How could you?!

September 14th, 2007

How does it feel to fuck a 30-year old inexperienced spinster who’s never sucked a dick in her life? This guy teaches her how to suck on his shaft right and shows that anal sex isn’t that painful.

It happened in fall. It was still warm. One of the employees in our firm quit the job, and we had sort of a staff party to celebrate it. The party was great. I had very nice colleagues. Emmy, one of them, was always somewhere beside me wherever I was. Emmy was a stocky girl with plump lips. I liked her, but the thing that stopped me from having a small affair with her was that I was happily married.

Emmy was shortsighted, that made her look even sexier. She had a big butt, big knockers that could turn any man on. She was probably a real princess in her youths, so she was still choosing her prince, though she turned 30. She was single that time.

The party was over. I decided to leave my car in parking so I joined the rest of the guys in fetching a taxi. Emmy took me by the hand and kept on whispering something in my ear all the way to the road. I don’t know how but I found us both sitting on the back seat of the car.

Emmy was hesitant taking me by the hand and pulling me closer. Alcohol and her sweet soft lips made me lose control over the situation. I guess the driver came (and maybe not once), while taking us to the place. He could see such things happening in his car… When we arrived, we were standing on the road, still kissing. Emmy was hot and wet.

Step one – I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled off the bra. Wow, what a breast! Her nipples were already upright. I started licking them, while my hand was under her skirt. She was even more than wet.

While I was pulling down her panties and her stockings, she raised her skirt up to the stomach. We were standing in some alley. The girl was half naked, though nobody but me could see this way – her coat was long enough and covered all her body.

I examined her soft ass and untrimmed pussy. When I took my hand out of the leaking vagina I tried to get my middle finger in her anus. She seemed to wake up from her dream and started crying it was painful. I was surprised. I tried to analyze the situation – the girl was extremely aroused, standing with her panties at her knees, with bare breasts. Her pussy wasn’t the smallest one, I must say, but to hear that it was painful in her anus… I didn’t get it, actually. Something was wrong there. Right! We were standing right under the street light! The picture was supposed to be beautiful, I bet!

-Let’s go to the bower. – She told me.

In the bower we were shadowed by bushes and the show was going to be interesting… She got her hand in my pants jerking my hard-on. I’m not gonna lie, I was really about to cum right away. I had to stop her. She was apparently distressed.

-You don’t want me? – She was about to cry.

-You’re so stupid. – That’s all I could say.

-Take me! Enter me! – Emmy whispered, clutching at my dick.

I had not a single idea how I could do it. I felt I would cum as soon as I entered her. The situation sucks. I tried to persuade her that I was on the verge of cumming and I wouldn’t get out in time, and that she didn’t need such an unexpected pregnancy. The idea of pregnancy made her cooler. We were again just kissing. She was sitting in my lap with her bare ass, panties and stockings pulled down to her knees, as she simply couldn’t take them off due to her high boots. Her bra was unfastened too, it was difficult to get it off without taking off the coat.

I was so over aroused that my cock was a bit soft.

-What will we do? – Emmy asked.

How the hell should I know what to do? I felt it was all wrong. The worst thing was, of course, that I wasn’t satisfied!!! Why the fuck did I get there at all?

-Emmy, kiss my penis.

I didn’t have to ask twice. She got off my lap and sat on the bench beside me. I turned my body to her. She bent downwards and (that was simply incredible!) began kissing my cock, you know, the way parents kiss their offspring in the forehead.

I wasn’t ready for the fact that a woman of 30 didn’t know how to do a blow job! Anyway, I was sitting and waiting for her to suck it. It never happened though my pecker was still hard again.

-Emmy, baby, suck it, please. –I tried to help her with a piece of advice.

She agreed. She did what I told her. It was awesome! I felt her plump lips on my prick. The head was in her hot mouth – it was great! She moved slowly and carefully. Is it her fist blow job ever?! Later I found out that it was her first time, and, according to her, she didn’t know how she agreed to it at all.

Suddenly she rose from the bench letting the cock go. It’d been very uncomfortable for her to do it in her position. She got on her knees. I grasped her by the armpits. The floor in the bower was dirty, and old, when her coat was of cream color, and the stockings were thin.

In other words, I appreciated her desire to make me feel good, but it wasn’t necessary to spoil her clothes for it, anyway.

This time I asked her to sit on the bench. I stood in front of her. She began sucking. She seemed to be more comfortable and did everything even better. I didn’t try to make the cock get deep in her mouth, she was inexperienced, remember that? It felt good. I took the dick out of her mouth and took her tits in my hands. I pressed my shaft between them. Emmy held her knockers herself. In several frictions I was ready to spurt. I bent her head and made her suck again. Poor baby, she didn’t get what was gonna happen – she thought I would fuck her in the mouth and then in her tits in turn.

The first gob of sperm filled her mouth, bringing her back to reality. The second gob fell on the coat. I brought the cock back to her mouth. She never resisted. She swallowed some part of the semen. Some of it got on her chin. When I came she spitted everything before my feet.

She got up pulling up the panties and stockings. She was smiling. Her bra was already in my hands, so she couldn’t get it back where it belonged. Her blouse remained unbuttoned. She got back in my lap. My hands reached for her boobs.

-Why do you guys cheat on your wives? – The question was terribly silly.

-What about a drink?

-I’d love to.

We went to the market to buy beer, and then returned to the bower. We were sitting, smoking and drinking.

-Why didn’t you take me? – She asked again.

-Emma, imagine the situation. We wanted to fuck. You couldn’t sit on me cuz of your stockings and boots. If to have you from the rear, I had to cover you with your own coat – you would have looked like a horse with horse cloth. I got lost, that’s all. Besides, what was all that for if I came at the very moment I entered you.

-No, it’s ok. It’s just that you’ve come and I haven’t.

-Any ideas?


Emmy sat on the bench, took off her boots, then her stockings and her panties, getting them in the coat pocket. She put on the boots again. She was standing before me with her skirt raised up high. I spoke for her idea. But… I wasn’t a young guy who could start everything all over again in 15 minutes after great cumming. But seemed I had no choice. I unzipped my fly, took off the cock.

-Emma, kiss it again.

-Are you fucking crazy? I still don’t get how you managed to make me do it the previous time! I want it there, – she pointed at her vagina, – and you wanna fuck my mouth, again?!

-Sorry, baby. I’d love to take you this way, but I need your help. You gotta make him get hard.

-Ok, I’ll do it with my hands.

-Kiss my nipples, be gentle, – I asked her.

She got back to the bench again. She pulled up my sweater and started kissing my nipples, while jerking off my pecker. I was getting aroused. My dick was about to harden. I stopped her.

-Emmy, work with your mouth, it feels better this way. I like it more.

She bent down, not saying even a word. She exposed the head and sucked it into her mouth. The prick was hard in no time.

-it’s so great when it hardens in my mouth. – She said.

-it’s hard now, come to me.

Emmy stood in front of me with her legs wide apart. I impaled her carefully. Her cunt was more skillful that her mouth, that’s for sure. She was swaying on my stem. I felt up her tits gently, kissing her nipples now and then. Maybe not very soon, but she began to breathe deeper and heavier. I held her ass by my hands, caressing her hole. I saw she was cumming. I started fondling her head, lips cheeks. She took my two fingers in the mouth and licked them.

That was all I needed. I entered her asshole with the index and the third finger together.

-It hurt, it hurts, – she was whining trying to set her ass free of me.

I did take them out, letting her cum. But looked, we lost the moment. I suggested fucking from behind. She made a big gulp of beer and took off the coat. She bent down, pressing against the bower wall. Bare ass and legs in boots made me real hot. I entered her snatch and began fucking her. It was monotonous, but hard. That was exactly what she wanted. It was the moment… She was cumming loudly. It took her time to cum, while I was still ramming her pussy.

Then she stood motionless. I lubricated my fingers in her wet twat. I covered her asshole with it. Seemed Emma was somewhere out of reality. She didn’t react to my actions. Soon her butt was all covered with her own juice. I leaned to her and started entering her, helping myself with the hand. It was tight there, but I didn’t care. I pressed harder – and the head was there inside. Suddenly Emmy regained consciousness.

-It hurt, it hurts.

She tried to move away from me, but my dick was already in her butt. My hands didn’t let her do anything. My shaft felt her temperature rise. It was so hot and tight. I came almost immediately and right into her asshole. She used the moment and made me let her go.

-You’re fucking asshole, bastard! Don’t you get it hurts!? How could you?! I’ve never sucked a dick in my life, and that’s how you thanked me, right, you’re fucking jerk?!

“Guess, you’ve never been butt-fucked either,” I thought, looking at her back. She went away, slamming the door. I wasn’t ashamed. I lit a cigarette and went home too.

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    Once passing in the underground, i met one mom, who was a divorce, she was like this babe up there…. ha, good old times….

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