It wasn’t intended…

December 15th, 2008

While the husband is away on business his wife is looking for some hot adventures and meets two hot studs willing to taste all of her holes…

I was returning to office after the lunch break. Today was my birthday, another birthday… A sad holiday. I wasn’t 40 yet, but very close to that… However, I didn’t look my age or probably people didn’t want to tell me about that… Though my female friends would surely give me a hint I was getting old. It meant I still looked well…

On the way to office I dropped at the supermarket and bought two bottles of wine and some snack. The packet seemed small but it was rather heavy. Alex had offered me his help but I refused saying the store was close… It always happens this way. You don’t want to trouble other people and then have to carry something really heavy on your own…

I crossed the road and noticed the bottles fell out of the packet. A box of candies tore the packet with the sharp corner and while I was crossing the street the hole became bigger. Now I couldn’t keep the bottles inside.

“What can I do with it?”

While I was thinking a young man picked the bottles up and gave them to me with a smile.

“I wonder how old he is. About 30 or more… Why am I so interested in his age?”

The man noticed the hole and asked his friend for an empty packet.

“Mmm, they are so provident. And suggest me carrying the packet to the office. Why not? I’d also offer my help in a similar situation”.

We kept on talking. Their names were Sebastian and David. They were interesting to talk to and rather handsome too. Here was my office.

- Thank you, guys. I don’t know what I would do without your assistance.

We smiled to each other and parted.

The next day I did some shopping during the break. When I was approaching to the office I noticed them smiling at me. I smiled back. I was glad to see them. They offered me to have a cup of coffee.

“Why not? What’s wrong with it? Why can’t I drink some coffee with these men? My husband is away on business and probably he treats someone with coffee too. Though it is unlikely; he is so mean.”

They turned to be on business in our city and worked as computer programmers. They were dressed well and had good sense of humor. I used to think that programmers were always busy, with terrible greasy hair and stupid jokes. I was wrong.

We had really nice time together. They played bowling in the evenings. I like bowling so much!!! They suggested me joining them today. I refused:

- I can’t. I have a lot to do.
And I knew them so little. However, they persuaded me to play with them tomorrow. Tomorrow was Friday and I didn’t have to get up early on Saturday. Why miss such an opportunity? We exchanged phone numbers.

The next day was just an ordinary day for me but I was in a wonderful mood. As if I was small again and had birthday. But I was old enough and my birthday was the day before yesterday. For some reason I examined my underwear carefully before putting it on.

Sebastian called me at 3 and offered to meet at 7 near my office. It was not a good idea for my colleges could see me and then make up various stories. So we agreed to meet at the shopping centre in the centre of the city.

The day passed quickly. I felt excited and drank some whisky with my colleges before leaving the office. Now I felt calm and warm…

I arrived on time. I am never late and hate those men who are. They were waiting for me…

They could have booked a place only for 9 p.m. as everything was busy by that time.

“It’s not good. What time I’m coming home then?.. Well, my husband is away and I don’t have to wake up early tomorrow… So, why not?”

The men suggested spending the spare time somewhere in the restaurant. It was Friday and I might meet someone familiar. They would tell everybody Iren was with two young handsome guys here and there… Then I remembered about one little café which no one of my friends had told about.

The café turned to be rather descent – good service and Japanese meals. I love sushi!!! With an apology in his voice David asked if they could pay for me. Personally I don’t like it when men pay for me but he asked me in the way I just wasn’t able to refuse. If they wanted to pay… why not?

I ordered a cocktail for myself. A waiter brought white dry wine to go with sushi.

I felt at ease. They were so funny and said no ribald things. Once I noticed Sebastian let his eyes linger on my breast when he was standing up to go to the toilet. I have a nice breast and men often look at it.

“Probably I was mistaken? Or trying to pass the desirable for reality? Desirable??? I guess I’m getting drunk…”

We went to the bowling club. Our place was still busy and we had to wait for some time in the bar. At last we started playing. We chose bowling balls and the game began. I’m a good player. My record was 120. David was obviously not good at it and Sebastian was close to me in his scores.

We drank a couple of cocktails. I ordered a wonderful dessert. It was my turn to play but I was distracted by something. David took me by the arm very softly and tenderly and whispered into my ear to remind me about the game. I took the ball but suddenly wanted him to do it again, to touch me and whisper it into my ear.

We played nearly two hours. I don’t remember how many cocktails I had drunk, far than one.
We went out. It was so cool and so good there. I didn’t want to go home at all. Sebastian offered us to go to the disco that was nearby. Of course we went, though I knew someone could recognize me there… I didn’t care.

The club was half-empty yet and we could occupy a table in a good place. We had an angular sofa there. All of us sat down on it. I was between them. Gradually more and more people arrived and soon the club was full.

The music was good. We had to dance in couples as one was to stay at the table. When we ordered whisky with Cola slow dances began. David was the first to invite me. I put my hands on his shoulders and felt his muscles under the shirt. I like sporty men. And I liked his perfume. He embraced me and I pressed to him with my breast. But it was just a dance.

Then I danced with Sebastian. He was sporty as well and his perfume was very nice too, but somehow he was different. It was interesting to compare them. Sebastian was dancing more actively rotating me and throwing me back. To thank him I kissed him on the cheek.

When we returned to our table David winked at us and told me he saw us kissing. We laughed and clank our glasses. At this moment I noticed a couple kissing at the table that was opposite to ours. The man’s hand stroked her cheek, neck, then he began fondling her breast. It was strange that she didn’t remove his hand. Everybody saw them… But the guy kept on moving his hand over her body. Now it was on her knee, then slowly slid to her crotch. He was stroking the girl between her thighs. I felt I turned crimson from that. What could my friends think of me? I was staring at the couple and couldn’t tear my eyes from them. The man was building the tempo and the girl started bending towards his hand and suddenly they stopped and the girl put her head on his shoulder. I caught myself at trembling.

David waited for me to enjoy the scene and then said the life was unfair to him for I had kissed Sebastian but he hadn’t been favored with that. Poor man! I turned my head to him, looked into his eyes and kissed his lips. To finish the kiss I licked his lips. Sebastian saw that and wanted to get his kiss. I turned to him. He stroked my cheek and slowly touched my lips with his ones. He was good at kissing. Our kiss was deep and I even tossed my head back. His hand was stroking my knee and I liked that. Then I realized Sebastian’s hand was on my cheek, it mean it was David who was caressing me down there. It made me tremble even more.

David said it was too hot inside and suggested walking. Before leaving the club I went to the ladies’ room. My panties were so wet… I wanted sex very much…

When we were out I took them by the arms and we went off. If it was summer we could go swimming. But it was October and we decided not to run the risk.

Sebastian offered us to think of a warm spa rather than the cold ocean. Their company rented a comfortable apartment nearby with a spa.

- Wow!!! Let’s go!!! – I exclaimed.

We bought some champagne. The apartment was large and luxurious. While David was showing me around Sebastian filled the bath. I entered the bathroom, undressed and sank into plenty of bubbles. Sebastian knocked at the door. I sank deeper and allowed him to enter.

He was absolutely naked but he had two bottles of champagne and three glasses in his hands. David soon entered either and also naked. I was taken aback and didn’t know what to say.
Meantime they sat in the bath either side of me. I took the glass with champagne. The men began stroking my body tenderly under the water. Water bubbles, champagne bubbles and their hands… I fell into a trance. Their hands were everywhere…

Then David went out of the bath and sat on the edge of it. I could see his erection between his legs. At that moment I wasn’t controlling myself at all. I kneeled down, took his penis into my hands and kissed the head. The skin was so tender and smooth… I passed my lips around the head, kissed it. Then I licked it. Sebastian was stroking the bottom of my belly, buttocks and vulva lips. I began licking the head of David’s phallus faster. Suddenly I felt Sebastian’s cock entered me and started thrusting inside slowly. Oh, God, me, a loving wife and a mother was being fucked from both sides by two men!!!

Sebastian was increasing the speed. I took the cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. Gradually my mouth and throat turned into one more vagina as David was pushing his shaft up to the balls. I stroked his balls tenderly and at a certain moment he started shaking and then shot a spurt of his warm semen into my mouth. It was the first time I tasted sperm… Simultaneously with David, Sebastian ejaculated but I didn’t feel that because his cock was in a condom. I sank into the water.

Sebastian brought a big towel; the men wrapped me and carried to the bedroom. They rammed me in various positions. I came a few times. Then we drank champagne and ate caviar that men had found in the fridge. Soon David fell asleep.

Sebastian brought a little bottle that had been produced by the same company as the condoms. He said it was a special lubricant. I was lying on my belly. He slowly pulled the towel from me and started kissing my neck, shoulders and back. My body was reviving and I felt aroused again.

I felt his tender hands on my buttocks. I noticed that he poured some lubricant on his right hand. His tongue slid between the halves of my butt and licked my anus. It was such a pleasure! At this time he penetrated my pussy with two fingers and started stroking my womb. I was in the seventh heaven. His tongue was still working with my butthole and he thrust three, then four digits into my passage. It was strange but I didn’t feel any pain. I was wildly enjoying the process and noticed Sebastian put the whole fist into my pussy. All of his fingers were caressing my womb. The inside of my opening was filled with his hand and his tongue was fondling my anus… I’d never experienced anything like that before. I don’t know if I climaxed or fainted…

When it was over I got dressed and the men called a cab. I kissed both of them and left.

I didn’t want all that to happen. It happened unintentionally…

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    I love pussy eating any clean lady comes to me I kiss her pussy and lick and give her the best satisfaction. Married pussies are more tasty.

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    I love that stories because I think that the women and men need to pussy and sexy with them every time and day.

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