October 12th, 2007

You always have to pay your debts even if you are married and the person you owe is your female friend, she wants you, not the money and she’ll get what she wants…

He couldn’t understand why she came. And he didn’t even want everything back again, this routine of pseudo family life, he had just escaped a few weeks ago. He knew very well what person she was, he knew what she might use to reach her aim. He was aware of meaning of this half open blouse and this long tight fitting skirt with a long cut on side.

She settled by his side in an armchair, put her legs crossed, having rode up her skirt, revealing white round knee at that.

- I have a woman, I’m not alone now! He reminded

- I know

- So, what do you want?

- Debt!

- What debt?

- You remember, our first night? You were happy that night weren’t you? And you said you would do anything for me whatever I ask. I said I will ask later. Now, this time has come! You said you would keep you promise forever. And that’s why I’m here now

- What do you need? Money?

- No money! I need YOU! She smiled widely and licked her lips

- That’s impossible….

- You promised, remember? That’s not a big deal! You would be here with me now. Then, I go away

- But I…

- Please, I beg you… she leant over his knees, and he saw her tit that fell out of her bra and rose perky nipples was seen. He knew it was madness, she had already spoiled his life enough to do this stupid thing, and if this story didn’t stop today, he would regret having one more ignominious day in his life. He knew it as clear as a day, but this woman slipped down the armchair and crept up to him looking straight at his eyes.

- Please, she spoke in undertones. Then she began to ride up her skirt slowly.

- I have been waiting for you so long; I was dreaming about you, I woke up every night with you fucking my brains up! I woke up with orgasms that made me mad again and again.

He remained silent watching her doing all those things that used to drive him crazy when he was young enough to believe this woman. She rode up her skirt and white lingerie opened to his eyes; she put her hand down there stroking it softly. Her fingers deepened into her panties.

- Look, she said and showed her wet palm to him. It glistened with her love juice. Then she lowered down and her tit set against his knee.

- Do it for me… he didn’t resist. While unzipping his fly she kept on staring at him; her palm appeared in his trunks and his cock reacted immediately.

- Let me… she asked me again and removed my jeans.

He didn’t want her go on but didn’t raise his hand to stop her. He didn’t prevent and didn’t help as well. He just settled deeper in the sofa and watched. Then, she unbuttoned his shirt, touching his cock with her lips.

- Wait, I’ll do it myself… she undid her blouse and skirt leaving just skirt on. Next, having sat at his knees she began to stroke his dick:

- So nice dick! So lovely and huge! I love it!

She bent over it, passed her nipple along its length and after that he mouth closed on it having swallowed my penis deepthroat. When it disappeared in her mouth, I couldn’t help moaning. His one hand grasped her tit whereas another one gripped her by hair. She moved her head obeying his motions.

- Come here! He raised her with a jerk and put her on the carpet, spread both legs and fucked her pussy.

She cried out with happiness, and her nails stuck into his shoulders. He was banging her like never before, impaling her cunt on his dick like a condom; she scratched his body and back moaning…

- Yeas, again, just do it again, honey! This woman moaned, speeding up with every second. He saw her eyes, opened wide with bliss and delight, her tits he used to kiss and fondle some time ago.

When they came and it was over myriads of stars blasted away in their eyes, the whole sky exploded with tons of spangles….

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3 Responses to “Debt!”

  1. DAIRen Says:

    i hate being owed someone, or if somebody owes me! but if situation turns the way when some girl asks you to pay a DEBT, and this is supposed to be a great fun, so you mustn’t hesitate and do what she wants!

  2. John Says:

    I like to collect debts and I love when a pretty chick owes me money, I can fuck all of her holes and this will be her payment! Real fun!

  3. old bar Says:


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