Healing nurse

September 28th, 2007

This man is in hospital and nothing seems to be helping him when one day a pretty young nurse appears in his cell and starts treating him with a nice blowjob, they say, sex is a good medicine, I say it’s the best medicine, read and make sure!

Good morning! – A new nurse flitted into the ward.

She did flit in, her coming was so unexpected and cheerful that it made me be all smiles in response to her radiant smile.

-Good morning to you to! – I was watching her with great interest.

She seemed to be a divine creature in a short smock. I saw two slender legs under the smock. I was considered to be a V.I.P. patient, and was given a very special ward. I’d been in hospital for rather long time already, though the doctor said I was getting better every single day.

Nurses that came to me before were not cheerful and merry at all. They gave me shots and did other stupid medical things. I think my age was the main problem. I tried to flirt with them, but it didn’t work either. They were polite though, that was good. I think it was due to my rank.

This nurse brought so much freshness to my life that morning. She was flying around the room arranging things for the ward round in an hour.

-Doctor prescribed you the treatment that will make you healthy in no time, -she said.

It was not the doc’s first “magical” treatment. I think he was working for his thesis and used me as a rat for experiments.

-Believe me this treatment will be a success. I know it. Come here.

She took me by forearms, helping me to get up from the bed and come to the sink. I wasn’t very surprised when she pulled off my pants. They often did it before giving me an injection. But when she began to carefully wash my dick, balls and ass, I caught myself at thinking about the spot of the upcoming injection. After washing the dickhead with her hand, she took me to the table and leaned me on it, taking off the upper part of my pajama. Now I was totally naked. The nurse didn’t say a single word, she was smiling.

I felt everything would be fine, so I obeyed to her without demur. She pulled off her own clothes, leaving her thong on, and sat in my lap. I was enchanted, looking at the beautiful girl with beautiful body, round firm tits, sweet butt, and thin waist.

All I was afraid of is that she was a sort of hallucination, a mirage that would peter out in the air. Meantime, the nurse was doing things to me that I couldn’t even dream about. She took the dick in her hand moving the skin up and down, exposing the head.

-Is it a part of the treatment?

-It is the treatment. You don’t like it?

-Oh, yes, I do. But the thing is that the cock hasn’t been hard for some two years now. Maybe I should eat some pill first? Something like Viagra? Though I must confess, I’ve never tried anything like this.

-What are you talking about? Your case isn’t the worst one at all, believe me. You don’t need the pills. Besides, you’re such a handsome man, and your toy is also great!

On hearing such a gorgeous girl say such things about me, I even felt proud of myself.

Nevertheless, she didn’t waste time. She licked the wet dickhead, never stopping to fondle it with one hand and playing with my testicles with the other. Her big beautiful eyes looked into mine. The short haircut made her face be of perfect form. I started caressing her blonde hair, as if she were my daughter. By this time, she was holding the dickhead tight with her lips, sucking into it. She was simultaneously licking its smooth surface with her frisky tongue.

I saw the cock was still of its regular “sleeping” size, but I felt it become harder. It was more difficult for her to squeeze it now. She began to suck that intensively that I saw dimples on her cheeks.

She started moving her head backwards while still holding the prick in her mouth. She was stretching it. It was rather stretched already, and one moment it simply flew out of her mouth, contracting like a spring, releasing itself from her lips and her hickey. It was great! She repeated her actions several more times, when I saw my pecker have grown in size and hardened significantly.

Then she began sucking the head again, pretending to thrust it out of her mouth, but holding it tight at the same time. Seemed I was fucking her mouth. She didn’t move her head, but my penis moved inside her mouth cavity. I realized she was a pro in this field. The cock was hard and large now.

I tried to move away from the table intending to do her, but the nurse stopped me, pressing her hand against my belly. She used the other hand to toy with my balls, squeezing them with the palm. It was a bit painful, but this pain was on the verge of pleasure.

She stopped sucking my penis, beginning to jerk it immediately. She was gently licking her tongue along the stem. She was looking into my eyes, blinking. Her eyelashes were so long. She was licking the shaft for a long time, and then she bent even lower and proceeded to my testicles. I tossed my head back, moaning silently. I wanted to see everything, and I opened my eyes again, looking into her marvelous eyes. After having bitten my balls, she returned to the dick head and used her tongue to fondle it. Now and then she stopped, being extremely careful with the hole on the head end, with the foreskin, kissing gently its smooth surface.

Then I suddenly saw something of a predator in her look, and immediately felt her teeth clenching the head, moving all along it. For a short moment I thought she was gonna bite it off, but the girl was an expert in the things she was doing.
She could perfectly feel the verge of pleasure and pain. I’d never felt better in my entire life. When I could no longer feel that slight pain, the nurse sucked deep into my dick. I saw her cheek swell. Then she pointed the cock into her throat and I saw it get thicker.

Pressing her nose against my pubis, she began moving up and down. She was moving her head fast enough for me to get very aroused, thinking I would ejaculate right away.

Realizing that I was aroused and ready for a coitus, as well as feeling of many other sensations made me get the girl up, holding her by the shoulders. I laid her on the table, raising her legs high, spreading them wide. I felt like strong and young again. I was ready to ram the girl non-stop. I tore her panties into pieces.

She took her beautiful firm boob in one hand and spread her vulva lips with the other. She looked so innocent, that I didn’t feel any aggression anymore, I was only very and very aroused. I bent downwards and looked at her bosom. I licked her flower, playing with my tongue inside of her. I enjoyed her taste and her smell.

I stood up and entered her with my prick. I saw her screw her eyes for pleasure. She was moaning and pinching her nipples. Several thrusts and I felt I was about to cum. I got out of her pussy. I came right away spurting my white love juice on her stomach and tits. I was beyond myself with the sensation that I’d almost forgotten. Seemed I lost the sense of reality.

I woke up on my bed. I was the happiest person in the world. Looking at the ceiling, I suddenly felt the nurse suck the rest of the semen out of my dick. She tore herself away from my phallus and said, smiling: “Good job!” Her lips were all covered with sperm. I was on cloud nine.

Meanwhile, the girl got closer to my asshole. She lubricated her finger with her saliva and entered my hole with it, getting deeper and deeper, though never stopping to suck my cock. The feeling was awesome. I tried to spread my legs even wider.

First there were two, then three fingers in my butt. No one had ever done anything like this to me even when I was young (I wish they did!). It was real huge bliss. When I was roused, the girl mounted me, impaling her slit on my shaft. She leaned her hands on my chest. She was rubbing her clit against my hairy pubis, she closed her eyes, moaning for pleasure. I caressed her firm hips, lifting her up a bit. She pressed tight against my body, I felt her hard nipples. I found pleasure in fondling her breasts. My hands were holding her buttocks. I pressed them tight.

My finger found her asshole, and got into it, feeling my own pecker screwing her. The girl was crying, jumping on me, anyway I managed to lick her nipples. I felt she was also on the verge of cumming.

-I’m cumming, – I told her.

-OK, baby, – she said getting off my dick and sitting on my face.

She was going to suck me again. We made 69. Oh, her pussy was so nice! I was licking it intensively, pressing her butt to move it closer to me. My tongue remembered what it used to be very good at before. I felt she liked it, she wasn’t resistant to press closer to my face. She was groaning, suckling and jerking my cock hard. She began throbbing. The orgasm was huge, judging by the number of her convulsions and amount of love juice that filled my mouth.

I never stopped licking her, sucking her gorgeous love button. I tried to prolong her orgasm. She was moaning that loud that I realized I did everything right. When she stopped trembling, I relaxed. But at this very moment I realized I was cumming too. I came into her mouth. There was so much sperm that no matter how hard she tried to swallow everything, semen was flowing down the stem onto her hand, on my balls. She was licking the cum off her hand, my pubis, my testicles.

When I regained consciousness, I saw the nurse sitting at my bed. She was already dressed.

-I hope you’ll get better now, – she said.

-You should come more often to treat me. I’ll tell the boss to give you a good salary.

-OK, I’ll come every other day during my shift.

-I’ll be waiting for you.

The next day the doc was amazed looking at my test results. He was smiling sort of slyly. The other doctors that joined him on the ward round noted that there was supposed to be something wrong with the test. Well, I could go home in two weeks, though such patients usually spend some two moths in hospital.

Keeping in mind the saying that it’s easier to prevent the illness that to cure it, I met with the nurse from time to time. Moreover, I was fresh enough to ask her to teach my secretary to do her tricks. So, now I have two doctors. I appreciate their help. I’m healthy now, I know it.

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