Sea vac

September 4th, 2007

A husband gets really hot when he things about his wife being fucked by some strangers, he suggests that she find some guys and fuck with them, she is first reluctant but soon agrees…

I spent a lot of time talking my wife into fucking somebody. She never agreed. She was outraged, saying she didn’t need anybody but me, and that I satisfied her in full. But as time went by, she calmed down and didn’t remain adamant anymore.

Due to my request she almost never wore panties. And once some time ago during our vac by the sea I talked her into teasing men on the beach. When going out of water she “accidentally” pulled down her bra a bit, thus, letting her nipple fall out of it at all. She pretended not to notice it for some time. I saw she liked the game.

Again, I started talking about her fuck with somebody else. Her first reaction was no. Then she said she couldn’t. In a while I made her say it turned her on. Generally and theoretically, she could try. Then she began saying that stupid bullshit about her being satisfied with me, and bla-bla-bla.

I kept on insisting. Ok, just as an experiment, was her reply. She made me swear that I wouldn’t break up with her after that, that I really wanted it, and that I didn’t consider her to be a broad… I swore. Her only request was that IT all happened out of our home town. So, we went to the sea.

We had a theoretical plan, but what about its practical part? My wife was sexy. She was walking around the town. I followed her at a certain distance. I made a conclusion that when a man was along he only looked at her, but never started talking to her or proposing something that we expected. But when there were two, three, or even four guys, they were eager to chase her. She shied from them, even when there were only two of them. Later that day she made a row at home, saying she wanted to get through with that. That there were enough sluts in town, and nobody wanted to get it on with her. I tried to calm her down. C’mon, there are crowds of studs chasing you, I told her. Fuck two.

-Are you fucking mad, – she told me, – I’m afraid to bang even with one!

Next day she told me that if she didn’t find anybody that day, I would have never ever talk her into some sort of shit like that. She added she was like a whore walking around the town.

Anyway, we went “hunting”. I followed her again. Suddenly she stopped by a bench. There were two guys sitting on it. My wife started talking to them. I could never think she would choose two guys! I had to go farther to watch them. I looked back. My wife was already sitting with them on that bench, talking. As much as I could judge from my observation point, they tried to persuade her in something. One of them hugged her. The other put his arm around her waist. In some ten minutes they stood up and left. I followed them. We came up to a small house and they went in. I was waiting for my wife for some four hours. Then she went out. Looking at her, I realized she really enjoyed the affair.

That’s what happened inside the house, as my wife told me later.

They got inside the house. The guys took out brandy, chocolate, fruits. They drank to the meeting. My wife drank fraternizing with one of them. The guy gave her a deep-drawn kiss. Four hands started feeling her up. They pinched her breasts, got under the skirt. My wife stopped then, saying, they would rumple her dress.

They all got undressed. One of the guys offered her to suck his dick. My wife said she would do it later, and that if it was all they needed it wasn’t necessary to go to some far place – she could do it in the nearest backstreet. She wanted sex. They laid her on the bed. One of them started licking her puss, the other was caressing her tits, while she was jerking his cock.

When she was close to cumming, she pulled the licking guy closer, and he entered her. He didn’t bang her long – he came in a minute or two. She came too. Then the other guy began ramming her. He didn’t last long either and came fast too.

After having a shower they drank some more, and my wife took up the initiative. She bent down sucking a pecker. The other guy felt her up. She started sucking the other shaft. She even tried to suck the both simultaneously, but it wasn’t comfortable. Then she chose the doggy pose. She sucked one prick, while the other was drilling her snatch. The guy suggested butt-fuck, but she refused – she wasn’t a big fan of it.

The first to cum was the guy she’d been sucking. My wife came almost at the same moment too. Then the other came into her twat. She took a shower. They all took a break and drank some more. Then she got on her knees again and they continued the fun.

There was only one guy fucking her that time. She came. Getting tired of that pose, she lay on her back. The guy kept on ramming her cunt. He did it for a long time. My wife came, the guy came too. The other guy was laying beside them, watching them fuck.

So, when the first guy came, my wife mounted the second. She managed to cum twice, while he was cumming. When the party was over the guys suggested giving her head. She sat on the couch. One of them was fucking her mouth. When he came, the other penis took his place. He also came in her mouth. My wife didn’t come even once.

After we’d come home and she told me this entire story, I rammed her several times in a row.

My wife knows that I’ve written this story. I guess, it was not our last experience of the kind.

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6 Responses to “Sea vac”

  1. Bond Says:

    Yeah! There are some perverted people who get hot when they see their wives being fucked by someone else, I once told my friend that his girlfriend was cheating on him, he didn’t believe me so we followed her car, she met with her lover in a cafe and after a meal he took her to his house, I had binoculars with me and we drove close and could see her sucking on his dick and then riding it, he was seeing it with his own eyes and he got really hot after that, he even loved that! Can you believe it!

  2. Dayrren Says:

    Wow, that was nice! I also love to go to the sea with my friends, we rent a big and spacious yacht and go into the sea, we drink lots of beer and get girls on board, we have fun and fuck them right on the dock, there’s nothing better than a vacation like this!

  3. Gimmic Says:


  4. likes2at once Says:

    well my ex suggested he watch me get with another guy and when we lived out the experience iloved it and he got really jealous. the feeling of four hands all over me was the hottest experience i can recall, even better than being with a woman. to have two guys going down on you at once is just pure heavenly for a girl..

  5. tahit Says:

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  6. john Says:

    fuckin hot.

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