October 23rd, 2007

This guy is a bachelor but he’s got many things to remember, he had many women in his life he took their virginity and abandoned them, now he is alone with his memories.

Man, time passes so fast. I remember Miranda. I remember her so well as if we broke up last summer or so. I met her when she was 20. We were living together for two years. So, it turns out it’s been seven years now since I saw her last. Miranda! I often remember our dates. I still wonder how come she gave her all so self forgetfully and sincerely when she didn’t love me! She was longing to be with me for two years, she called me whenever she had time. We spent all our free time together, mostly in bed. She was devoted to my freaky desires. They were risky and lustful. I couldn’t think rationally when she was with me. Her weakness and gentle obedience made me wild. I used to fuck her vehemently. I was delighted when I heard her sweet moaning, I was proud to make her happy.

-I don’t love you. What for to go on? – She told me after two years of our life together.

My dignity was humiliated.

-OK. So we break up then. – I replied.

It was strange, but she was crying. Probably she hoped I would convince her of my love, like I’d always done before. She was crying, giving me the ring back. That was the end.

You never see the run of time. Your mind, your physical strength and abilities are focused on different aims. Our brain is such a funny thing – any minute it can find the pain of loneliness. It finds it in your heart. Sometimes it can find it while you’re going somewhere by bus, watching people passing you by, and suddenly….

Miranda! Is it like I’m never gonna see you again? We still live in one and the same town. What could I tell her if I met her? I…I would look into her eyes: Miranda, be my girl. I need you. You liked to be with me, right?!

My memory starts playing tricks with me sometimes. It replays different scenes like parts of a movie – with voices and colors. Here is a summer day, for example. Two guys are going to outskirts. It’s hot. I see drops of perspiration on Miranda’s forehead. She’s holding my hand. The sun is shining through the windows. We’re going to a small empty house to make love. I give her a sideways glance. Her blouse is rising up and down with her breathing. I feel lust, and my cock is getting harder in my pants.

We get into the house. It’s cool and dark here. Miranda is standing in front of the mirror, she’s busy with her hair. I come up to her from the rear and press my body tightly against her round buttocks. My lips are kissing her neck. My hands overcome her weak resistance and get under her skirt, pulling off her panties.

-Well, if it’s what you want… – She says in a whisper and spreads her legs wide, leaning on the wall.

I pull off my pants too, I squat down a bit and enter her hot cave. We are breathing heavily. It is all a bit clumsy. Oh, here it is, it’s the moment of bliss! My body is bucking, I’m spurting cum somewhere deep inside her body. It’s numbness. I get my cock out of her vagina and realize there’s no way to go to the bathroom. My feet are sort of put into iron by my pants, so I have to jump into the bathroom. Miranda is laughing watching me. Yeah, I’m really looking funny – a young man in a shirt and tie is jumping to the bathroom with his pants pulled down and his dick half flaccid – what a nice picture!

Once I took her to the country. We were walking along the beach on a warm summer night, inhaling the smell of sea and waves. She was pressing her hot body against mine. Big palms created creepy shadow pictures on the sand and ground. The sea was silently empty. We got back in the car. I was sitting behind the wheel. We were kissing. I arched my back. It was uncomfortable. My shaft was rocky hard, the bulge was about to rip the pants. Miranda was caressing my body with her small hands, and finally she touched the dick. I didn’t see her eyes in the darkness, but I could hear her hot breathing. She unzipped the fly, pulled down the pants. She bent down, moaning. I felt her breathing right at my cock.

I leaned back on my seat, I felt her eye lashes tickle my belly, I felt her soft cheeks and hot lips. When I was overwhelmed by sensations, I started moaning, and then she opened her mouth, took the stem by her hands and sucked into it. She was fondling it with her tongue, popping it deep in her throat, or caressing it with her lips. My hand was resting on her trembling pussy. I was overflowed with incredible endless tenderness and joy. A thrust. Miranda moved her head to aside and sticky white drops hit the dashboard.

Miranda! We were always rowing walking round the place in the city. It was so easy for you to get mad! Though I was very irritable too. Why were you always annoyed with me? You always found faults with me – in your opinion, I was speaking, talking, walking, standing in a wrong way. You wanted to make me better? You wanted me to become the one to suit you? I was unable to change myself. And you couldn’t forgive me for it.

Once when her parents went on a business trip, Miranda offered me to live with her for three days in her parents’ place. We were sleeping on a large bed of her parents.

-I like it when there’s space. – She told me lying across the bed.

I don’t know what made her happy, but she was all shining with joy. Maybe it was that she was living in her home, maybe cuz it was a chance to live a family life, sort of, I don’t know, but she looked really delighted. We were having fun all night long. We had a walk in the park after breakfast. We had dinner and were drinking wine. Then we got back to bed again. We were having sex till the night came. I must say, my pecker was hard all that time, but it didn’t feel anything anymore. But if my babe wanted to get more of me, well how could I say no…

She was lying on her back, her legs were on my shoulders. I was standing on my knees in front of her, swaying my pelvis, fucking her. She was pretty wet, my prick often fell out of her hole. Her snatch was pretty stretched now and I could enter her not using my hands to help. And once again. I entered her, but she cried out and jumped off the bed.
-What’s wrong? – I asked her. I didn’t feel anything, that’s why I didn’t understand her reaction.

She was looking confused and reproachful.

-You got in the wrong hole. You did it on purpose?

I promised her I didn’t mean it. We dressed up and went to a café. We got back late. It was very fresh in the bedroom. We put flowers in the vases. We didn’t feel tired at all. I was rather surprised to feel my penis getting hard again. Miranda hugged me, kissing. She felt it getting hard too. She started dressing off, turning her back at me. I dressed off too. I made a step frontward and pressed myself to her tightly. I stretched my hands and took her by her boobs, trying to turn her round. She didn’t let me do it. I tried again. She was pressing her ass to my shaft. She began rubbing against it, moaning. She wants me to screw her butt, I thought. It was so unexpected that it made me shiver. I entered her asshole. I felt dry heat there, and my dick began to get larger. Miranda was moaning. I squeezed her breasts and cried out – a hot wave of bliss flew over us.

Once I decided to call her. It’d been a year since we broke up. We agreed to meet. It was a cold windy evening, we couldn’t find a café for a long time. We spent an hour looking for a better place to sit and talk. We were chilled to the bone, but she never said she wanted to leave. I told her I had to say something very important and that I didn’t want to say it in the middle of the street. It was an incredibly stupid situation! Miranda was very patient, I’m still grateful to her for it. Finally we found a nice café and ordered coffee.

I was looking at her. She was different. She was looking even better than before, but her eyes… There was no sincerity there anymore. It wasn’t the Miranda I used to know. We were drinking hot coffee. I was asking her about her life. I asked her if she was dating anybody. She said she wasn’t. I asked her if she had had boyfriends after breaking up with me. She grinned in response:

-Yes, I had one.


-I was happy with him.

I was jealous.

-Then why are you alone now? Why aren’t you together?

-Life is a funny thing, you know. – She laughed, but her laughing wasn’t natural.

She wasn’t the girl I used to know. She was a stranger. But I didn’t want to accept the reality.

-Come back to me. I need you.

She stared at me coldly and said:

-What for? I never loved you. Probably I could live with you, not loving you, but I don’t want it now.

-Never loved me, never, never, – I kept on whispering, drinking my coffee.

-Hey, are you OK? You’re so pale… – She said then.

She stood up from her seat and went out of the café, she was apparently afraid I would make a row in front of all people there. But she was wrong. I was like numb, I was stunned. I didn’t intend to make a row. There was no way to get her back.

Well, I’m not an angel. How many women have I had in my life? Once I decided to rack my brains and remember. I counted more than 20 and then decided to stop. The older I become the more I start thinking about the whole thing. I don’t know, I’ve always considered myself to be a one-woman man, but I couldn’t be with one woman for long. My relationships lasted for several days or for several months, then I started looking for reasons to break up. I was damn good at finding those stupid reasons. But the older I get the more often I see faces of the women I used to date, those whose hearts I broke once.

I guess it would be fair if every man could feel what it’s like when your girlfriend is losing virginity with you, and you’re her first man. There must be comparatively equal number of men and women on our planet, meaning that once a man does it with a woman he mustn’t do it again to let others feel what it’s like, right? If yes, than I’m a very bad man. I’ve done it three times, if not take Miranda into account. What can I say to explain myself away?

First it happened when I was 23. I was young, fresh and vigorous. I was going somewhere. It was spring. Suddenly I saw a pretty blonde near a store. She had a round face, small mouth and big blue eyes. I just couldn’t pass her by. I was very annoying and charming those days. I started a conversation with her. I found out she was from the south, and she was on vacation. I said I could be her guide. We agreed that I would come to her room at 7 pm and we’d go walking round the city. There was no walking actually. I did come to her room that day. I had a bottle of wine in my case.

I spent the whole night overcoming her resistance. First, she said she didn’t wanna stay in the room and that she wanted to breathe some fresh air, then she didn’t want to drink wine, and then she didn’t want me to stay for the night. But I was very persistent. I wasn’t offended by her rejections. I chose another tactics – I was very gentle, patient and wise. I was reading poems to her, I was paying her compliments. So, when the clock struck midnight I asked her permission to stay for the night, I promised to sleep on another couch in another room.

She was sleeping. I spent some 15 minutes on my couch in another room, contemplating over the situation and choosing plan B. I couldn’t think up something special. Then I did the following. I just came into her room and lay beside her. I really liked her. I began kissing her plump lips. It was a real turn on for me. I was undressing her slowly, kissing her body. I was kissing her neck, her shoulders, her boobs. She stopped resisting. She was relaxed. Soon she was naked. I pulled off my own clothes too and lay on her, moving her hips wide apart. My hard-on was looking for her cave. I helped it with my fingers. I entered her. She cried out. Is she a virgin? I thought. If yes, why didn’t she tell me?

-What’s wrong? Does it hurt? – I asked her.

-No, not any more, – she whispered, cupping her hands round my neck and kissing my face.

I thought she wouldn’t take it so easy if she were a virgin. That thought gave me comfort. We were running to the bathroom now and then. We didn’t turn on the light in the room. Then we got back to bed to continue our sex marathon. When it was the third or the fourth time in the row, I felt she really enjoyed the fuck. My happy youth! I wonder how strong and energetic I was those days!

We fell asleep in early hours of the morning. We woke up somewhat at noon. I looked at the crumpled bed sheet. There were several dry drops of blood there.

-So you were a virgin?

-It doesn’t matter anymore. I’m happy now. – She kissed and hugged me.

She was my date for four days of her stay in my city. All four nights were dedicated to celebration of our love. We wrote each other letters then. She didn’t insist on meeting again or something. I didn’t dare to offer this to her. That time I was living in a tiny apartment in one of the worst districts of the city. My salary wasn’t big. I was an adult, I had a job, but I couldn’t consider myself to be independent and mature. We stopped writing each other soon. I saw dry tear drops on her last letter. She said she couldn’t help crying thinking there was no way for us to be together, she also said it was a great pity I was so indecisive, but she didn’t blame me for that.

Miranda! I think my tortures of love for you are my punishment for hurting other women.

My relatives helped me find the second virgin. They always said I had to stop being alone and I had to find some nice girl. I said ok, why not go and help me. That time I believed I needed a girlfriend. Once during one of our seldom family gatherings, my granny pointed at an 18-year-old girl. I offered her to walk in the park after dinner. While walking, she told me my relatives had already introduced me as a very nice guy with high morals and kind heart. It was a great topic for the conversation. It was fun, generally. We were kissing by the end of the walk. I was pretending to be her about-to-be-a-boyfriend and invited her to my place. She was a student at some college and could come to me at the noon. I was waiting for her at home, I was free that day.

Words of my beloved relatives had their effect on her young mind. She thought herself to be my girlfriend and didn’t resist my seduction at all. I was kissing her, pulling off her panties. I took off my pants too. I was holding her buttocks tight, impaling her on my shaft. She started crying. I felt her tears on my neck and shoulders, her blood was flowing down my leg. Her body was quivering in my hands.

-Babe, – I sighed. I felt so much tenderness and love for her that moment.

We were drinking champagne then, it was all pretty romantic. I was seeing her for six months. We met now and then. Nobody knew we were together. Our sex was terrific. We were into using all possible positions, it was so great. But as for living with her, I must admit that the better I knew her, the less I wanted to live with her any longer. Well, she was a great decent girl. But she was very pessimistic, dull and indecisive. I just felt I couldn’t be with her. She was very serious about me being her first man. She said she wanted to be my girlfriend and wife.

So, one day I put myself together and told her it was over. She was crying. I tried to persuade her that breaking up would do good to both of us. She didn’t answer, she was just crying. Later someone told me about her. In a year a college guy proposed her to marry him. She agreed.

I often see one and the same dream at night. I see a line of women I used to date. I see their tearful eyes, try to remember their names, remember something good about them, something to comfort them and excuse me.

My third time with a virgin was a sort of accident. I yielded to my desire. I was on a long-term business trip in another city. I was lodging a room in a two story house. There was a girl living there too. I didn’t see her for half a month. I remember it was weekend. I was celebrating something with my friends and came home totally wasted. I woke up early in the morning, I was terribly thirsty. My dick was almost rocky hard, it happens sometimes when you drink too much vodka. I went to the kitchen. The girl’s door was opened. When getting back to my room, I couldn’t help peeping in. Her bed was standing by the wall, she wasn’t sleeping.

-Good morning, -I told her.

She gave me a smile. Then I just went in her room and jumped under her blanket, saying I felt so cold and wanted her to warm me up. She was lying still while I was caressing her stomach, her neck, her hands and breasts. When I began to pull off her panties, she brought her legs together and began sighing. I embraced her, whispering something sweet (as I thought that moment) in her ear, I was trying to make her calm down. My toe grasped the panties and pulled them off anyway. When she realized there was nothing left to protect her, she said:

-It must happen anyway…

She spread her legs wide. When I had enough of her, she took the dirty bed sheet and went to the bathroom. Well, I thought, I gotta find a girlfriend. I liked that girl. We were together till the end of my trip. I didn’t feel admiration for her, I wasn’t in love. It was something trivial, you know. She wasn’t very hot, she was just obedient to my lust. She was obedient and mediocre in everyday life too. She got used to living with me, probably she was hoping I would make a serious step and propose her to be my girlfriend. We never really talked about it. I was a coward. When my trip was over, I packed my things and went to her room to say good bye. She already knew everything. She’d been angry recently, her eyes were red (maybe she was crying at nights). In seeing me, she burst into tears. What could I do? I went out of the room and flew away from the city.

Once when I saw the old damn dream about my women again, I thought: “Why are they always standing at the same places in this line? Why not give more space to those who I was seeing for long?” I’m walking along the line. Some women are standing with their hands dropped down, some are holding them up. Miranda? You’re here too? You shouldn’t raise your hand! I still love you! I love you, though I know I’ll never see you again…
It’s my confession. I must say I wanted to color some episodes to make them more picturesque, you know. Sometimes it’s so difficult to admit what you’ve done. Am I a real asshole? Were those women happy with me? The older I get the more often I see tearful eyes of my ex-dates in my dreams.

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  1. Evgenio Says:

    Hell, I really wish I could go back to the times when I was a bachelor, your sexual life is rather limited if you are married, you just get tired of one and the same woman, and you want something more, for now, I get hookers for myself whenever my wife is away on business, yes, I pay for sex and there’s nothing wrong with it.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Sex nayantara stills

  3. Babe Says:

    My response to Evgenio.-If you marry someone you should be faithful. Why is it so hard to be content by the woman you love? If you have problems with the things she does or doesn’t do sexually then just tell her. It’s not rocket science it’s just communication.

  4. chin raza Says:

    any sexy girls is welcomed for 1×1 sex pl. mail me.

  5. kayla Says:

    I have a tight pussy which my boyfriend tried to fuck but couldnt! It stinks!

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