April 12th, 2010

This chick feels that she is more attracted to girls, than to men, her boyfriend doesn’t seem to mind it and they are about to have a hot threesome….

I’m a pretty slim 18-year-old girl. I love all kinds of sexual pleasures and we’ve been together with my boyfriend for a pretty long period of time. We both like experimenting but recently my boyfriend had noticed that I like girls too. No, I’m not a lesbian and Brad satisfies me but I’d love to try sex with a girl. I wanted to play the guy’s part fucking my partner, listening to her moans, feel what a man feels when the girl climaxes. I wanted to lick her, tongue her, play with her nipples, bite them, mmm…

And when we discussed this topic Brad offered me to try threesome sex: he, I and my best friend. Iren and I have been friends for two years already and some time ago we agreed to try lesbian sex. That was the reason why we chose her for our intentions.

We agreed that I’d call at her university and then Brad would pick us up there. So, we were talking with Iren, who didn’t know anything about what was going to happen, when my boyfriend arrived.

We got into his car. I saw Brad’s eyes burning with lust. He was anticipating great sex with two beautiful girls. I was wearing a short checkered skirt and a white blouse with a checkered tie. And Iren was wearing a little black dress. Generally speaking, we both looked very tempting at the back seat of the car.

Brad suggested driving along the motorway. I winked at him in the mirror and dropped my mobile as if occasionally. Of course I went down to get it and my palm slid over Iren’s thigh.I saw she had no panties on.

“Wonderful! It’s even better!”

I sat down on the seat and kissed my friend’s lips sharply. At first she didn’t respond, the girl was obviously shocked. But then I felt her tongue started moving slowly. It made me extremely excited and I began kneading her breasts and pulling her dress off.

Brad was very aroused but he couldn’t watch what we were doing as he was driving. I looked out and noticed we were going to his country house.

I decided not to lose time. I had already taken off my girl’s dress and was biting her nipples. She was moaning quietly enjoying the moment… I liked this game, it was turning me on. Playing with her nipples I touched her neatly shaved pussy. Iren was leaking so much that a small pool of her juices was on the seat. I started massaging her clit with my fingers tenderly and the girl let out a moan…

I was near the climax myself. The idea I was going to fuck her drove me mad. I dared to put my finger into her vagina and began drilling into her slowly as if teasing her, then faster and faster.

I tore myself away from her breast and moved to the clit. I was doing that for the first time in my life but I wanted this bitch to moan from my tongue. I started caressing the clit, rubbing my tongue against it, biting and sucking it. The taste of her juices made my head wild. All I wanted at that moment was her cumming into her mouth…

I took the nub into my mouth and started playing with it. Meantime, my two digits were fucking Iren’s pussy. Her reaction was fantastic! She was twitching and screaming, scratching the seat.
“Yeah!!! I want more!!!” Such phrases were pleasant to hear. The girl with her orgasm so close was leaking in plenty right into my mouth… She climaxed with a long moan. Her nectar filled my mouth…

“How are you feeling?” I asked her.

“Oh my God! Nicole, what was that?” she asked with a sweet smile on her face.

“Mmm, it’s just the beginning…” and I looked at Brad who seemed to be too aroused.

He gripped the wheel and changed gears from time to time convulsively.

When we arrived I got off the car and went to the bathroom. I needed to cool down from my game.

When I went back to the yard I was slightly taken aback. Brad was absolutely naked screwing Iren fiercely. She was standing leaning against the hood of the car. Brad’s cock was big, about 6 inches and it entered my friend fully… Hunch inside.. Once more and a huge spurt of semen splashed at Iren’s butt and waist. I watched the process but felt no jealousy, just desire. I approached to them from the back and started licking the sperm… Mmm… I love the taste of my man…

Then we moved to the bedroom upstairs and this time Iren decided to please me. She licked my pussy greedily. I felt orgasm was going to consume me any moment but she suddenly stopped. A second later a huge rubber dildo entered me. Brad had brought it for me. I lost my mind completely and was impaling on the toy stick furiously.

Then Brad’s strong hands put me in a doggy fashion. He lubed my anus up with something cold and his hot cock penetrated me with no preparation. I had no time even to moan when the rubber dick started moving in me being controlled by Iren. I was like a lecherous bitch impaling on two cocks at the same time. I felt nothing but non-stop climax. It lasted for about 10-15 minutes. The last orgasm in a series was the best, the brightest. Brad and I climaxed together. When my pussy and the butt were shrinking spasmodically I felt hot cum filled my anus. I gave a scream and fainted…

When I came to my senses Brad collapsed on me while my overexcited friend was impaling on the other end of the dildo. I parted my legs wider and we were both with that toy inside. We moved in tempo bringing pleasure to each other. When we were satisfied at last we fell asleep on each other. We were too exhausted to stand up and separate…

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