Hot teachers

April 6th, 2010

The student is having fun with his French teacher, she is hot and lustful, they are making out right in the classroom and suddenly the teacher of German cums in…

This story happened to me when I was a sophomore at college.

After classes I was going home when my French teacher stopped me. She was young, short and slim. Her name was Natalie.

- Do you know that you have D for my subject? – She asked.

I said I knew that and wondered whether I could do anything to improve my grade or not. She told me to follow her.

We entered her classroom and she locked the door. I came up to her table, she approached to me and passed her hands over my body. Then she went around me and kissed me passionately. We kissed for a long time; she sucked my tongue furiously and moaned from excitement. Then she squatted, unzipped my fly and pulled my huge phallus out.

At first she masturbated it looking into my eyes, then began sucking it. She swallowed it deep, licked the head, passed her tongue over the balls…

I put her on the table, took her blouse and the bra off, and released her tiny breasts. They were very small and this even made me aroused more. I licked her nipples and heard her long moan similar to a cat’s purr.

Then I pulled her trousers off, panties followed quickly after that. And at last I parted her legs. My cock found easily the way to her shaved slit and began drilling inside fiercely. This lasted for about 15 minutes. She climaxed a few times.

After that she climbed the table and stood in a doggy fashion. I climbed the table too and thrust into her anus. I was fucking my teacher like a real slut.

Suddenly I heard the door being unlocked…

It was a German teacher. She was also young, short-haired and prettier than Natalie. I looked at her and kept on fucking my French teacher as if I was doing nothing wrong.

I noticed Kirsty locked the door and was watching us. Besides watching she was massaging her boobs while her right hand was working in her panties.

I offered her to join us. She came up to me quickly. I had barely finished with Natalie when Kirsty gave me a kiss. We were kissing greedily as if someone wanted to separate us.

I undressed, removed all the papers from the table, put her on it and spread her legs. I began licking her sweet-salty pussy. She wasn’t shaved and this turned me on a lot. I licked her clit making her moan loudly from pleasure. Then I fucked her for a while and asked them both to give me a head.

I was standing in the middle of the classroom and two teachers were on their knees sucking me in turns!!!! When I was on the verge they opened their mouths and placed their faces for my semen. I splashed them all over.

When we all got dressed I realized I wanted to go to the toilet. I decided to have a pee at the girls! Can you imagine, I was peeing on my teachers’ faces and often into their mouths!

When their blouses were wet they got excited even more and started kissing and fondling their breasts… Kirsty took Natalie’s skirt and licked her pussy. And I was standing aside and jerking off my phallus…

Now I’m on the third course of the same college and those teachers still work there. If we meet each other in an empty corridor I kiss them…

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