How could he?

January 15th, 2008

You gotta be careful when you have a lover, everything is fine until your wife finds out about it… so watch out!

It became a good old tradition for him to make love in his weeding lodge when his wife was gone. The fact that this girl was replacing his wife for a week turned on both of them. It gave them zest to the 2 year of secret relationship they had. His wife was gone twice a year and it always felt special, but it never ended the way it ended the last time.

That day he woke up at 6 am. Just as usual, he had a glass of orange juice, took the vitamin pill, kissed his young lover and lied down next to her. She was lying right on the spot where his wife sleeps for more than five years of their married life. She didn’t react to his kiss.

Than he threw the blanket away…oh, she was lying there like a real innocent angel, such a babe! He lied down very close to her and looked at the reflection in the mirror. He was caressing her beautiful back. She was still asleep. He slightly pulled her towards himself and entered her deeply right away. She felt so warm and so soft. He was moving slowly and drifted her smoothly.

She was still asleep except that she started breathing heavily. He was afraid to wake her up and ruin the charm of this tender fantasy! So he slightly moved her legs apart. She was lying on her side in the spoon position and her right foot was bended in her knee. He took out his dick and slapped her bum:

- “Bad girl!” he smiled.

He looked at her pink pussy lips that got a bit bigger and were calling him to come in. He loved watching his dick entering her body. He loved to see her tight wet pussy taking in his dick-head, how his dick with such greed slides on her pussy ad clitoris. He plunged inside her and tried to move as careful as he could.

He was watching her sleeping face and open lips that uttered quiet moaning. He was imagining what she could be dreaming of when she’s fucking in her dreams.

On the way to his office he was thinking of her and was thinking of his wife. He loved both of them. But of course like five years ago he could never even think of anyone but his beloved wife. But all he could think of was the night caresses, her lips, her hips, her shoulders and her hands… The only thought of her aroused a raging desire and made his gun become hard and juicy…the juice of passion and sin.

He tried to escape that feeling but all he had in his head was her. Her lips were shuttling all over his body, her pink tongue was sliding on his neck, she was biting his skin and his nipples, and she was pulling him towards her delicate breasts.

Her eyes were burning and she looked like a cat. She softly pulled up his penis and her head went down to his balls. She moved apart his legs and licked that exact place between the anal and scrotum. Her elegant fingers were caressing his gun and at the same time she was dipping one ball, than another one into her hot mouth.

She slightly bit the dick-head and her tongue went up the gun whilst she caressed his nuts. She carefully got her finger into her anal. He shuddered from the unexpected action but he let her continue. She was moaning from the pleasure and he wasn’t sure who was getting more pleasure from such an act.

He tried to escape her and go inside her but had no chances! She rushed to grab his dick and put it inside her heaven like wet mouth. She started moving faster and her fingers embraced his pipe right at the root and squeezed it with the same pace.

He couldn’t resist it anymore and roared like a tiger! He grabbed her hair making his deck feel the deep throat. A hot fountain of his energy, life and passion was shooting right inside her. She was swallowing it with so much satisfaction and loyalty. Her eyes were looking at his twisted wild passionate and unbelievably happy face. That moment he belonged to her completely.

He had no desire to stick around his fucked up office, so he called her up to ask what she would like to have for lunch. He dropped by the sushi place and got a double bento of rolls and sashimi.

Oh, when he arrived to his house he saw her half naked sitting on the kitchen table. She just took a shower and her hair was wet. He took a hairbrush and came up to her from the back. With such incredible tenderness he brushed her hair. She turned around and kissed his hand.

They were discussing some silly articles from the fresh newspaper he brought and he was admiring her legs and her breasts that shamelessly were barely covered underneath the silky rob.

He got obsessed with that young lady and desired to rip off her rob and eat her neck and her nipples. He wanted to pull up her rob and tear her panties with his strong masculine hands.

He picked her up and put her on the table. She looked at him with surprise. He moved her legs roughly and stuck his dick with a single push. He didn’t pay any attention to her and did only what he wanted.

He was rude, rough, and uncontrollably moved towards his destination like a winner, like a virile man. He didn’t even notice she was crying when he cum inside her. He looked at her eyes and tears were going down her cheeks; she was twitching him and was strangling.

That moment he realized he must have hurt her and that thought scared him. He picked her up and brought her to the bedroom. She was sobbing and hiding her face on his chest.

He felt this strong desire to fondle her, to relief her pain and tenderly moved her tightly clenched legs apart. It seemed to him she wasn’t resisting him anymore.

His lips nestled closely to her clitoris and softly licked it with his tongue. His lips felt the taste of his favorable woman and it made him drunk. He suddenly realized why she was crying and with all the tenderness and rave he kissed her pussy. His tongue dipped into her flesh.

She was moving her hips toward him trying not to miss a single second of that heavenly endearment. Her body was in rapture over his strength and masculinity and orgasm reached her with anew power. Her body was craving for his lips and her clit was that tiny mollycoddle bringing the joy and the torments at the same time.

He woke up and felt someone’s presence in the twilight in the far end of the bedroom. He got his head up and saw … his wife.

She was sitting in front of them and was looking somewhere far away. Her fine full shoulders were discouraged under heaviness of the burden and her hands helplessly hang down.

That was the end. He lost two of them at the same time. The destiny that he always thanked for giving him the happiness to have those two, such different but so loving sensual women, deprived all of it.

In absolute silence he got up from the bed and came up to his wife. It was pointless to deny and object anything… Never before, even when he fell in love with her for the first second, he felt such tenderness and fidelity towards her.

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