Comforting her

August 5th, 2008

If you have a girlfriend and you treat her bad, you should think about the way your best friend will comfort her…

Catherine is sitting at the table in front of me. She is my friend’s girlfriend and we’re just friends, nothing more. They’ve been together for a year and a half. Albert left for a business trip for several days and Catherine invited me to her place. So, we’re sitting and drinking Champaign.

- Well, what happened?

- We’ve had a row again. Some trifles, as usual. We stopped seeing each other for some time and now he left. I miss him really, and … I need sex, it drives me mad. You know, I’ve been thinking about … some unfaithfulness… with you, – she was smiling spitefully.

- No, no, Cathy, I’m not going to do that. He is my friend and I value our friendship. Sure, you’re pretty and having sex with you is… but sex can be different… We don’t consider all relationships in bed to be unfaithfulness, do we?…

Catherine nods and looks into my eyes.

I stand up, take her hand and pulling her to me put her in my lap. Our lips and tongues interlace immediately; one of my hands embraces her waist, another one undoes the fly of her jeans and finds her clit. I caress her clitoris gently. We’re kissing passionately, our tongues playing. Catherine bends and I kiss her neck and lobes of her ears. My hand is busy in her panties. She starts breathing more frequently. Our lips are doing something which cannot be described and … Catherine has an orgasm and relaxes pouring my hand with her juices.

One moment and we’re on the sofa in the living-room. She unzips my pants and pulls out my phallus which is already hard and looks beautiful with its 7 inches. Catherine’s tender palms strokes it slowly, then faster and faster. She jerks me again and again and I feel my orgasm building. I am near my climax, my penis is pulsing… She stops jerking it and brings it to her mouth but this moment I come and shoot my load at her face. Catherine takes my cock into the mouth and jerks me again caressing my head at the same time. A minute later I explode into her mouth with a big portion of my cum.

We undress – my shirt, her T-shirt, my jeans, her jeans… and our hands are exploring the bodies of each other. We lie in 69 position and she takes my limp prick into her mouth again. I can feel her tongue moving over my stem, the tip of her tongue is playing with my head. My meat is stiff again… my lips touch her pussy… it is very wet, so wet that I can choke with it. I suck her lips and then turn to the clit.

Catherine keeps on sucking me energetically, her lips sliding my knob, she licks it, bites and strokes it. My tongue penetrates her cave – she is moaning and I try to work harder. I tongue her clitoris, suck it going on working inside of her. We come together – she covers my face with the cum and I erupt straight into her mouth.

We’re lying very close.

- Oh, fuck, it’s so nice…

- Year, it is. And you didn’t believe people can enjoy each other without being unfaithful…

- Aha, we’re not sex-partners, we’re sex-friends, are we? That can be a good toast!

I go to the kitchen, bring an open bottle of wine and glasses, pour some, we clink our glasses and drink. I pour some campaign on Catherine’s wonderful body and begin licking it. Her neck, shoulders, the hollow between her breasts, the breasts themselves… I stop at her nipples for some time… Catherine starts moaning… I go further – her belly, navel, pussy… her anus. She shudders, I keep on licking her bottom. I do that slowly and tenderly increasing the tempo. I stop licking her ass and one digit enters her butt… she’s moaning, I begin moving my finger. She likes it. Then my two fingers are in, it’s a bit tight… Gradually her hole develops and the third digit goes inside… Now I’m fucking her butt with my fingers. My other hand caresses her cunt, one finger in – my hand goes on ramming her butt – two, three fingers and then… oh, it’s almost impossible… my whole hand is in her twat… Catherine screams and comes…

We’re lying absolutely weak. She takes the cigarette lighter and we begin smoking. We’re thinking that it’s so pleasant to enjoy ourselves secretly… and not being ashamed of that. Let it be our little secret…

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  2. ghassan68 Says:

    sex-friends very nice. That can be a good toast!
    I send my e-mil
    [email protected]

  3. hi Says:

    so nice. need one for friendship. anyone interested just mail me to friendship_8207atyahoodotcom

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