While husband was out!

September 23rd, 2007

The husband is always on the job and there is no one to take care of a young wife, well, but there are neighbors, aren’t there?

My name is Nadya, I am 28. I am tall, slim slender blonde, with a very nice shape! I’m living with my husband, Dan. He is tall also, well-built, dark-haired, a man of 32. Working as a vice-president of the hi–teq company he is going to work early morning, comes home late at night, we have been married for 4 years. I have asked him to change his work many times, to pay more attention and tie to me, but because of this stupid work we had sex only on weekends. But Dan kept putting off the decision of this problem all the time, and I stopped asking him soon.

Our TV had not been working for about 5 days, my husband promised me to work it out but he kept forgetting, as he was very busy and never had enough time. By the way he didn’t even watch the TV in his office at that. So, I had to handle this business myself, I addressed myself to our neighbor, Mister Andrew, who was living upstairs and knew how to do this problem. I always wore short robe that hardly covered my sexy legs, thus, I didn’t change my cloth and went upstairs.

Mister Andrew turned to be medium-height man of 50, with a nice beer belly. His wife had died 3 years ago, and he had been living alone since. He asked me to come in and inquired about what happened. I noticed Mister Andrew watching my legs with amazement and admiration; I was very pleased with such reaction and entered the flat with a gracious pace. Having settled on the sofa I crossed my legs thereby revealing my thighs.

He sat close to me and asked me again. I explained the reason of my visit. He said it was just a piece of cake, and he would handle it right today. After these words he put his hand onto my knee as if unexpectedly, I pretended that didn’t notice it, he then passed his hand upper, and I felt my excitement growing, after that lots of compliments relating to my body ensued, when he started stroking my hips I felt I was leacking! I looked at him and smiled. Then I approached the table and undid my robe, his eyes opened wide, e unzipped his jeans, took his fat cock out and began jacking off looking at me at the same time. His cock was bigger than my husband’s one.

Mister Andrew looked appreciatively at my breasts before moving back to kissing my mouth. His hands moved over my breasts before his fingers traced round my nipples making them hard. He slowly kissed the way from my mouth down over my neck to my breasts taking one nipple in his mouth, flicking lightly with his tongue and biting with his teeth cause me to moan loudly. I moved and pushed Mister Andrew onto his back. I kissed all over his chest as my hands lowered his jeans and pushed them and his boxers down around his ankles. I kissed down and took Mister Andrew’s hard cock in my mouth flicking the head with my tongue. I took his cock as far into my throat as it was possible. Mister Andrew moaned and thrust his cock into my mouth faster until he came. I swallowed all his cum. Without a word Mister Andrew pushed me back over and removed my panties. He licked over my pussy running his tongue over the clit causing me to gasp and move myself down towards his face. Smiling Mister Andrew spread my legs wider and stuck his tongue into my pussy. He moved his tongue in a circle inside me before moving his tongue over my clit until I came hard moaning so loudly that people in neighboring rooms must have heard me.

I breathed heavily, that was amazing! I opened my eyes wide; no guy had ever been fucking me like that before. I wanted sex really badly. Mister Andrew moved so he was lying on top of me, he placed his cock at the entrance to my pussy and pushed it all inside! I moaned more. Mister Andrew shoved his whole cock into my pussy pinning my hands down and fucking me hard. I moaned and pushed against him. I pushed his hands off me and rolled over so I was on top. Mister Andrew moved his hands to my breasts as I moved on top of him. I leaned down and kissed his mouth hot, moving my tongue in his mouth. Mister Andrew pushed my back over removing his cock from my pussy, sliding down over my slit until his cock was at the entrance to my cunt. He pushed slightly and I moaned again.

Mister Andrew pushed in slowly and gently, breathing hard. Pretty soon he was all the way inside and began thrusting slowly back and forth. He moved his hand to my clit and moved his fingers in circles making me moan, as he started to thrust harder and faster into my hole, as his orgasm grew closer. Just before he came he withdrew his shaft from my pussy and came over my ass and back. There was much of his sperm. I was really covered with it. Moving his head down, he once again flicked my clit with his tongue making me climax, my hands digging into his back. We then held each other on the bed, kissing until I fel asleep.
When I woke up I got down to my apartment, after shower he called me and asked if I was OK. He also asked me to visit him again, so I agreed. The next day he appeared and my TV works now. After that we went to the kitchen and had some tea talking fun like some old friends!

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9 Responses to “While husband was out!”

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