Exploring the holes

November 8th, 2007

This couple goes to the gay bar but soon they get too hot and decide to continue the fun back in the apartment.

Nuova Idea is a gay bar in Milan. I am not gay, but I like to go there whenever i am going out with a girl that knows exactly what I want.

We took the metro all the way to the Gioia metro station. Gioia means joy or delight. We walked a couple of meters and entered Nuova Idea. Its a big and normally crowded place but you can still find nice corners with big couches. She immediately laid down. I got a Martini for her which, together with the bottle of wine that we had already drunk, made a great and lustful mix.

She had a pair of jeans that could still let me put my hand inside without unzipping them. My hand was already inside. She smiled and moved her body to help my hand touch her nicely trimmed pussy. It was already wet. I put my fingers inside, moved them a bit and took my hand out. I smelled it and tasted it. She loved it. I told her that I loved the way her pussy tasted. She loved it even more. She grabbed my fingers, sucked them and put my hand back in her pants. This time I fingered her a bit longer and again I took my hand and sucked on those juices: dense and with that fragrance which only clean girls who have an active sex life can obtain.

I turned her around and reached for her asshole but I continued to her cunt to get my fingers wet. I took them back to the ass and inserted the first part of the middle finger. It was tight. She needed to relax more. So I took her to my place: a small apartment a couple of stations away.

She knew what to do. She put herself in the position that I like the most: face down, ass up. I started to lick it. The asshole was clean, so was her pussy. I turned her around so I could lick the clit while fingering her cunt with one finger and her ass with another one. She loved it. And I loved it too.

“Where do you want it?” – I asked

“I don’t know” – she said

I did know. I took out my fingers from both of her holes. I put my self under her in 69. I told her to leave my dick as wet as possible while I licked, sucked and spitted that forbidden hole for just a couple of seconds. I moved her away, stood up, brought her ass upwards, sucked it once more, and stuck a finger in the hole and another finger in her cunt. I took the finger that was in her pussy and put it also in her ass. I took them away, and before her hole could close, my dick, as hard as it could get, was already inside. It looked massive. I pushed slowly and then she asked for more. The faster I went, the more I could smell. I took it out and put it in her pussy. Just to get it wet. Then back inside. Pussy and ass are a great mix.

I nailed her for long, but not too long because when I get to fuck the tight hole I explode easily. Before I came she had already begged me to come. Lucky me. I took the dick out. Washed it in her pussy and put it in her mouth. I came. I could see some sperm escaping out of her mouth. She tried to swallow everything. The rest: she spat on my stomach. She took a breath and I crashed on top of her.

We woke up this morning. Her face showed clearly that we had fun.

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6 Responses to “Exploring the holes”

  1. Matias11 Says:

    I liked this story. It made me go and bang my wife in the ass!!!!!!!

  2. John Says:

    Nuova Idea is a gay bar in Milan – where is this bar located exactly? I am going to Italy very soon and as I am gay I wanna visit this place? Could anyone give me the exact location? I’d be very happy to go there, it’s my dream to find a hot Italian stud to bang my tight ass!

  3. Dabby Says:

    I don’t like to get butt-fucked may be because my boyfriend has a pretty big dick, it hurts a lot when he tries to go deep into my tight hole. But I do enjoy getting my pussy fucked, unfortunately most men love fucking women in their asses, why is that?

  4. Dairren Says:

    Dabby, there’s nothing wrong in ass fucking, I guess your boyfriend should get more lubricant and it’s gonna be easier to penetrate you. I can’t imagine my life without anal sex and there’s no better feeling when your dick enters a tight ass, have anal sex and enjoy the life!

  5. Eugenio Says:

    I love anal too and I always fuck my girlfriend’s ass, she enjoys it a lot, we sometimes don’t use any lubricant, I just let her suck my dick and spit on it, that’s the best lubricant. I also love power play, I love it when she ties me to bed and sits on my face, I lick her pussy and she cums! Wow, that’s all for now, I got so hot, I have to jerk off…..

  6. fucker Says:

    i wanted to enter my cock right in the girls hole when i saw this story.so i beg for stories.yourlust.com to make me meet any girl meet in kathmandu and fuck her.anybody helps me will be pleased.

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