Having a shower together!

September 1st, 2007

Fucking in the shower, feels so good! He first starts with her tight butt hole and makes it wide with his big dick, then he gets to her pussy and comes all over her sweet face.

It was a sultry heat day, when one couple stepped off the train and picking their bags up headed to the narrow alley. I and my girlfriend Nati were coming back from the mountains tour where we spent a week with some friends of mine. The trip was fine; the mood was high, nice rest on the fresh air and camping life were something incredible. We went to my home as we had to wash up from the way, freshening up ourselves. Moreover, my dad and mom were away, so I could invite her home. Though she asked me I my dad was home at this time, but I said that it was OK, and let her follow me. That was just a home that widespread the whole USA, one type of houses. She smiled wide, when I said that we could use the bathroom or shower any way, we got upstairs and entered the house.

First thing I did I gave her my robe and a towel. When I got back from my room I saw her cloth scattered all over the bathroom’s entry, as if Nati wanted to tease me. I came into and shut the door, the water making noise, so she couldn’t have heard the door closed. Thinking of her now naked having a shower turned me on, she asked then all of sudden: “where are you?” I undid my cloth very slowly, remembering that fools rush in. my cock walked out and stood straight up like some column; with one jerk I removed the curtain from the shower cab and saw my darling waved by hot water with her ass to me. My cock touched it and she gave me a hug, I stepped in there and got down to stroking her body, kissing her softly at the tits. Nati started and said: “let’s first have a shower, then – fun!” she took a bath sponge and rubbed a liquid soap over it: “Let’s play a game! First, I will wash you, and then you will do the same to me…” I nodded my approval, anyway, that was fun and I didn’t mind.

She was first, I was at her service, and she approached me from behind and set to passing the sponge over my back; using one free hand to stroke my hip. I was shuddering with excitement and of what will happen next. Next she cuddled up to me, her nipples pressed to my back and her hands began soaping my chest. Her palms touched my body from the pubis to the neck, but she kept from touching my cock. She was already snuggled up to me tight from behind, she was caressing me so good that I was on my clouds, I was feeling with whole my body her doing me teased all over, and I grabbed her ass! She removed my hand: “No, you will get time for this!” I gave up and said it would never repeat again. At last her hands touched my nipples, and I started! She was caressing and necking me softly, the soap was running down my belly seeping down there. A groan escaped my mouth when she touched my balls and set to rubbing my cock. It felt so good, so amazing! Her fingers passed along my cock, sliding gently. When she finally finished I was ready to come breathing heavily. “Now it’s your turn! Do it, I’m so dirty!” I took the sponge, added some soap and passed it over her marvelous breast. Oh, my God, what the nice tits she had! When her nipples appeared between my fingers and I squeezed it she moaned. There was a berth in the shower cab, so we settled down onto it.

When I started rubbing her ass and kissing her neck and shoulder again, she turned to lie on her stomach. I got on top of her but this time with her back and ass turned towards me. I continued to kiss her neck and cheeks with the water drops and sweat of her sweaty body. My now hard cock was rubbing up between the cheeks of her ass, where she felt even hotter. She pushed back toward me as if to screw my cock inside her. I was like ready to penetrate her, women didn’t have to worry about getting hard in order to fuck. So I just started thinking all kinds of nasty thoughts to get my cock hard. We didn’t have much time, so I knew I couldn’t waste this opportunity. When I got hard enough, I slowly pushed insider her butt. But her ass was even tighter than her pussy. I could see her hands grabbing onto the berth, as I tried to get inside. Finally, she just relaxed while I lubricated my cock with her pussy juice. She reached back and glided my cock up and down the crack of her ass, took hold of my cock, and positioned it inside her fuck hole as if she had done all this before. As I pushed in, she grabbed the sheets and pushed her ass up to help me get inside.

When I finally got in, we both could smell that I was indeed inside of some wonderful cave. The feel of soft tight ass on my ever growing cock was the best sex ever. Even though I couldn’t get it all the way in, I relished every minute of that anal fuck. Once she got comfortable with me inside her, she pushed back more to get me deeper inside. She just didn’t lay there, she wanted to pursue the pleasure, and she wanted it as much as I. She knew how to work her ass in the same she knew how to spread her legs and rotate her hips to screw cock. Nati was really weak for cock. When I got in her panties, I could do whatever she wanted. So again I kissed her neck, cheeks, and mouth, and after that fucked her for about thirty seconds and then stopped and held back from coming early. Seemed like the faster and harder I fucked her, the more she liked it. But I was too weak to keep it all up and I was on my verge.

We were both feeling so good. I was feeling seriously powerful and manly, and she seemed to be feeling well fucked and feeling good about serving my cock. When I was fucking her hard and fast, she pulled on the berth and spread her legs wide, giving me complete control and access. I never wanted it to end, I had to.

I locked my legs around her, and I banged her harder, and she came with her legs shaking with enjoyment. My cock was seriously hard rock by then. Nati was making me feel like a superman, a powerful lover. We had both got what we wanted. Then, at some moment I asked to suck me hard, she got on her knees and gave me head sucking it violently, deepthroating it and swallowing! When I started to shoot my cum, I just fucked as deep as I could inside her and let the sperm flow in her bowels. Nati was swallowing my cum as some very sweet juice, her face was playing with felicity; She smiled as I did that. Sexy girl knew what she wanted. When the fucking slowed, we both took long breaths and felt our sweaty bodies needed a rest. I wished we could have spent the entire night together, as it could be. For the next seconds she was stroking my flabby cock cleaning it from the rest of the sperm and licking it all over. She didn’t miss a drop, I was standing above her watching her wiping her face and drinking my cum, and smacking her lips. Then Nati rose and gave me a thankful look; we spent a bit more time in the shower washing up, and then went out to have some snack.

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  1. raul larriega Says:

    esta chica es realmente deliciosa soy peruano y estoy realmente anonadado con su carita de caramelo guuuau

  2. Santa Says:

    Hey ho’s :)

  3. charu Says:


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