Teen love

December 27th, 2007

When your husband is away on a business trip a wife feels lonely, but if she’s got a nice neighbor who is willing to make you a company, there’s nothing to worry about…

I made a lap to reach home. It was hard work day, and I was happy to get back home earlier. My husband, Bob was away from city (his business trip again). As the day wore on I could relax and have rest. On my way I saw Kan walking over his dog. He was about 20; we had grown up in the same yard together. He was going for bodybuilding and his muscles were very strong. He looked tired. Kan was wearing old jeans and white T shirt. Dropping a stack to the dog he watched his pet ran after it.

I went into the house and made some wine glass. Having filled my bath with warm water I slipped inside. Relaxed. Applying foam onto my neck and breast my hands reached down to my nipples which got perky at once. Putting rubber onto the bath’s edge I got down to massaging my tits. My fancies ran away. I had been dreaming of having sex with someone else except my Bobby for a long. We got married when I was 22, at this time I was still a virgin. Wine soon made me feel pretty hot. My palms slipped down there to fondle my pussy.

On finishing taking bath I went out, put on my lovely white strings and bra. Suddenly the door bell rang. I wondered who it was; opened the door. There was Kan.

- Hi! Come in!
- Hi, Barbara! It’s time to sleep?
- Juts finished my bath! Wanna drink?
- Sounds good!
- Come inside!

I filled 2 glasses and gave one to Kan. He settled into the armchair opposite me. When I was sitting my robes laps opened and revealed some inches of my panties to Kan’s eyes. I was sure he saw it. I closed my legs quickly but it was too late. I tried to hide my shyness and perplexity. His muscles looked very strong and massive like steel! He put his legs crossed and I could see holes in his hole-ridden jeans. I caught a glimpse of his genitals down there! I could see his balls and a cock right there! This guy didn’t have any underwear! I was trying to overwhelm my excitement, and kept my eyes from his jeans. I rose to take a lighter form the low coffee table, when I bent down I noticed his eyes fixed on my robe, he seemed to be watching my boobs. I thanked God to make me put on my bar tonight. By that I helped myself from enticing one more man. At least I hoped so! When I noticed his eyes fixed on my breast I juts held still for some second, and then drew myself up. I was thinking of Kan, my Bob’s old friend. Their moms were very friendly.

- I haven’t seen you for ages, Kan! Where have you been?
- I have a girlfriend, we spend more time together
- Who is she?
- You don’t know her! My parents made a stranger of her!
- What’s wrong with her?
- She is older than me.
- How old?
- 9 years older!
- Oh my God! She is just three years younger than me!
- Yeahh, you know I have got a problem!
- So, I listen to you (Kan used to share his teen’s problems with me when he was at school: things he could say to his mom)
- You know: his face turned red: I don’t know who to dance slow drags!!
- Slow dance?
- Yes!
- You want me to help you?
- I appreciate…
- Now?
- As you wish.

While asking Kan to help move the table aside I made my robe reveal my treasures again. I could not do anything; I was embarrassed by fact that I let this guy see it again. So, after that I turned my CD on and told Kan to relax:

- You would never be able to dance well if you didn’t relax and stay strained!

I felt ill at ease on making this guy turn right way. I could not imagine how tall he might be, and now I got evidence that his muscles were very massive! After several rounds Kan took up dancing pretty well. Not graciously but rather nice. H learnt very fast. We took seat for a while, emptied glasses of wine and filled them again. But I lost control of my les. May be I looked exhausted, absolutely all in!

- One more dance! And I will leave! He begged
- All right!

Now he pressed me tight to his young strong body. I felt shy when my hands appeared close to his body. It was rather strange. I could feel his muscles run under his skin, I couldn’t resist this guy. To my surprise now he was dancing like he had been dancing doing it for ages. Suddenly he embraced me tight, and pressed his body to mine. I tried not to resist. Sentimental music made the atmosphere more romantic. I put my head onto his shoulder, closed my eyes, and for several seconds it made me forget what I was doing. He gave me hot hug for a moment; my left hand began to caress his neck. My nipples became perky: that meant I started exciting. I had to stop now! Recoiling back and removing his hands I tried to step aside, gut his hand kept clutching me tight. He just turned my head to his face and looked straight in my eyes. Then e felt his hot breath and he kissed me. I couldn’t believe he was doing it to me. I had known this guy since he was 7, he was like my junior! And this guy was kissing me!

- Kan what are you doing

He didn’t answer. Instead, he clutched me tighter and pressed my lips to his. I was so surprised that my lips opened and his tongue entered my mouth.

- Nooo no! I was trying to resist but he held me tight.
- Kan, please do not do it to me! my voice trembled
- Barbara? Do you like me, honey?

He kept advancing me. Of course I had already dreamt of having sex with some one else, but could not realize it would be Kan.

- Kan, stop it! Stop! I resisted unsuccessfully. I felt his muscles play under his skin. His palm appeared under my robe and he started fondling my nipple. He did it very well to me. Though it was wrong, I felt so good. Nevertheless I was not a woman of easy chastity; I hadn’t had sex with some one except my husband. So I resisted. And didn’t leave hope to escape.
- No, please, Kan, no!

He removed my robe and now his eyes were fixed on my breast. He removed my bra aside and clung into my tits with his lips. His fingers kept caressing my nipples. Seeing my efforts don’t have any effect on him I tried to relax. At once, after my muscles became flabby a wave of excitement ran across my body. I was accessible! How could I do this? From now I couldn’t consider myself as a loyal woman to my Bob. I was cheating on my husband, but what was more interesting: I enjoyed it! When he finally removed my bra he started licking my tits, one after one. He moved them aside, squeezed the, close, hanged them and stroked, in short: did everything what his mind was about to conceive. Then he uttered:

- When I was young, we had been playing with your Bob here around. We found some home pics of yours here!

I knew what he meant. Those pics were from Bob’s Polaroid he used to shoot from me many years ago. I was convinced these pics were out of somebody’s eye.

- Since that day I was longing for playing with your tits! He continued: I knew they were so nice and sexy.

He removed his hand from my boob and looked at it fixedly. Then his hand made its way down there, where my pussy was. Slipped in.

- No, Kan! Stop, don’t do it!

I began to breathe heavily. My knees shuddered. I had never been under control of another man; this frightened and excited me both. I couldn’t escape this guy.
His hand slipped down and I felt his finger enter my wet hot flesh. His second finger rubbed my clit. My knob reacted immediately, a moan escaped my lips.

- Please, don’t touch me there! You may touch my tits, my lips, face, but not there!

I was almost crying. I would be rather happy if he touched my nipples and play with them. But he didn’t even think of removing his hand from there. I tried to squeeze my legs but he managed to shove his one between them to prevent it. I felt my pussy was leaking. It was so wet under there! Unexpectedly for myself, my mouth uttered a moan:

- Come on, Kan! Do it to me! Play with my breast! Play with my tits, don’t stop, and play with them!

After these words his strokes became more aggressive! He was about to make me cum! It was wonderful!

- Oooooo! Don’t stop! Feels so good.
- Wanna see me go on?
- Yeahah! Don’t stop…

Then 3 fingers of his entered my pussy. It was reacting with contracts and a shiver down my legs. He filled my flesh with his own. Having examined my hole enough he took up flicking my clit.

- Ooooooo, feels so good!

I though my heart would jump out of my breast.

- Oooo, Kan, I feel so good! This is great!
- You don’t know how long I have been dreaming of masturbating your pussy! This is nice! When I saw you in cloth I was fancying your pussy lips!

I looked deep in his blue eyes. Then took his head and approached my lips: we joined our lips in a kiss. Kan let my hands free. Without stopping our kiss I gave him hug with one hand while another began to rub his knob down there. There I found his erect cock and stared rubbing it. His cock seemed to be like 8 inches length and could suit any horny bitch’s hole. I was stroking his swollen cock head.

Kan got down on his knees facing my pussy. Slowly, inch by inch he removed my lingerie. I wanted to take his cock right new, immediately; my mind told me this was not right thing to do but my body was saying it all right and asking for more. I told him:

- I want to suck on your penis! I know it’s not good, but I want to do it! You enjoy?
- This is the best thing I could dram of, honey

Standing on my knees before this guy I unzipped his jeans. Standing this way I admired his penis, so strong and massive with fat veins all over. Opened my mouth and set to sucking it slowly. Tasting his cock I started rubbing his balls at the same time. Starting from head I moved down along its length. I sucked him off as well as I could. In a while he shot a load in my mouth. His sperm filled my mouth totally. I could spit it on the floor apprehensive of staining our new carpet. That’s why I had to swallow it all. I forgot that a young man could cum faster than an elder one. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed that everything finished so fast.

When it was over I started thinking of what happened. I did wrong. I had just sucked one young man’s cock. What would happen if Bob finds out! I couldn’t look at Kan. What if rumors spread around and everybody knew that bob’s wife have him blowjob! Then, any Tom, Dick or Hurry would tomorrow stand before my doors waiting for me suck them off too?

Kan was not gonna leave. He put me on the sofa, removed my panties, spread my legs aside and started rubbing hi tongue over my pussy. I remained still. His tongue penetrated my pussy, he examined my cunt everywhere, he worked my lips out very softly, it was feeling so good! Putting my hands on his head I directed him the way I wanted. Not a sing of shyness left in my mind, from now I just wanted this guy would make me please.

- Ooo, Kan, honey! He sucked my clit very well

My hips started and moved towards his face trying to impale my pussy onto his tongue.

- Ooo, suck me! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! I’m cumming!
Something exploded inside me! After several seconds of orgasm my body became flabby totally. Kan settled onto me, I gave him hug and threw my hands around his neck, with my lying wide on sides; I was lying like some cheap back street slut, who was eager for getting her holes drilled. Then I felt his cock was trying to enter me. I knew that young men were very fast on hard on, so I begged:

- Fuck me, Kan! Fuck my pussy right now!

And he did. I opened my legs wider as far as possible, then took his cock and made it come in there. My dripping wet cunt welcomed it with a load of love juice seeping out. With a tumultuous jerk he pulled in, and my eyes closed. In, out, in, out – he kept on banging me with his young massive hard meat and I was very happy. I was in the seventh heaven and all the time I was trying to hold him inside of me as longer a possible. His hard meat moved inside me rhythmically, it lasted about half an hour when I finally thrashed like a fish in the net coming and he shot a load onto my belly.

Kan was still lying onto me, but his dick remained inside of me. He kissed me at lips, then once again, again and again. We started kissing vehemently, his tongue was wondering about in my mouth. In a while I sensed his cock started erecting back again! My pussy was getting swollen as well. I wanted this guy so much! I wanted him to fuck me and cum all over my face. When he was already cock stand again, he told me to lie on my belly and poke my as up! It was very nice to feel warmth of the carpet on my skin, after he settled onto me I felt his shaft entering my asshole. My backdoors was ready for his meat, setting my chin over my elbows lying on the floor: he was drilling my butthole and slapped my buttocks. Sweat poured down my body, I was totally wet. I was like one of those porn stars, like Liza Ann or Gina Lynn who were famed for their porn skills. I wanted to cum, but moreover I was longing for his sperm all over my face. When it finally came to make a shot and his balls burned with a boiling juice, he turned me around, settled onto my breast, and began to jerk off right above my face. Then he started, moaned and a hot load erupted out and sweet white drops fell on my face. It covered my face totally; some drops trickled down my throat.

We were lying for some time together, and then he rose and kissed me.

- Thanks, Barbara! You are the best one! I’m going home for my mom wouldn’t worry.
- Thank you, Kan! You are an awesome horny stud! You won me! I enjoyed it a lot! But I hope you don’t tell anybody what happened here today! If not, I’ll have lots of troubles!
- You are so beautiful, Barbara! Let’s keep it a secret!

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6 Responses to “Teen love”

  1. sandy Says:

    What a hardcore fuck it was with a horny neighborhood aunt.I loved everyinch of the story and wished i was Kan.

  2. Sagar Says:

    Nice and excellent experience……..
    Illustration was fantastic..

  3. informer Says:

    nice rip off of another story loser

  4. PillLover98 Says:

    I think if I were to have gay sex (hint:im strait), I think the gay sex would be more fun than this shitty story!!! lol

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Hey philLover98 u r gay the story is mad not like ur shity face

  6. This story was ok Says:

    Liked the story

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