First dating!

October 14th, 2007

What is the first date like? Should you have sex on the first date many people ask? Well, of course you should, it’s a must and there is no way to avoid it!

You were so strained, unable to understand anything, without a word I took you by the hand, opened the door, and took inside, shut locked it. You shuddered to hear the sound of locking door and looked at me frightened, but I just smiled in response, winked at her. You looked around; you were in my bed room for the first time. Watching some trash on the floor, then looked around, I shrugged my shoulders and began to light the candles. Looking at me, you were gradually settling down and finally on your face there I saw first smile. I switched off the light, and room filled with mild calming light from soft unstable flame of candle. After a second hesitation we kissed. Approaching you I looked in your eyes. Removed your glasses and put them on the sofa, then gave you a hug, you threw your arms round my neck. Your lips touched mine slowly and neatly, so lively, soft and sweet. We kissed again and again, hardly able to catch a second to breath, your hands clutched on my neck tight, and I embraced you even harder, pressing your belly to my body. Our lips opened and tongues met. We tried, searched and nursed each other, my throat gave a moan, you groaned as well, we were standing this way unable to move away, and your heated beat in unison with mine. Finally we stopped kissing still staring at one another’s eyes, you hands loosened your clutch; you looked like you were trying to understand my feelings, apprehending seeing “No” or “Stop it” in my eyes.

Looking down I began to undo your skirt, then, looking at you back again, opened it your breath became slow, you couldn’t dare make even a move. I worked my way down slowly, button by button, you held still, watching my fingers work. When finished, I pulled you by your shoulders towards me, and sensed your silky slender skin. You didn’t have a bra!

Looking down the floor, you pressed your perky nipples to my chest and your hands clutched on my back, next you began to undo my skirt. Taking it out of my jeans, I saw you smile and smiled too. Enjoying one another and soft skin under our palms we snuggled up, and from now took up kissing without being shamed, our hands wandered through our bodies. After that we both could sense the strain of my cock, you rubbed your hip over it, then, I made a few movements as if improvising coitus. You laughed and we fell on the bed. Embracing each other we turned whether on top or back of each other, you squeezed my hips with your legs and put your belly to my stomach.

Taking an initiative you began to cover my body with kisses, lowering your head down gradually, my body was on the strain responding with starts on your heat. Slowly you unzipped my jeans letting my cock pull out. Having stroked it several times you got down to kissing its head, your tongue was teasing me when my body was starting with every touch of yours. I rose on my elbows on the bed letting you remove my jeans together with socks. They fell on the floor right beside our skirts.

You sat squatted down, dropping your eyes on my penis you began to fondle your tits and squeeze your nipples, and then you put my dick right between your boobs and started moving your boobs along my shaft squeezing it at the same time. Then, smiling bravely you bent a bit and removed your white shorts with panties away.

Next, your head leant over my penis taking it on your mouth. You were licking it very tenderly and softly, sucking on its head. I put my hand o your shoulder, you looked at me. “Let me….” I said. You threw your leg over my hip approaching your wet hot pussy to my face.

My palms slid over your silky buttocks, and you got back to licking my penis. Breathing hard I reached to your pussy and opened it. I tasted your love juice that spilled out affluently, you kept on moaning unwittingly, having revealed the clit out I touched it with my tongue, then set to licking it. You put your elbows back so that pressing your pussy to my face. Mmm, so tasty! It’s so good!

“Turn to me” I asked. So, throwing your leg over my head you set on your knees, over me. Leaning over my face you began to lick the traces of your love juice from my beard. Smiling, I kissed you as well as I could. Your pussy was rubbing against my cock. Your excitement grew with every second. Finally, having raised your ass with my hands, directed my wet cock into your dripping pussy. It came inside with its whole length. I moaned, you cried out.

My penis penetrated deep inside with no trouble, it was so hot and nice in there. This is was a fantastic feeling of wet pussy eating my meat. That was fucking amazing! I moved my hands in rhythm with your riding, running your speed as I wanted. You kept on riding me steadily; I felt your breath over my face. I fondled your tits with my fingers and kissed your neck. You moved faster and faster, and I could sense your pussy muscles contract, in the long run of this wild race I shot my load inside you, and you fell on my chest without letting my pulsing penis out.

One minute passed, another, your head was on my shoulder. You let my dick away and it felt a free air of the room. Our breath soon became steady, only light of candle flame was playing on the ceiling…..

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3 Responses to “First dating!”

  1. Steve Says:

    dart! A very nice story, reading this i recall my first dating when i met my darling! That’s it!

  2. ami Says:

    how r you

  3. alim Says:

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