Fun by the pool

November 21st, 2008

Have you ever had sex by the pool? It sounds hot and exciting, doesn’t it? Why don’t you read the story and tell me if you liked it?

I liked Cyril immediately. He was handsome, sporty and stylish. But there were two things about him that drove me absolutely mad: his nose and sense of humor.

We met at a tennis club. At first we talked, smiled to each other. But later we turned to be playing for our club together. Cyril, a man, a woman and me. We had to go to another city.

On our way there we got to know each other better. I was just taken aback when I knew Cyril was 29 and married. To be frank I was very upset to be aware of that but probably it was only for the better.

When we returned from the tournament the relationship between us became even closer than before, he was like an older friend for me. My feelings to him faded a bit for I realized nothing could be between us. I even met his wife and liked her a lot. I was very proud of having such a friend as Cyril.

But one day changed everything. Our tennis club had a small pool for visitors to cool down and relax after tiring trainings. So, after a training session I went there to have a short swim. I put on my bikini swimsuit. It was rather late and I was alone there… I was enjoying swimming much. At a certain moment I opened my eyes and saw … him!!!

He was standing and ogling me! He started taking off his clothes quickly telling:

“You’re driving me insane!!!..”

I could see how excited he was, his cock bulged from his trunks. I felt I wanted him but still tried to convince him it was wrong for he was married. He wasn’t listening to me. He jumped into the water to me and began kissing and hugging me passionately… Our lips joined in a hot kiss.

At first I was a bit shy as I had never been so close with a man and at the same time I was afraid he could enter me as I was a virgin. However, when he took off my bra and began to kiss my breasts I relaxed and soon took his phallus into my hand and started stroking it… Then I felt his fingers in my crotch which was leaking with juices.

Cyril realized everything and lowered pulling my panties down and licking my belly… And then I felt his hot tongue in my crotch. He was caressing it so tenderly and carefully… I had a dizzy head… It seemed to me I was going to faint… I came… I was in heaven… Coming to my senses I understood I had to thank him…

I can’t say I was a professional in giving heads but I was doing my best. To begin I licked his swollen head, then I took it into my mouth and then I started sucking him gradually building the tempo. My lips and the tongue were working so hard that I felt dizzy again. He was moaning. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and ejaculated. For some reason he didn’t want to come into my mouth…

Our bodies were aroused up to the limit… He took his penis and began penetrating me slowly asking me all the time whether it hurt or not… But I didn’t feel any pain just pleasure… At this moment I felt a pang but it immediately changed into something hot inside me… A couple of seconds and I was shaking in orgasm…

Then Cyril gave me a hug and said:

“You’re my innocent girl… but you’re not innocent any more…” and he smiled. I knew he was right…

To be sincere I sometimes feel sad because my first experience was not with my boyfriend… But on the other hand it was worth it!!!

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