Auditor’s adventures!

September 27th, 2007

It’s really boring to travel by train when you are all alone in the compartment, but it gets much better when you have a female co-traveler who is willing give you all of her pussy, it makes your trip nicer!

I had been working as an auditor in railway transport department, that’s why I had to often go on business trips. Many long-distance train guards and conductors knew me very well; they even offered me best compartments to stay in during my audit. One day, I was heading for Manila; it was about 10 pm, conductor offered me a compartment but let me know beforehand that whereas there might be a hard load of the train and some compartments would be full, so I should be prepared for newcomers on the next stations. As there were 3 seats free in the car I didn’t mind.

The train set out. In a while someone knocked the door and there appeared nice thirtish woman, she showed me her ticket on this car, I saw it was on the lower berth, the conductor helped her carry her bangs in there, and when she started doing her bed leaning over the berth I happened to see her woman’s breasts. I settled myself beside, on the upper berth, and after that I suggested that we should drink and have meal together before sleep, she didn’t mind, but asked me to let her go to the lavatory to get prepared. She also said she would hate to have someone new in our car and would be happy to share all troubles of journey with me. Next I addressed myself to the train guard and asked him to bring me some bottles of wine and also asked to keep us alone from new visitors. He assured me it would be Ok and I got back.

When I returned she was already ready, wearing some short robe and smelling of some subtle perfume. She was graced with long tender legs, silky skin and very nice shapes! When the order was serviced we drank wine, I learnt her name was Sandra, she was returning from the visit of her husband who was convicted in jail of the disorderly conduct and the fight. She was hailing from Canada, she met her husband when he came to Manila and soon they got married. She was talking her husband in a way that made me think that their private life was not really OK. My eyes were examining he robe all the time and once I even managed to see her beaver: she didn’t have underwear.

The wine soon made her drunk, when she unexpectedly opened her legs aside I saw her hairy pussy, it was very hot in the car at that, moreover I always turn on when I saw hairy pussies. It made us both sick while the train went on its way, she noticed me watch her pussy and said: “Oh, my God, I don’t have lingerie!” then she rose to get her bag from the upper berth, the train started and she fell onto the bed with legs spread wide, and after that I had fortune to see her pussy entirely, since it was not dark! A very hairy pussy! I loved that pussy, it was really something awesome!

Sandra seemed to be indifferent to what might happen next, after we drank again, she fell back on the bed and closed her eyes, currying softly. I approached her, she opened her eyes and they twinkled, after that her hands passed over my jeans and rubbed the knob, I removed her robe aside, and groped her tits, so big and soft, warm and slender. My palm passed down her pussy and set to rubbing her clit. Very softly and slowly. She said that I had really big cock, huger that her husband’s one, that she was gonna fuck with me in any position available, without restrictions; I was really afraid of picking up some disease as I didn’t have any condom with me, but she said she was Ok and I didn’t need to worry about that. Sandra went to the lavatory to wash her licking pussy up.

When she got back she asked me to got to lavatory and wash my cock, and said she would be waiting for me here ready. When I finished I saw her on the berth waiting for me. She crawled up and straddled me as my cock instantly became hard in my pants. She pushed against me and moaned, as she rocked her hips on my cock. It was all happening so fast but I was going to dare stop her. She loosened my tie and undid my shirt still kissing me. Then my belt was undone and my pants were removed, and her hand reached down and grabbed a handful of my rigid cock. I pulled her robes up until I could slide my hand under it and onto the sides of her thighs.

I lay down next to her, stroking over her ass, then between her legs from behind. She rocked her hips back to reach for my searching hand, as it found her now wet pussy. She moaned again into my lips as my fingers worked her. Sandra was on all fours above me now pulling at my cock while I had both hands involved in stroking her pussy. She suddenly sat up and took my cock into her mouth. I let out a moan and then said “Yeahh, feels so good!” “You have such a great cock, honey, I love your cock!” She wasted no time in spinning around and nuzzling her pussy down onto my face. In a second as my tongue was licking her clit and pussy, she was rocking her hips on my mouth and moaning with my cock in her mouth. The blowjob she was doing sent small vibrations up and down my cock and I was ready to blow at any time. Then her body started to tense up and I knew that she was coming, I concentrated on the job with my hand and moved my hand around so that I could get fingers and slide them into her, while my tongue frantically worked her clit. My cock came out of her mouth as she let out a loud moan, and her hand took over jacking my erupting cock.

With her sitting up slightly, I removed my fingers and licked her all over. she licked on my face, causing my tongue to penetrate her ass, she moaned again and positioned her tight ass right on my mouth, I continued to lick and my tongue went on disappearing into her hole. One hand was now on her clit, while her other hand was pumping my cock. Her moans increased and then she slid her pussy back on to my mouth as her juices started spilling out of her. The she asked: “Honey, I want you so much, fuck me hard! Fuck my ass!” I put her in dog style and banged her asshole. Her arse seemed to be tight but it didn’t prevent me from penetrating inside.

I fucked her ass, it was also covered with hair, she was coming close to me, arching her back, and she was moving her ass in rhythm with me, impaling her asshole onto my shaft. Sandra was moving her ass like dancing with me, by this my cock was turning and moving as well, making her hole wider, from time to time Sandra rose slightly standing on her knees and having me deep inside.

I was trying to pull it out to rub my cock against her hairy pussy, but she pressed to me moaning: “No, fuck me, fuck me harder! Don’t take it out!” her hole was so wet and licking as if there was too much liquid inside. She kept crying: “Honey, fuck me, fuck me harder! Don’t fucking stop!” she was grasping my cock and rubbing my balls, moaning and uttering cries! My hands passed from her tits to her ass. When I griped her tits they moved from side to side, so the fuck lasted for about 25 minutes and during this period she was coming 3 times running. When I said I was ready to come she let me cum in her pussy. I put my cock inside her pussy and came, then, immediately, she turned to me and set to draining my cock, the rest of my sperm she swallowed entirely.
After that she said she would go to the lavatory and wash her holes up, I followed her and for about 10 minutes was watching her washing her pussy. It looked very nice and funny, having wiped her ass and pussy she took some cream from and asked me to lub it over her pussy. She opened her pussy lips wide and I was applying this lub on her pussy, then she washed my cock and balls, we kissed and we got back.

We talked for about 10 more minutes after that she asked: “Honey!” “Yeahh, babe” “I want you to fuck me and fuck my ass, come on” And it was about this time that she started stroking me, my cock rose to the occasion and was begging for some more of her attention. She leaned down and started to suck me some more, and after a few minutes she crawled off the berth and got on her knees, laying her upper part of her body on the bed. I took this as a sign that she would like to get fucked in doggy-style, so I got off the couch and came up behind her. Her pussy was still hot and wet, so my cock didn’t have any problem sliding back into where it suited best. She loved this and moaned each time I would pull out almost all the way and then enter her, until, I could come. She soon started pushing her body against mine, but this time I didn’t hold back and I buried my cock in her as deep as I could, and shot load after load of cum not inside of her, but after she asked me to come in her mouth I did it. Then we went back to lavatory and set to washing up again, this time I washed her up myself, she was standing with her legs set wide aside over the toilet sink and opening her pussy lips. When I finished wiping her up, I saw her pussy was still open. I seemed that Sandra’s pussy was always ready for new banging. She moaned with delight.

When we returned I pulled out of her and sat back down on the berth, throwing my head back, worn out and exhausted. She sat on the floor for a while and we talked about everything, but yet nothing in particular. Sandra looked at the time and mentioned that she had to hurry back and get home. She gave me a kiss and wished me a good night. I agreed, since I had to get up early the next morning not to miss my station. We both fell asleep soon and woke up from someone knocking the door. There was a conductor who said that the train would reach my station in an hour. Sandra then asked me to fuck her once again before I go. She sat on the bed and opened her legs: I finally saw her panties down there, but it had a hole, right on the pussy’s site (you understand for what) she asked me: “what do you like most, me or my panties?” “You, honey!” “So, fuck me!” she settled on me to ride, impaling her pussy onto my dick. I banged her that way, while she was riding me. We came together and she sucked my cock drinking the cum. I told her that if ever she needed me that I would always be in her mind in any way that I could. She came up to me and faced me, wrapping her arms around me and looked me in the eyes. For an instant it looked like she was going to say something, but the words seemed to pass from her lips, so she gave me a kiss and wished me good luck.

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  1. John Says:

    I bet you was fuckin tired

  2. Kyle Says:

    Wow! She was like a fucking machine! Did yo uget her number?!?

  3. largy Says:

    nice story your a champ dog!

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