My Diary! Evie!

September 21st, 2007

While the husband was out buying something for his guest, he fucked his wife! That’s really mean of her, isn’t it? But on second thought, it’s so sweet to fuck someone’s sweet wife’s pussy.

I would like to tell you my story that occurred to me recently, and this story is really true, like on 99% whereas 15% of it covers juts details… her name was Evie, she was the best friend of my wife, when she got married she introduced me to her husband, Azamat, though he was not my friend but they built up friendly relations with us since marriage, and we met very often. On of those days they came to us when my wife was away, having cooked some snack for us she went to the bed room to watch TV while Azamat and I left in the hall drinking cognac and talking odds and ends. When we ran out of booze I moved back to the bed room to see how Evie was and turn the TV, but a mere glimpse inside was enough to take my breath away. Evie was lying on the bed with spread legs and her fat thighs tempted me like no tomorrow. I returned to join Azamat, he suggested going outdoors to buy some new supply of drinks as we were supposed to go on the whole night, I didn’t mind as I built up a plan what to do with Evie while Azamat was gone. I figured out I had about 40 minutes till Azamat returned, without wasting a second I rushed into the bed room and approached her. I settled close to her and my eyes began to examine her ass and legs. I recalled one day at some party, she was drunk, we were dancing and when I started advancing her she just smiled without resisting. She had always been like that, a bit sluttish, but after she got married she just changed slightly. She was a sound sleeper, so, usually it took hard endeavors to wake her up, and after that it might last an age till she would get over it. I put my hand on her thigh while used another to care my cock that was burning hell. I moved her strings a bit aside, opening her pussy hole and pushed in it, so that she moaned. I lost control, I knew I was wrong, but couldn’t do anything to me. I fetched some lub from the bath room and applied much of it right between her buttocks. Then I rubbed my cock with it and put it on her ass.

It was only now when I saw her face, she was sleeping like an angel, but it excited me more than ever. Taking my cock I slid it in her anus, due to lub and my force it penetrated inside though very hard… Evie opened her eyes at once and squeezed her ass muscles. She tried to rise, but I held her, pushed my cock further and it slipped inside. She tried to cry, but I closed her mouth saying I had wanted it for so log she had so fine ass, keeping on fucking her ass at the same time. Soon, Evie stopped crying, just tears rand down her face, as for me, I leant my elbows on the bed and got down to banging her asshole.

She grasped the veil with her nails, I felt my every move and thrust was hurting her a lot, but I won’t stop. I was fucking her like never before, and after a while I felt my balls building up my cum to release. Digging my cock deep inside, I started and filled her anus with my load; on finishing my job, I spent some time on lying with her, after that the door bell rang; I cleaned up the signs of sex and came out to meet Azamat

He came in a very high mood, he was talking something about some drunken girls he just had met earlier out doors, but I was not listening to him. At this time Evie came out of the bed room and left us, when I finished, and he went out after his wife. Azamat had not guessed what really happened to us and since that time he had been visiting us alone…

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  2. Anonymous Says:

    hi yourself. am a 37 yr male wanting to talk/ chat with female

  3. lava Says:

    It also rings me good memories of sex, Thanks

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