Pleading an alcohol!

September 6th, 2007

Two men go off on a business trip and stay in one of their partner’s houses, there one of them suggests trying gay love, they feel a bit shy and reserved but the desire is stronger and they give all their passion to each other.

Don’t know why but I’d like to share my secrets with somebody. I am considered to be a smart guy, uninhibited and easygoing. I have always thought I’m a genuine heterosexual, but my mind changed after that damn trip to Ukraine. Me and my old friend Tadeck, took some business trip of his to Ukraine, and when the deal was already arranged and we were anticipating our way back home with pleasure there suddenly a driver suggested visiting his relatives in the country. The driver had been working in Tadeck’s company for the last 3 years and they both knew each other very well. We didn’t mind, as I would like to see what was really known as Slavic hospitality. Driver’s wife had a birthday at the day we arrived and that was a great occasion for us. There were several young maids, casting looks at us by stealth from time to time. Tadeck reacted immediately, I have to say that he has always been ahead in female issues among all of our friends, moreover many women loved him: a tall well-built brunette.

I have even caught myself on thinking if I were, for example a babe I would certainly give in this stud. Convivial intercourse ran easy; the feats went on merrily, our host, driver Vladimir, set to talking some politics and economic situation in Ukraine. I think he had a little too much holiday cheer. He persuaded us to stay one more day, though it was not in our plans, but he was very insistent. Thus, we decided to make him drunk so that he wouldn’t be able to keep us from leaving tomorrow. And all things went up. His wife made the bed for us on the second floor in separate room, though it was late the sleep had gone. For a long time we were talking philosophy, the role of morals and sex in human society, we also discussed intolerance of some average men to sexual minorities etc when he suddenly asked me:

- Would you mind having sex with a man?

- Theoretically I would, but practically… well, I don’t know… though sometimes I have some thought that make me daunted….

Tadeck rose and approached me quietly:

- What if we do it right now? For tomorrow we might plead an alcohol, hard drink….

It took my breath away, I was trembling with excitement, and I uttered with faltering voice:

- Come to me, I can try…

We lay down in one bed snuggling up one another, trembling with excitement and fear of what will happen and what we were gonna do this night. In a while I got warm with Tadeck’s body and could figure out what the situation we faced. Tadeck caressed me gently, whispering me something. I was already on the verge, excited. I was hard-on. my hand slowly passed down his belly and then groped his shaft. Softly I touched his dick like some precious stone, and stroked it along its length. This was my first time when I had some man’s cock in my hands and it was very enticing. Meanwhile Tadeck took up licking my nipples, all that turned me on; id did some friction what made my friend moan. The common sense had already been suppressed, my shyness had faded away, and there appeared some pure emancipation. I said in a hoarse voice:

- Tadeck, I want to suck your dick…

- I want it too, buddy. But we should have taken shower first. But, I don’t give a fuck now….

I lean over his cock, gently lowered his foreskin. There was a smell of males’ flesh, I held his mighty organ before my eyes with a huge brown end.

First, I touched it with my lips, then my tongues passed along it very slowly and lovely; its saltish taste in my mouth switched me on harder, and I swallowed the whole cock entirely. Being I some kind of prostration I could watch myself as if from aside: here I was doing fun with a … man, we both naked. I was kissing this guy, sucking his cock like fallen slut and the most disgusting this was that I really loved it! So, I was a… gay! I was anybody, anyone, but I really enjoyed it!

Tadeck couldn’t stand it any longer, he settled down with his head to my penis, first he fondled my balls with his tongue, and then he started sucking my dick as I did his shaft and that was wonderful! It turned out that sucking each other was a great job; however it couldn’t last long that way. When I was already ready to spill my cum I pulled my penis out…

- Wait, what are you doing? He protested: give it to me! Come in my mouth….

- Hold on. I wanna try everything, fuck me…

- But I want it as well, my ass had been waiting for you for a long time, fuck it!

And with that answer Tadeck set in a doggy style, poked his as out revealing his anus. I lost my cool, and with full violence got down to licking his hole. I seemed to have received electricity shock; my partner was quivering with delight when my tongue penetrated inside his asshole. I also jerked his dick off while licking his anus, he was in the seventh heaven, feeling close orgasm. Then I put my dick to his ass and pushed a bit, it was very fucking tight, so that it hurt my cock, at this time I groped Tadeck’s shaft got flabby, but I made it erect again. I slid it entirely in, fucking him hard and jacking him off. Tadeck enjoyed the act for about 10 minutes, and after that he said:

- Great, now it’s your turn…

It didn’t take me long to agree. I lay down on my back and lifted both legs, grasped them with my hands showing my ass. Tadeck got down to licking my hole, then his tongue passed to my balls, while I was jerking my cock off. First he wetted it with his saliva and after that he finally fucked me. I had a stabbing pain at once, but when his cock fit inside, the pain had gone. Tadeck set to ramming my asshole, I began making upward movements. His cock penetrated deep inside, hitting against something there and causing sweet pain. Keeping on masturbating I soon fell into a trance.

I thought: here some handsome guy is fucking me hard, his cock works in my ass like a pump, I am twisting under him like a hooker, at last I am getting fucked and my best friend is owning my asshole. Here I raise my head and our lips meet in kiss, his tongue, like second cock is fucking my mouth. I am happy and I am satisfied, this is what I deserve…

My cock couldn’t stand it any more, Tadeck took his dick out and put it in my mouth in silence, then her deep throated my shaft, and we started sucking one another hard. This mutual blowjob resulted in simultaneous come, and 2 hot streams of sperm filled our mouths. I drank this thick saltish juice; I was so excited knowing that some guy was filling my mouth with his cum. And it was wonderful! The next day we would plead an alcohol, or… may be not…

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8 Responses to “Pleading an alcohol!”

  1. silky Says:

    Just comefastic I wanked so hard over this!!

  2. ice cream Says:

    that was hot.i would love to have that fun. my precum has started

  3. wadave Says:

    why can I never get fucked like that

    Shit just shot my cum over my legs

  4. Jim Says:

    i can fuck you WADAVE, msn= [email protected]

  5. CT Says:

    Good God this story will make me to try this gay thing!!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    i am very amazed with the story

  7. slut man Says:

    Alcohol was involved in me getting initiated a few years ago. I ended up sucking my friend’s cock. It seem wierd but exciting especially when he filled my mouth with warm sticky cum. But I enjoyed the feeling of it sliding down my throat. We have done “guy stuff” quite a few timnes since and on a few ocassions he has fucked me. I’m not ashamed to admit that I enjy sucking his cock and I enjoy having him fuck me.

  8. omg Says:

    that was amazing im cummin all over my self i want an hot aussie to suck me off

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