Like a dream

June 22nd, 2008

How many blowjobs can your dick take at a time? This guy is really lucky, because his babe wants to suck his dick until she dries all of his balls…

I have never woken up from a feeling that my dick was inside the girl’s mouth. Not only that. She was massaging it softly. Gorgeous brunette she was absolutely naked.

It seemed like she’s been doing that to me for a while. “Where am I,” – I said outloud.

“You don’t remember?” – she said.

“No… damn…”

“Well, as if it matters” – she said and her lips went back to sucking my dick.

That moment I was very proud of my dick. It was pink and was swelling. I felt it was bursting, but I knew from the last night party it wasn’t going to explode too soon.

Alcohol was doing its job. But when she took it all the way deep inside her throat so that I felt it right against her deep mouth I was almost there. Her lips were too amazing to have me cum too soon.

“You’re not cumin’,” – she asked as she let my penis out. Her hand kept on massaging it.

“Soon, I think I will cum soon…” – I whispered. “Go on…”

“You got a load, huh?” – her hand tickled my balls. I felt I was just about to cum.

“A couple of tea-spoons,” – I said. “Aren’t you afraid I cum in your mouth?”

“Of course I’m not. I actually want you to.”

“May be I also lick your pussy, sexy?”- I asked the hottie in a hope to see her pussy.

She smiled and said “No, how about you just cum a load in my mouth?”

“Than work it!” – I said and stretched my hands on the bed. It was like living a dream.

She leaned her lips and moved her tongue round and round my dick. She was licking up and down, getting me to the almost-to-cum point. She even licked my balls.

The dream girl put her nipple on my dickhead and moved her body. Her tits weren’t so big, but they were firm and the nipples was hard.

“And why aren’t we cumin’ over here?”- she asked me and attacked my dick again. When her lips went right down to the root of my dick I felt like that was it!

I barely stopped myself from cuming. I relaxed my hips and decided to think of… football. It helped me for a minute but the dick was getting bigger and bigger and it seemed like it was getting more difficult for her to suck it.

“Are you tired? Babe?” – I asked the angel.

“No way!” she smiled and kept on massaging it.

“It’s so big…”

“May be I cum inside you?”

She seemed confused. In a second she sat down on top of me.

“Go in slowly. K?” – she asked me.

“Su-u-u-re…” – I moaned as I felt going in that sweet wet pussy. Her vagina seemed to be really tiny. I thought I could only go for a second and then I would cum.

“Try to cum now…” – she was so kinky.

“I’m trying.” – I put my hands on her round hips. She was moving slowly, up and down. She was turned on.

“I am about to cum very-very soon, boy…let’s cum along… at the same time.”

“I’m not sure it works out…”

“Come on, sweetie, of course it works.”

She was flying in orgasm in like five seconds. I could feel it. The muscles of her vagina were squeezing my gun so tight and she screamed. Her breasts were moving as she was taking deep breath. She got off my penis and went back to licking my dick.

This time she was working with extra effort. I wasn’t resisting the wave any longer and let her take me to nirvana. Brunette’s lips were all over my tool and she licked it, and bit it, and moved her hand up and down and her tongue, it was soft, it tickled the head.

Finally, uncontrollably I ejaculated. Hottie invited all of my sperm inside her mouth just to pour it back on my abs.

“In the end…” – she smiled and took my dick inside her mouth. All over again.

“How about taking a break,” I asked her knowing that resistance was pointless.

My thing wasn’t hard any longer. It was as twice as small making it easier for the girl. She didn’t even react to my question and continued sucking my juices out of me.

I felt her tongue going round the penis. I felt her teeth going tough on the dickhead. In a minute I was getting hard again. What a mistress!

“Can you hold on for at least a minute like?” – I told her trying to sound tough, strict and serious.

“Well, if you want,” –she smiled and sat on my face. Can you imagine? Right on my face! – “it’s your turn now!”

I loved her pussy. She was leaking with juices I was risking, I could choke. I sucked the pussy lips. I was pushing my tongue inside the tiny crotch and her hot sweet moisture was flowing all over my mouth. The girl moaned and her vagina shivered. It opened up so wide so that my tong went all the way in. I put my lips around her clit and bit it. Just slightly. She screamed but then made such a quiet sweet noise it made me get really hard. It was the maximum of my erection.

“Did you cum?” – I asked her knowing she did and not just once.

“Hell, yeah,”- she replied with languish, “let’s milk the cow!”

My dick ended up in her mouth once again. This time she was sucking it so energetically that my orgasm turned out to be a surprise to her. All of a sudden sperm covered her face and she looked me in my eyes. Just for a second and went back on working on my dick.

“I can’t any more,”- I had to be honest with her.

“Oh, yeah, you can.”- And she swallowed my penis. It became tiny after cumin twice!- “I know you got more loaded down there.”

She went on slowly and raised the speed little by little. Her hands were smooth and warm and felt lot nicer than her hungry lips and her sneaky tongue.

She jerked me off for a long-long time and finally she succeeded. When she saw that I was about to cum she asked me to cum on her tits. Babe lied down on her back and I put my dick in between her tities. I started moving, She squeezed her tits and her eyes were starring at my penis.

When I pushed forward she squeezed it tighter and moaned from seeing my wet dickhead. It was stimulating my erection like ten times as much as before. Suddenly I felt I was gonna shoot and uncontrollably I took my friend to her mouth. She took it in with some greed. She put her lips around it and jerked me with her hand. In a minute I exploded a huge load inside her mouth. I mean huge load. I was surprised I had so much sperm hiding in my testicles.

She chocked. I saw that she was a bit disgusted but she turned out to be so optimistic she looked at me, coughed and smiled.

“So you haven’t been with a girl for a while… I see…”

“It’s been like two months…”

“You’re like inexhaustible…”

“No, not really.”

“I want you!”

“Babe, I can’t anymore… I need some rest.”

“How dare you, young man?!”- and she turned me around and took my dick inside her mouth. Again. I was thinking it was never gonna end…

As soon as my dick got to more or less sensible size I grabbed her and turned her around. As hard as I could I went inside her pussy. She screamed and tried to push me away. But I was gonna finish it up. She had multiple orgasms before I came. Just like the previous ejaculation, right before cumin I took my dick to her mouth and gently inserted it inside her speechless lips. She took him and sucked till the last drop.

I collapsed on her and fell asleep.

“You’re such a stud…”- I woke up from her hand massaging my penis-“ I also didn’t have a guy for three months… let’s go on? If you want to…”

Before I said anything she kissed my dickhead and began to suck it.

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