At night

November 24th, 2007

When you come back from work and a beautiful woman meets you in the doorway, you’d better do everything to make her happy, you’re going to have a good time too…

I knocked on the door. A pause. I heard her steps behind the door. She opened the door. Her hands were cupping my neck.

-Are you hungry? – She asked in a whisper, though there were no other people in the house.

It was just a question. She knew perfectly well I was never hungry before IT. I was caressing her back, her butt. She wasn’t wearing any lingerie under the gown. As usual. I kissed her on the neck. It was tickling and she let me go, stepping aside. I went to the kitchen. I put a bottle of beer on the table and put the rest in the fridge. I loved beer.

-Tired? – She asked me.

-A bit.

We opened the bottle. The first gulp. She sat down on my lap and lit a cigarette. We were drinking beer in turns. Her fingers were stroking my hair.

-Do you wanna see my General?

-Shut up!

It was a joke.

-Have you missed me?

She started hugging me tighter.

-Hey, hon, you’re gonna strangle me!

Well, she could do it, she used to go info swimming.

-The green towel…

Shower washed down all dirt and tiredness of the day. I was getting aroused. The door opened in some minutes and I saw her. She pulled off her gown and joined me in shower. I heard her shriek.

-Why is the water so cold?

I was admiring her body. She certainly had something to show… She took the sponge and started washing me. I found another sponge to do the same with her. I was ready to pounce on her in a couple of minutes. I was using my tongue to caress her, she was doing the same. I stopped her. I had some other plans for the night.

-Let’s go to the bedroom?


I heard the bed sheet rustle. I stared with petting and kisses. It was so great to feel her firm butt in my hand, to feel her erect nipple between my lips. My lips were getting lower, the tip of the tongue touched her navel. Her knees were lying on my shoulders. I couldn’t help but kiss the soft skin of her hips. And I finally kissed her bosom. She moved her pelvis frontward, impaling herself on my tongue. My tongue was circling round her cave, then sliding up and down, spreading the lips and drinking her juices. My face was buried in her crotch, my lips were sucking it, and my tongue was caressing it gently. But she wanted more…

I turned her on her stomach. She raised he butt lustfully, her hands were spreading the buttocks. I was just enchanted by the pic… I started ramming her cave with my tongue, trying to touch every inch of it. Then my tongue gave way to the hand. Two fingers were fucking her, while my tongue was busy pleasing her anus. I was licking it, trying to thrust in. She wanted it, so she relaxed her muscles. The tip of the tongue was in her asshole.

It was too difficult for her to stand that sweet torture. I impaled her on my dick, and my fingers started caressing her butt. My finger got in her rectum. I felt my cock through the thin wall, I pressed on my pecker through it. It made her cry loudly. She was trembling.


She fell on her stomach. I lay down beside her to caress her hair, her back, her butt. She was still trembling. Then she turned her face at me. Her head got down to my dick. She was sucking me, moving her head up and down. I started groaning in several seconds, she was swallowing my juices.

We were lying still… Soon her frisky tongue woke up again, her hands were jacking my prick. It was rocky hard pretty soon. She knew what would happen, so she reached for the lubrication. She opened the tube and started lubricating my dick. I put her on her back, the pillow was lying under her buttocks. She grasped her knees and pulled them up to her chest. I lubricated my finger and entered her asshole. It was tight there, but my massage made her relax. My other hand was caressing her pussy. It was time! The dickhead was poking at her butt. She was moaning, it was a bit painful. We paused for a moment. Her hole got used to the size of my knob.

She opt her hands on my buttocks. I could do it! I was very slow at first, then I accelerated my tempo, it made her cry.

-Does it hurt?


My thumb got in her snatch. The other fingers were caressing her crotch. She turned to the side and put her fingers on mine. I was moving abruptly and fast…

-Yes! Yes! Yesssssss!

We both were cumming, shivering.


A cigarette…

A glass of wine….

-Are you hungry?


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  1. me Says:

    that was so fuckin hot im like rock hard right now

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