The good girl

January 16th, 2008

When a babe’s husband is in the meeting, she sure doesn’t want to miss out on the wonderful time she might have with her lover, why not?

I met her in August 2006 when I was driving by the “Cinemax”. She was standing at the stoplight, waiting to cross the road. She was very cute, slim, with an excellent ass in tight black pants and white silky blouse underneath which I could see small but very delicate tits.

She had a nice conservative but stylish haircut, and a serious face expression… a real modest office gal. But the main thing was the shining engagement ring on her finger. “Yes!” I had in my head and started an attack. I offered her a ride and we started chatting. Her name was Roxy, she was married, and her husband worked at the “Formula-1” as an accountant.

She gave me her phone number and gave me a few flirty looks…

We agreed to meet on Thursday. She had a few days off from her work. She worked as a Sales Manager or whatever, it didn’t matter anyway. Those were warm summer days and the weather was perfect for a lunch in the park.

We went for a walk afterwards; we kissed, not so candidly, to be honest. She refused to go over to my place saying it was too soon, but luckily it started raining like hell.

We got completely wet in like five minutes and of course I lived near by and we went over to my place. Roxy looked stunning! She was wet from head to toe and looked like a goddess in her wet white dress. It superbly outlined the shape of her body. Through the wet cloth I could easily see she had no bra and was wearing white lacy strings.

As soon as we stepped into my apartment I jumped on her like a lion. I showered her in kisses but in the beginning she was kind of pushing me away, saying that she doesn’t want to go so fast.

I dropped down my wet clothes and pushed her on the armchair. I started pulling up her dress and suddenly, she stopped resisting. She gently pushed me away and looked me in my eyes.

- “I want you! Are we going to use protection? Have you got condoms?” She said.

That was a shitty question :) !!! I always do.

That was exactly what I wanted but I offered her to take a warm shower first. She agreed, only if she would go alone and first.

I took out the condom-box and made us drinks. I couldn’t wait any longer and went to the bathroom. Her slim wet body shining in foam looked astonishing. First, Roxy shrinked back but I quickly put my hand on her wet pussy without sticking my fingers inside and started caressing it.

She became soft and put her head on my shoulder. She was breathing heavily and I could hear her moan from time to time… She grabbed my hard dick and softly jerked it with her hand. It went on for a couple of minutes and I offered her to change to the horizontal position. I got us towels and we went to the bedroom.

She didn’t let me lie down. I had to stand. She got on her knees in front of me and started sucking me out. She was so funny doing it. She stuck out her lips embracing only the dick-head and was going back and force. Her left hand with the engagement ring was going on my dick along with her head.

This show that madly turned me on: she gracefully set on my floor and looked at me with her beautiful big hazel eyes. At some point she took out my gun and said with a grin:

- “It’s the first time I suck some other dick. I only sucked my husband’s. Do you like it?”

- “Of course!”

She took out her tongue and sweetly closed her eyes. Her tongue was licking my dick-head round and round in circles. I looked at her lovely face and adored her.

The thought of the fact that her husband was at the business meeting while his wife was diligently sucking my dick didn’t leave me for a single second. It kept on turning me on and on. She continued sucking but I couldn’t wait to fuck her out.

I put her on the bed and quickly put on a condom on my roaring dick. I kissed her all over her neck, her shoulders and her breasts. I was slowly going to her pussy, but she grabbed my head and whispered:

- “Don’t! I’m so wet! Just come inside me faster!”

Well, lady’s wish is an ordinance to a gentleman. Any guy will understand me- the feeling of a new girl’s pussy is absolutely fuckin incredible. Especially if she is lying there with her eyes rolling and whispering something like “Yeah, like that, just like that, that’s so good, yeah, I want more, come on, do me harder, fuck me, yeah, yeah, oh, yeah, there it is, I’m cumin…!!!”

When she was cumin she let out a squeal and became real soft under me. She whispered:

- “God, it’s so good…”

She sucked on my lips to kiss them and put her legs in a lock across my back. She wouldn’t let me out; she played with me relaxing her legs, than squeezing them and pushing me in harder.

After a few minutes of my rest inside her we changed the position. She was on top of me, riding me like a circus rider.

Her face looked so naughty when she started moving on top of me. She grabbed my hands and pulled them up behind my head. She was riding me fast and seemed to love it not less than me.

Her gorgeous tits with neat nipples were right in front of my eyes… suddenly her mobile rang.

She didn’t bother to get off my dick and answered the phone. Of course that was her husband. I thought it was a dream. Some guy’s wife was squirming on my dick with devilish funny eyes telling her husband she got wet, oh so wet in the rain and is drying out in Starbucks…

All of it turned me on so much that as soon as she hung up the cell phone I dropped her away from me and put her in the doggy style. She was sticking out her ass for me and I started fucking her so fast and hard that in like a minute I came inside her…The orgasm was one of a kind.

- “You are such a bitch!”

I whispered her in the ear after a few minutes. She giggled with eyes full of mischief and lied on her back.

- “You know, my husband is an absolute lump. I forgot the last time I had an orgasm with him…”
- “He found the best time to call you up, huh?”
- “Yeah!”

We both laughed.

- “You know, it turned me on so much when you were talking on the phone…”
- “I know, I noticed! Do you want to fuck me one more time?”

She said it so casually and her cute face looked absolutely guiltless.

- “Sure!”

And I fucked her. Not once… many times.

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