had a long leather boots up to her knees, a very short and provocative skirt, and a slight summer top showing off her amazing breasts. She talked to me, I replied, the conversation was rather normal for people who have not seen for a quite long period of time, until said that I was engaged. Megan gave me a very bad and very offended look, then left the bar immediately. At this moment, I felt really bad, I knew I would never see her again.

When I arrived home she was standing on my porch, and said we needed to talk. So I sat next to her on the porch, she joined me. We sat there for a long time talking, but my eyes were wondering all over her body all this time, looking at her sexy humps. She noticed this and laughed at me: I stopped and demanded to tell me what she was laughing at. She looked at me and said that after all this time I was still behaving a horny manner. I was stunned and tried to deny it but just could not do it.

She stood up looked down at me, my cock was itching to get out of my jeans, and she knew it. She looked at me downwards, and a wild fire was twinkling in her eyes. I knew she had just conceived something nasty, but had no idea what exactly. Actually, in any intimate moment I would keep everything under control but now I had no chance. She demanded for me to get on my knees at her feet. When I did it, she made me made me lick and kiss her knees and thighs. After that she told me to pull my cock out for her. Again, being controlled by her I did as I was told. My cock was soon pulled out from my pants and she could see my hard on. She said she was going to make me cum with her feet only, well, it sounded very strange, and so I did not believe her.

She turned her back to me and lifted her skirt showing me that amazing ass of hers. She told me to kiss her ass, sure I could not resist. I lent over her ass and started licking her wonderful sweet ass. After that she squeezed her thighs tight and told me to fuck her between legs. I looked at her embarrassed, and she repeated her demand. She moved her legs around my swollen cock, and said: “Fuck me like that, fuck me between legs, you, bitch!” I shoved my cock between her legs, she squeezed them tight around my shaft and I began to fuck her legs. Soon I realized that I loved it. I licked her ass and asshole with great satisfaction while fucking those amazing thighs of hers. It seemed like eternity, but in a few time I was ready to come. She knew it and told me to stick my tongue up into her asshole. I was in heaven. After that she told me if I was ready to cum, I should beg her to let me do so.

I agreed then Megan told me to beg her to let me cum. I had no choice, so I agreed. I moaned:

“Please, girl, let me cum, let me cum right now!” She looked at me, smiled and said:

“Put your tongue back in my ass and taste it!”

I did as she demanded. She kept squeezing my cock between her legs, and that was terrific. I could not help it and came all over her ass and thighs. That was the best orgasm of my life I was completely drained! It was a huge fountain of my cum, drop after drop it fell on her. I collapsed on the ground at her feet and she smiled again knowing that from now I would be her slave for ever. She demanded I lick every drop of cum off her ass, I obeyed gladly, licking all of the cum. She looked down at me with an evil smile and asked me:

“Who are you?” I replied:

“I’m your bitch, Megan!”

“Who do you want to be?”

“Your slave!”

“Good bitch!”

Then I got up and we went to my home. Now I am her slave I am gonna marry her, wedding ceremony is supposed to be in July. You know, I think it can’t be better than now, and I can’t want more than what I have now. I can’t imagine anything being better than that. I get to suck her toes and feet, be her nasty slave, and I love every minute spent by her side. Megan is my master and always will be.

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