Good morning!

October 22nd, 2007

You wake up after a noise party, you turn on the DVD player, going to watch some porn and suddenly notice a beautiful chick sleeping under the blanket right next to you, what would you do?

Let me tell you this story in a way I remember it, though I might be missing some details!

A morning of that gloomy dull day began from that I woke up with a damn reeling head in a bed that looked like some birds’ nest. It took me half an hour to overcome my drowsiness and get up, so making my way to the fridge I wanted to see what I could use to overcome myself. Took some very first bottle, a Pepsi one and went out of my kitchen. Take some snack from the table and got back to my room, if only it could suit this name. Just then I could realize what a mess there was! Rather strange, not large and vast room but it was in so terrible mess! I lived alone and even couldn’t keep this area clean. Some cloth, tings, gadgets, liter! Fuck! Gave a gulp, settled on the sofa right before the TV, turned it on and turned the DVD on. There was a CD with XX movie; I could not now remember when I saw something another but this film: some dirty porn with Cody Lane bitch doing a blowjob to some guy who was sitting on the sofa. Her left hand was fixed onto his erect cock while right one was flicking her clit. I felt hard on with this scene, my penis was about to blow and jump out of my trunks. It was so hard erect I couldn’t help stroking it and jerk off. Moans of that porn star resounded through the whole house, my neighbors, They must have had already awakened and were probably irritated with this sound. I was doing it softly and gently prolonging my cum moment as long as possible. But then, all of a of sudden when some stud began to bang that slut someone touched my shoulder from my back. It took me a second to guess who it might be. I have not felt scared for a long! Very long! When I finally turned back I saw some girl lying under that warm counterpane. I felt my throat dry suddenly, despite my hand was holding a Pepsi bottle. Being perplexed, I moved towards this sleeping body, lowered the counterpane and saw black locks around the pillow. I recall now I was gonna call a police, but then grinned.I tried to wake her up but didn’t progress either. Meanwhile my fear gone, and moans of the movie became louder and louder. I didn’t know what to do. After an awkward pause I removed the counterpane and then beautiful sexy body opened to my eyes. I had never seen such a sexy babe. So sweet and adorable, nice and sleeping nymph. I removed my trunks and looked at her once again. A Venus herself came to my bed. My fingers began to explore her body, site by site, piece by piece. Tenderly, softly, like a cat, I reached her down there, where her sweet pussy was. That was something amazing! Really astonishing! Her body’s beauty impressed me a lot. My excitement grew stronger, so I started stroking her body. Belly and legs, hips and buttocks! Nice!

While I went on, my eyes fixed her beaver down there. My hands touched her pussy. My palms sensed all the sweetness of her nice cunt. Stroking her I stroked myself. When my excitement seized my mind I just opened her legs wide and inserted my penis in her pussy. It was so hot in there! I seemed a girl gave a sound, but couldn’t say whether it was pleasure. Or not. Anyway, I was not gonna stop! This was some king of warm feeling. Without pulling out I just reached my hand to take some bottle with whisky and gave her some, to be honest, I juts opened her lips and poured some of drink in her mouth. This might seem to make her more alive! She opened her eyes and then closed the back. While banging her pussy I didn’t stop kissing her tits and nipples. Her boobs moved in time with my thrusts, so funny and nice! I was enjoying every second of this moment, didn’t wanna know who she was and what she doing here, perhaps she was one of those guests who stayed at mine late yesterday night. Though I was very excited I didn’t want to cum right now, so, to prolong pleasure, I pulled out and began to rub my dick over her face, cheeks, lips and neck. It looked so fucking nice to see this girl having my shaft rubbing over her face. Then, I came and seeped my sperm onto her lips drop by drop. Her lips opened unwittingly, perhaps she tasted, or smelled my cum, but anyway, some of it came in her mouth. After that I got down to kissing and licking her whole body. From neck to her feet. Her body tasted so good! I wished I had a cam by my side to take some pics of this babe lying on the bed with her face in my cumshot. Next, I slid my finger in her wet pussy. When I removed my hand I saw her love juice on them. Her cunt was very hot and there left not a piece of her pussy where my fingers couldn’t reach. I fondled and flicked her for a long time; I rubbed her pussy harder and harder, so that after a while she began to moan. And in some jiff her moans turned into one long languishing roar of climax. Seeing her coming turned me on so that I came and shot a load right on her thigh. It was late to pull back, when she opened her eyes and looked at me predatory I smiled. “Good morning!” she said. I felt shy at this moment, so I just offered a glass of whisky to her. She drained it in a gulp and gave me a French kiss, we kissed for a quite long time, then I fucked her once again right there. Soon we got married, she appeared to be most friendly and warm hearted person I ever knew.

Now we have lived together for 5 years.

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3 Responses to “Good morning!”

  1. Love seeker Says:

    Yeha, fuck, that guy’s lucky,wanna be there in his shoes, he rolls and rocks!

  2. farooq Says:

    sooooooooo sexy

  3. Raid Says:

    kepp at it mate… mayb u can lend her 2 me

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