May 10th, 2008

A couple is invited to a party and the wife is flirting with some guy from the party, in the long run he takes her to a bathroom and fucks her while the husband is having fun with the guests…

We were invited to a birthday party. It was summer and the party was held in a country house. It was great fun there. My husband and I got drunk. It was real blast! We were partying like crazy teens. There were many people doing different things there – some were chatting, some were dancing, some were drinking.

One of the guests asked me to dance with him. Sam pressed my body close against his. My breasts were pressed against his chest. His hands were squeezing my butt cheeks. I felt his erect penis through the dress. If I weren’t drunk that time I wound consider it to be offensive but I was drunk and I must confess I liked feeling his arousal, it turned me on too. The only thing that made me a bit embarrassed was his tight hold of my ass. I looked at my hubby.

Luckily for me he was absorbed in a conversation and didn’t even look my way. He was chatting with our mutual friend Kalista. She was sitting quiet giving him a tipsy smile, seemed she didn’t really understand what he was talking about. My man was actively gesturing telling her something. Her knees were slowly sliding apart, soon he could see her panties. Though it was getting dark I noticed a wet spot on her panties, she was leaking. She was aroused, so was I. And my hubby didn’t see her obvious seduction.

Kelly, another friend of mine, saw me dancing with Sam and winked at me playfully. Sam was whispering different romantic crap in my ear.

“What’s there in your pants?” I asked him finally.

My flat-out question didn’t surprise him.

“I want you Vickie. If you just let me fuck you I’d be the happiest guy in the world.” He whispered in my ear.

“So it’s me who made you so hard? Well, thank you. It’s nice to know men find me attractive. Well, I’ll let you fuck me… but get your hands off my ass.”

He let me go. I went to the bathroom. He followed me in a moment. As soon as I came in the bathroom he locked the door behind us. Hardly had I turned round as he pounced on me and pulled off my panties. I was lying on the floor, he was over me trying to enter my vagina. Sam was so excited that couldn’t get in at first. The dickhead pressed against the clit and then slipped off. I couldn’t wait to feel him inside.

“Sam relax and let me help you.”

I spread my vulva lips with my fingers and directed his stem in my snatch. His hot throbbing dick entered my body. Sam sighed with pleasure and started fucking me rhythmically. I was impaling my pussy on his phallus.

“You can cum inside me.” I told him.

As soon as I said that he paused. His dick was pulsing spurting semen in my womb. His throbbing dick and his sperm made me cum too. After a while, Sam was still lying on me, his cock was still inside my body, it was neither hard, nor flaccid.
“Vickie you’re a fantastic woman! Your pussy is so tight, and when you were cumming seemed like somebody was sucking my cock… it’s so cool to have sex with you. Your husband is so lucky to have you…”

“C’mon Sam all girls have similar pussies. I don’t think Linda has a very large vagina. Sam guess it’s time you got up. I don’t want my hubby to look for me.”

“Vickie, what about doing it again? Please?! It’s so great to ram you.”

Sam started frictions, his dick was getting harder. Well, not that I didn’t want him anymore, it’s just that I wanted him to cum as soon as possible. But my attempts weren’t successful. It was a much longer fuck that time. When I felt his pulsing dick erupt semen inside my pussy I knew Sam was drained. His penis got flaccid in a second after ejaculation.

Sam was breathing heavily, getting up. I turned on the tap to wash off his cum. When I bent down to put on my panties Sam crept up to my back and started kissing my pussy. He was holding my buttocks tight. The sensation was so great it made my knees weak. His tongue was doing incredible things inside me! He was ramming my snatch with it, licking my asshole… I climaxed. Sam drank all of my juices.

I put on my panties and went out of the bathroom. I saw Sam’s wife Linda in the hall. She was wasted.

“What were you doing there for so long?” she asked me.

“Well, it’s hot, I just needed some cold water to refresh my body and my pussy, you know what I mean.”

“I see. Listen have you seen Sam? Can’t find him anywhere.”

I took her outdoors to breathe some fresh air. It was so hard for me to fight my excitement. And then I saw Sam walking in our direction. When he came up close Linda squeezed his groin:

“Where’ve you been? I want you now.”

I was ready to burst into laughing so I just walked away. I wondered what he was gonna do? Could he make it another time? Well, on the other hand, he could please her with his tongue.

This story changed me. My hubby couldn’t understand what was going on with me. I was different.

That was the first, and hopefully, not the last time I cheated on my husband. Frankly speaking, I liked it a lot, it was such a blast.

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27 Responses to “Infidelity”

  1. esee Says:

    story above got me lustfull & i had to doing masturbation a lot please send more erotic stories like this in my email regards esee

  2. Sanio Says:

    As Sam said your hubby is lucky.

  3. Osomerset Says:

    I enjoyed you story very much. I love to fuck a woman bareback and cum inside of her. I too would have done what Sam did, eat your pussy and lick you asshole. There is nothing I like better than to ram my tongue up a woman’s ass, as far as I can get it in.

  4. Bob Says:

    I liked the story. I suspect that this happens much more often than married women would care to admit! I just think it would be so great if married women reading here would post their own stories of infidelity, whether at a party, at work, or while their husbands are otherwise occupied!
    Come on housewives, we want to hear about YOUR Lust Filled fun.

  5. Merinda Says:

    Hi, Bob, I am a thirty year old woman and I can tell you that 95% of women cheat on their husbands in some point of time, so if you have a wife, be sure that someday you’re going to be cheated on. I have been married for 8 years already and I cheated on my husband many times, I can’t even tell you how many;). The point is he never found out about it and the right thing to do is to be able to cheat on him being sure that he will be unaware. The occasion that I most remember was when we both went to the ski resort, my husband spent around three hours skiing and then two hours in the bar, by 11 o’clock he was sleeping like a dead man and I was fresh and pure. So, I got picked up by a man in the hotel and he took me to his room, which ironically was adjacent to ours, he was fucking me all night, I was moaning and groaning like a whore and my hubby was just sleeping behind the wall!!! We spent three days in the ski resort and I slept with that man three times after that. My hubby doesn’t have any idea about that. So, is that a good example for you?

  6. nick Says:

    I want to fuck you

  7. whore Says:

    i want to suck sams dick so bad

  8. Merinda Says:

    Guys, if you think this couldn’t have happened in reality you’re very much wrong! I have female friends who have cheated on their husbands on many occasions. I myself remember when once I got fucked by my neighbor who came to visit my husband! My husband was on the job and was supposed to arrive two hours later that day, so, we spent two hours fucking and when i finally drained my neighbor’s balls my hubby appeared and we greeted him as if nothing happened! He still doesn’t suspect anything. Honestly, I can’t imagine fucking one partner only and I would like my pussy to get fucked by more than one man, I want two or three dicks at the same time. Are there any guys in the states who can make my dream come true? WHy don’t we meet? Anybody wants my e-mail?

  9. corky181 Says:

    i would like to meet Merinda, she is hott

  10. corky181 Says:

    ohh the story is great too

  11. corky181 Says:

    merinda, mail me at [email protected]

  12. Merinda Says:

    corky181, do you live in the States? I am hailing from New-York. We immigrated to the USA when my husband got a job there, he is a construction engineer. He spends most of his time at work and I can’t get enough of his dick, he is always busy and he really ignores me. That’s why I have to find some cocks on the side, I am thirty now and with each year I notice that I am getting hornier and hornier, my pussy is demanding sex and I can’t refuse it. I went to a bar two days ago, got drunk and picked up by a guy who took me to his place. He fucked me twice in the night and I really liked it. I drank his cum and drained his balls. But I really want more!!! My dream is to get fucked by two or even more men!

  13. Merinda Says:

    Are there some hot studs living in the States or somewhere near? We can meet and engage in a hot gangbang. Why not? If you’re here, at this site, it means you’re as horny as I am. Why not satisfy each other?

  14. terry Says:

    great story, I always get so hard and horny when I hear of a married women that cheats on her hubby and he doesn’t even find out. love it

  15. Snow Says:

    A very hot story! Tho am 26 and single,i’l love 2 have a married woman for a lover!

  16. seth Says:

    did something similar to this but I fucked this girl in the ass and she was my first back girl to fuck and first in the ass… I came so fast and so much all over her face and chest.

  17. advs Says:

    love fucking in car and did similar to this.want daily sex though am unmarried.want 2 fuck u.

  18. fogda Says:

    Sexy Sexy – my wife is a bit of a “hornbag” and loves guys filling her up with cock and cum. She thinks I am unaware, but I understand powerful sexual urges need to be satisfied.

  19. Honey Says:

    This storie made me sn horny

  20. Donn Says:

    My wife experienced a simular situation at an office partythis guy fucked her twice in the stock room she had to admit being fucked because when we got home and I started to fuck her she had to explain why her pussy was full of cum, as I was at the same time fucking one of the junior office girls,(my wife dosen’t know) I simply told her that I can understand her letting this guy fuck her as I had a feeling she was hot for him judging by the stories she had told me over the last couple of months

  21. Jii Says:

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  22. Ravi Malaysia Says:

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  26. David Says:

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  27. tallmnguy1101 Says:

    Mmmmm…to just take a woman to the ladies room…sounds like a great time to me. I’d love to chat with horny wives that don’t get enough at home and see what cums up. Email me at [email protected].

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