Bustle business trip

November 6th, 2007

A husband goes off on a business trip and meets a nice chick there, his wife is waiting for him but can he refuse a quickie?

When you’re on a business trip and you have some free time you can do anything you want. Different people choose different activities. Some guys have real fun. I mean my friend Alex who joined me on my business trip to that small town. We lived in the same house during three weeks, and he spent only two nights in his room. He was a funny sociable guy who could easily meet with gals, and didn’t spend much time dating, you know what I mean. I guess he had a special gift, something like hypnosis. It was really helpful when meeting girls. It’s not that he made them sleepy, or something, no, it’s just that they trusted his every word and were very attentive to his desires. Girls were like enchanted. I just wonder if they ever asked themselves afterwards why they’d agreed to get laid with him. It was a real spell!

I wasn’t like him. It wasn’t easy for me to meet with girls, and I wasn’t going to copy his model of behavior. I was some 200 mile away from home where my wife was waiting for me to return soon. I felt very lonely during evenings, sitting in the armchair and reading the damn old detective story. I’m a healthy man, so you gotta understand me. I couldn’t help but envy Alex. Once I told him about it. If I could only knew what it all would end up like…

That was a very usual Saturday. I woke up at 9, took a shower, had some breakfast, and went downstairs to call my wife. Actually it was she who was to call me. I came right in time. We had some nice chatting about our family, about the weather, bla-bla-bla. She told me she was missing me a lot, and really wanted me. My wife loved to shock me with her sincerity. I just didn’t know what to say, so I told her the first thing that occurred to me:

-You could come over the weekend. It would take you just five hours to get here.

-You could come too, -she said at once.

Her words made me think it over. Why not, really?

-OK, I’m just kidding. – She added then. – You must be very tired working; you should have rest during weekends. Anyway, there are only 10 days left, and you’ll be back home. We can wait, right?

-Right. – I agreed.

We had some more chatting and I hung up the phone. It was 10 am. I had so much free time, and I had nothing, absolutely nothing to do. Well, I could do nothing if I didn’t see Alex. He came into the room.

-I got a plan, – He said cheerfully.

-What plan? – I asked excitedly.

-I plan to get you out of this stupid room. My babe found a girl for you. If you like each other, you won’t have to read her poems and buy flowers, do you get me man?

I got him well. I said “no, thank you.” My words really surprised my friend.

-Pal, what’s the hell is wrong with you? You told me you wanted to have some fun, and now you’re telling me “no”? I promised I’d bring you with me.

-I don’t like it, you know…. – I really thought it to be cheating on my wife.

Alex burst into laughing.

-C’mon man! Don’t worry! Nobody makes you have sex with her, we’re just gonna have good time with two cute chicks. But if you want you can do something more….

It was impossible to argue with him. The faithful husband in me gave up to his spunky plan. I agreed to go with him. I liked Alex’s “babe”. Her tight dress stressed her perfect body. Jordan, that was her name, looked really great. Katharine, her friend, looked not so gorgeous. She was pretty, but she was too slim. So she looked plain against Jordan. She even looked older than 25 (though she was 25).

It was due to Alex’s sparkling personality that soon we were like really good old friends. We were drinking some cocktails, dancing to good music. I don’t know how it happened but soon I found myself flirting with Katherine. When Alex and Jordan hinted it was time we left them along, I knew for sure that Katherine wanted to spend the night with me. I wanted the same. The only issue was where to go. She couldn’t invite me to her place, I couldn’t invite her either. All I was left to do was to see her home and kiss her good bye. It could be so, but for the hooting from the nearest railway station. I had an idea. It heard a train arrive. My wife could be there. I told Alex about my idea, he was obvious not really happy about it.

We went to our place. I told our landlady Katherine was my wife. We went to my room, I turned on the music and turned off the light. There was still some light in the room, but it was dim, it created a romantic atmosphere, if take into account that the music was very nice. I helped Katherine dress off. I’d never seen such a beautiful body before. Maybe she didn’t know what clothes suited her, maybe she intentionally hid her body under baggy clothes I couldn’t say for sure. I was like a fisherman who found a beautiful pearl under a gray shell. Her skin was of milky white color, it was sort of shining in the dim light of the room. I started kissing her body. I was kissing all of her, from her hair down to her toes. I couldn’t help admiring her shape. My passion made her hot. She was breathing heavily, her hot pussy was all wet. I wanted her. It was amazing. I must confess sometimes I forget about the woman I’m making love to, and focus on my own bliss. But Katherine was the one who deserved the pure bliss of having a huge orgasm. I must confess I made it. We came simultaneously. When cumming I felt my lover drifting in the waves of sheer delight as well.

We were lying still for a while. I was caressing her boobs and her lower belly. Then Katherine whispered it in my ear:

-Now wash it, wash it well. –she said touching my dick.

She stressed the word “well”, I realized it was something more than hygiene, but anyway I couldn’t help asking what that was for.

-You’re so funny! – She giggled. – I wanna suck it, that’s why.

As you wish, my queen. I was washing my cock, not really thinking what would happen. It was something very new for me. It felt so great when her lips touched my dick. First she was teasing me, but when the dick was rocky hard, she sucked into it, swirling her tongue round my dickhead. I was thrusting my pecker in her throat, she let me thrust it deeper and deeper inside her till it was all in her mouth. I was lying on my side, Katherine was sucking me, holding me by the buttocks with her right hand and caressing my balls with her left. It was real bliss! I’d never felt anything like this before.

When I felt like cumming, I wanted to get my dick out of her mouth, not wishing to ejaculate in her throat. I thought she wouldn’t like it. But Katherine didn’t let me do it. She turned me on the back, I realized she wanted me to cum inside her throat. Well, if she really wanted to taste my juices, let it be. I relaxed. She was sucking me and her lips were holding my dick so tight, sliding up and down the stem, her tongue was so frisky… The first cumloud spurted in a moment, then another one, and another one… Katherine was moaning sweetly, swallowing my sperm. The dick was throbbing in her mouth, but Katherine never let it go, she was licking it clean, she was so sperm hungry. When my cock was getting flaccid she finally took it out of her mouth. She certainly liked oral sex.

But that wasn’t the end of our fun. Her blowjob really turned me on, besides I hadn’t had sex for long, so I was truly insatiable. We never stopped caressing each other, and her sweet touch made me hot again and again.

When the morning came, she had to leave, we were so nervous about it that forgot to arrange another meeting of ours. When I closed the door behind her, I suddenly felt I was tired, I knew I had to get some sleep. When I was in the bathroom taking shower I looked in the window and stopped dead. I saw my wife coming to the house! Lucy was very close, and I was blaming myself for inviting her to visit me. It was the end. I was shocked for the first coupled of seconds, but then I started racking my brains trying to find a way out of that stupid situation.

I ran downstairs. The land lady was out, but I saw her ugly sister. She was a real old bitch; besides she was extremely interested in other people’s lives. I knew for sure she heard about my “wife’s” visit last night. I tried to imagine her surprise when she saw Holly (my wife). That was a disaster! There was a couple of moments at my disposal. I decided to do the following. I had to tell the old bitch about the situation I was in. I added some new details, but it wasn’t the point, I had to make her understand me. I didn’t really think I would be successful in it, but I had to try anyway. And thank God! The old lady promised to keep her lips sealed. I rushed to my room, thinking how amazing women could be.

When I was back in my room I sprayed my cologne everywhere to get rid of Katherine’s smell. You know, woman have such sensitive noses… then I changed the bed sheet, it could also keep Katherine’s smell, right? And my wife came here for something more than just chatting…. She let me know what she wanted… She wanted me. If everything were fine, we would definitely end up making love in that bed. That was another problem of mine. I was totally exhausted after the night with Katherine.
So when I was through with the bed, I sat down on it and took a book. My heart was beating really fast. Holly came in my room in a moment. Everything was fine. She looked really happy, and I was also glad to see her. Holly was telling me about her trip, I wasn’t very attentive listening to her. All I could think about was my upcoming failure during sex. I was waiting for a miracle. And suddenly I remembered something. I remembered about the pill Alex gave me once when I had a terrible headache. The pill had nothing to do with my head, but I had a very strong erection after taking it, I couldn’t say why it happened. That pill was all I needed that moment. I went out of my room and started knocking on Alex’s door. He never opened. He hadn’t returned from his night date, probably. I was about to open my door when I finally saw him downstairs. It was he who involved me in that shit, so he had to help me out.

I told him about my problem. He said he had no pills left.

-Don’t worry, man. Everything will be fine. I’ll go with you, I’ll be entertaining your wife, so you’ll have some time to have rest. Three hours will be enough. Right?

Three hours were even more than I needed. At first, Holly wasn’t really happy about spending time with my colleague, she wanted to spend some time alone with me. But soon Alex’s charm enchanted her, and she didn’t want him to leave. She took some food and a bottle of brandy from her bag. So we had a small feast. So, when Alex finally went back to his room, I felt absolutely ready to please my wife. When I locked the door, I asked my Holly to show me how much she’d been missing me all that time. I guess she was really glad to do it.

She dressed off really quickly. I was so happy to see her dear naked body. She looked great. I thought back on Katherine and realized that I overestimated her beauty last night. I wanted my wife so much. My wife was much better than my accidental lover, that was for sure. I remembered that Holly had always been driving me crazy since the first time I saw her. Holy was a slender gal with a very nice butt that I could spend hours watching. Her boobs were her main advantage. I called them “my beautiful twins”. They were so big that any dress was too tight for them, they were always sort of ripping through it. I always wanted them to do it someday.

I was a real maniac for her body before our marriage. I couldn’t wait for a night to come. I was longing to feel her tits in my hands, to caress them. It all changed when we got married. But that day I felt like newlywed. I also thought that last night could deprive me of the most precious thing in my life, of my beloved wife. That thought scared me.

I pulled off my pants and my shirt and rushed to my babe. We’d really been missing each other so much, so our first sex was so passionate. My dick found her gushing pussy to please both of us. I wonder how we didn’t break the bed! The second time was worth calling it “making love”. The sex lasted for long and was very sensual and vehement. I was kissing and caressing Holly. I was really happy that moment. I thought maybe everything was the way it had to be. I finally realized what I really felt for my wife, I knew I would never cheat on her again.

I hope my memories about that business trip will help me keep my promise.

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    likes to enjoy the mother nature withs its beauty and have fun

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