Katie in the elevator

September 9th, 2007

They met in the elevator, they ended up having crazy sex in his apartment, you never know when you are going to meet your next fuckbody, neither did he, he he sure loved fucking her tight pussy and enjoyed her sweet butt.

My girlfriend broke up with me that night, so I was sitting at home watching TV, drinking beer and smoking. I was upset, you know. At about midnight I ran out of cigarettes and went out to buy some.

There was a girl in the drug store, she was buying menthol cigarettes. I bought everything I needed, lit a cigarette and went home.

Right near my house I saw the same girl. She was trying to light a cigarette, but there was something wrong with her lighter. I helped her out and headed home. It turned out we lived in the same house. So we found ourselves standing on the ground floor and waiting for the elevator together.

I asked her when she had moved in and who she was living with. Katie, that was her name, said she and her friend rented an apartment, and they had moved in just three days ago.

When we got in the elevator, I pushed the button. We passed two storeys and got stuck somewhere between the second and the third storey.

Great, I though. It was midnight, there was unlikely to be anybody who could help us. Seemed, we were going to stay there till morning.

Katie cheerfully noted, she was afraid I could take advantage of the situation. I burst into laughing and tried to open the door. Nothing worked. I used to stick in elevators before, and had an idea how to put everything right. I almost knew how to put everything right. But I never did it. I told the girl it would take hours for us to get out of the stupid elevator.

Katie was beautiful, fresh and a bit drunk, as it seemed. She suggested yelling, and I replied that the walls between us and the whole world were too thick, so nobody would hear, anyway.

We were smoking, talking about different stuff. In about twenty minutes it felt like we had known each other for the entire life and in another minute I hugged her and kissed her on the lips.

She never resisted, so I continued the kiss thrusting my tongue deeper in her petite mouth. My hand slipped downwards and I touched her butt. I pulled up her skirt getting my fingers in her panties. I pressed her vulva lips.

She opened her eyes wide and pushed me aside. I asked her if she did not like it, she did not answer, but smiled at me and moved closer.

She put her hand on my groin rubbing my penis. It was very nice, it turned me on.
Katie pulled down my pants, knelt right in front of me and kissed my dick exposing the head. She began to suck it, jerking. I was ready to cum in a couple of minutes, but wanted to prolong the pleasure and asked the girl to stop.

Katie did not understand the point and asked if anything was wrong. I said I wanted to enjoy the moment, that was all. She stood up and leaned against the elevator wall. It was my turn to kneel in front of her. I pulled her skirt up, took off her panties exposing trimmed pubis. My tongue found the clit. I began to suck it, squeezing it with my lips. At the same time my finger got deep into her cave.

Katie was moaning. She put her hands on my head pushing me closer to her body. I moved faster and more intensive, she began to moan louder. Finally she came, her vagina was convulsively contracting, she was crying.

I stood up, turned her back to me, and entered her. It was hot and wet inside her vagina. I was moving abruptly. I felt like cumming.

I asked Katie how she was feeling. She said she was coming too and asked not to ejaculate inside her but do it in her mouth. I said I would, and began to move faster reaching cervix of the uterus.

She came in a minute squeezing my cock inside that tight that I almost ejaculated. I asked her to turn around. She knelt immediately. I directed the dickhead in her mouth, but could not control myself anymore. The first shot was on her hair, then on her cheeks, and finally in the mouth.

Katie licked my phallus, showed me the mat liquid in her mouth, and swallowed it. I looked at her and understood there was nothing more wonderful in the world than a satisfied girl.

Katie put herself in order, whipped off the rest of semen from her face. According to her, it was her first sex outside the bedroom, and she liked it. I asked her what we would do next. She answered she would like to continue our communication but somewhere like home.

I smiled at her and asking not to be angry with me, pulled the spring in the elevator mechanisms. The elevator began to move upwards, Katie laughed and shook her fist at me.

We entered her apartment. Her neighbor was out at her parents’. Katie went to the shower, and I cooked some sandwiches and coffee.

After having a bite, I headed for the bathroom. The girl was in the shower soaping her breasts. They were large, tight, of regular form.

She did not notice me come in, so I dressed off, got under the shower putting my arm around her waist. I took her boobs in my hands and began to caress them and play with nipples, pinching them with my fingers.

Katie turned her face to me and kissed my lips. I was over aroused; my prick was as hard as a bone, it seemed. The girl knelt. She moved her tongue up and down the shaft stroking my testicles, kneading the stem with her hands.

I pushed her slightly aside and pointed the dickhead in her face. She understood what I wanted and sucked it into her mouth. Katie sucked the dick, licked it, and played with my balls. I cummed in a couple of minutes on her face and her knockers. She looked at me spreading the sperm all over her bod. I was drained and exhausted. I took a shower, took a towel and went out in the room.

Katie came to me in a minute. Lying down on the bed, she moved closer and asked if I was ready to go on. I was not embarrassed and said everything depended on her.

Katie stood up, turned the music on. She felt the rhythm, and moved like a goddess. Her beautiful body beckoned me playing tricks with my imagination. I wanted to touch her, and even tried to embrace her body, but she pushed me away telling me to lay and not move. Well, she is a boss, I thought.

I lay down and relaxed. My pecker began to harden watching a naked girl dancing for me. It was hard very soon, so I was ready to continue.

Katie lay down in front of me, aimed my prick in her cave and impaled it in herself. She rolled her yeas, began to move her hips, groaning. I was looking at her, her breasts were moving in the same tempo. They were so attractive, I wanted to touch them.

I stretched my hands, started to squeeze and caress them. Katie came in ten minutes of such a race, but I only began to get pleasure. I asked her to lie on her belly, and entered her. I was doing her as hard as I could. She came another time and asked me to wait for awhile.

I stopped and lay near her. She took my phallus in her hands stroking it. Katie asked if I had ever had anal sex. I said I had. She winked and knelt for me to face her tasty ass. I lubricated her hole with her own love juice. I pointed the dickhead at the hole, squeezed a bit and entered.

Katie bit her lip, but never asked to stop. Just a couple of moves and my cock was all inside her. The girl was moaning, I moved faster. In a minute I was fucking her asshole like a prick hammer, she was almost crying with pleasure.

I turned her slightly to the side, raised her leg and continued fucking her. We both were at the edge of bliss, I was ready to ejaculate. Not loosing the tempo I cummed in her butt.

I leaned back. Katie was not moving, sperm was flowing from her hole. The girl went to the bathroom, and I was simply lying on the bed, smoking and thinking about the night. But for the break-up with my girlfriend I would not smoke that much, would not go out to buy some more, would not get stuck in the elevator with Katie.

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  1. Love man Says:

    Enjoyed reading this story, very fine! thumbs up, guys, go this way!

  2. Great story! Finding a lady that not only enjoys anal sex but who asks for it has got to be a keeper. Says:

    Got to love an anal lady!

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