I wonder what happens next!

August 27th, 2008

A student stays with a couple and rents a room in their house. While the husband is at work he can get to know his wife better…

I was admitted to a college and moved to Los Angeles a few years ago. Being a student, I could not afford to rent a place by myself. So I rented out a room in a cottage, owned by a couple. The guy’s name was Fred and he was working in a financial firm as a senior manager. His wife Sandra was much older than me, but she was certainly a stunning woman. I was pleasantly excited when I saw her first. She had long dark hair and a charming face with a very seductive smile. Her eyes were sharp and keen; when she looked at you it seemed she was piercing you through… She had light soft skin and was endowed with very attractive, melon shaped breasts that I would love to just touch. They were big, at least I could hardly cup them. Her breast always jutted out of her clothes. She loved wearing tight fitting clothes that never closed her sexy curves. She knew she was attractive and was able to emphasize this crucial factor. For her age, her tits were perky and in great shape. She had also a big, round ass that Fred fucked every night.

I moved in and realized that it was going to be a good experience of living by my own. Fred stayed at work most of the day and even on weekends he would spend hours in his office. So, most of their time, his wife would stay alone. His wife Sandra loved to flaunt her body and experiment with her dresses when Fred was away. Every day, I looked forward to see what she was wearing, sometimes, as if guessing my desires, she would wear thin cotton dresses which revealed her cleavage and made her nipples stick out through the fabric. She also loved wearing slight tops and very short sport shorts that fitted her tight ass. Her legs were long and slim. Her big sexy shaped butt was free from cellulite, and it was such a turn on! I always got excited and horny when her ass swayed up and down when she walked around the house. I used to imagine what I would do if I once got a chance to fuck her. But these ideas seemed to be so ridiculous that I would try to get rid of them quickly. Sometimes, her panties would be visible through her attire. I was loosing mind wanting to touch her and fuck, however I couldn’t afford another place to rent as it was the cheapest!

It was a Thursday and as usual, Fred and I had eggs for breakfast at around 7 am. Sandra said she would have breakfast later and served us food. She was wearing the sort of attire that exposed her luscious tits. Her top was so short that her navel was exposed also and I was jealous of Fred enjoying this hot body every night. When I finished breakfast and went to wash my hands in the restroom, I heard sounds of whispers coming from the dining room. I peeked into the dining room. What I saw turned me on so much that my cock sprang out of my shorts. Fred was pressing Sandra’s tits through her top and putting his tongue into her mouth. She grabbed his ass and pulled him closer towards herself and started rubbing her body against his. He put his hands on her butt and started massaging her ass. I could see her light panties exposed while they started making out in the kitchen.

I could not hold it any longer and started masturbating moving my hands up and down my hard dick and my balls! That was the Show!!! Suddenly Fred pulled away from Sandra saying he had to get to work for a meeting. I kept staring at Sandra’s body and came in my underwear. I felt my warm semen running down my thighs and a sense of release! Sandra shouted at him saying he treated her with neglect and didn’t pay mush attention to her. Anyway, he left for work leaving her frustrated and angry.

Later, I took a shower and changed into my fresh underwear. At this moment Sandra called out to me: “Peter, would you like paying me a company for breakfast if you have time?” I was more than happy to and joined her at the table. She was sweating after all the mess in the kitchen and her low neck top was all wet. I could see streaks of sweat running across her breasts and I so wanted to fuck her tits. She looked straight into my eyes as if she knew what I was thinking. I asked her:

“Sandra, are you happy with Fred?”I asked said sincerely:

“He treats me well but he is always busy. I need a man who pays enough attention to me”

I pitied her and could not believe Fred ignored this hot sex bomb who was craving for sex. When we started eating our sandwiches, she commented on how hot the summer was, and pushed her top lower trying to cool it. When she ate, her breasts started bobbing just slightly up and down, while her white creamy tits were even more exposed. It was really hot in there and her boobs heaved up and down when she was trying to cool down. I started getting hard all over again while I cast glances at those juicy boobs and wanting to touch them. I suddenly realized that she was staring at me and started feeling embarrassed. But she was a very clever woman and was not gonna confuse me, so she asked me:

“Do you have a girlfriend?” I replied:

“No, but I wish I did”. I answered

“I can understand. At your age, you need a girl to release your desires, if you know what I mean” and winked. She then went into the kitchen and came back with a bottle of ketchup.

While she continued her breakfast she suddenly yelled out: a big red drop of ketchup and fell right onto her white cleavage while she was eating her sandwich. She told me:

“Peter, can you clean this for me? I want to finish my sandwich!”’.

I sensed something was about to happen and agreed to her strange request. I moved close to her and heard her breathing heavily and her breasts heaving. She looked at me with steamy eyes and handed me a napkin. But I didn’t take it wanting to clean it with my fingers. I put my forefinger slowly between her boobies and scooped up the ketchup. I tasted it and it was sweet and a bit salty because of her sweat. Sandra suddenly grabbed my finger and put it deep in her mouth and started sucking on it. I was confused on how to react when she pulled my head towards her and whispered: “’I knew you love my tits” and pushed my face hard into her cleavage. In a second my face was buried into her sweet melons, and enjoyed the soft touch of her delicate boobs! She pushed and smothered my head against her boobs while my cock got very erect and hard. She started kissing me on my mouth and slid her tongue inside my mouth. I put my hands around her back and felt her wet lips on mine. She said:

“Oh, Peter, Fred never has time for me, and I badly need sex!”

We continued kissing and then, I lifted Sandra in my arms and we entered her bedroom. I laid her down on the bed and jumped on her body. I removed her top and she sat there exposed and horny for me. I kissed and licked her breasts making her sigh and moan. I made circles of kisses around her boobs enjoying her smell. Her tits were almost popping out of the tight bra. I kissed her through her bra and tried to put one of her breasts in my mouth, but they were too big for me! She said she was getting wet and led my hands to inside her pants. I felt her damp, warm pussy with my hands, I pushed a finger up her cunt, and she started moaning in excitement. I unhooked her bra and smelled it, I smelt a mix of sweat and Sandra’s perfume and it excited me even more. Her heavy boobs fell down for me and I immediately put one of her melons in my mouth and started sucking it vehemently. She pushed more of her tit into my mouth. I could not get enough of licking her tits.

She stood up with her perky breasts staring at me all coated in my saliva. She said:

“Do you love my breasts Peter?” I nodded and she lifted her left breast up till it reached her mouth and put the nipples into her mouth. It was highly erotic to see Sandra sucking her own tit and enjoying it. While she sucked, she pinched and bit her other nipple and moaned sounding like a whore. She looked very sexy topless but I wanted to see hr pussy. I hugged her and grasped her ass, she took my T-shirt off and kissed my chest. She licked my ears and neck and started sucking my nipples rolling her tongue around it, making me want to fuck her right there. My dick had never been harder before.

Then she whispered into my ear:

“I want you to eat me” and winked at me. With that she guided my face down her stomach and pressed it between her legs. I kissed her down there on her pants, and pulled them down to reveal her panties. She didn’t have pubic hair, she was neatly shaved all other down there! I saw a damp spot on her panties and realized she was ready. I passionately kissed her panties. The inside of her fleshy, creamy thighs were so soft and sensitive that she even twitched when I only touch her thighs. I turned her around and nuzzled her ass crack through her panties. She said: “Come on, be brave!” I slid my tongue in between her panties and her ass and licked her panties. I turned her around and I saw her totally losing control.

I pulled down her panties and her beautiful, dark, wet pussy came into view. I touched her clit with my finger and she shivered. It was soaking wet. I asked her:

“Do you want me to eat your pussy?” She shouted:

“Eat my pussy, don’t stop!” and I shoved my tongue into her clit, she started moaning very loudly. I ran my tongue up and down her wet pussy lips. She folded her legs on my face and I buried my head deeper into her cunt and ate her pussy avidly. I could not believe that I was between the legs of another man’s wife and she enjoyed every minute of it. She moved my head to her G-spot and held my head against her pussy. I sensed she was close to cumming and nibbled her clit while licking it. She rolled her thighs against my face and let out a big moan before cumming on my face. She had a long orgasm and I just licked all of her pussy juices and lay exhausted next to her clit. Sandra asked me to give her a kiss, and I gave her a French kiss, mixing her pussy juices in my mouth with hers.

My cock was longing for attention and Sandra must have sensed it. She put her hand around my dick and started massaging it. I made her sit on the bed and stood in front of her with my hard, erect cock staring at her face. She giggled saying she had no idea I was graced so well, and gave kisses on the base and tip of my penis. I had never seen a woman who enjoyed the sight and taste of my cock so much before. She looked at me with hungry eyes and suddenly grabbed my balls and swallowed them. I felt a huge torrent of pleasure overwhelming me, she sucked them all! She put her teeth below my balls, and I could not hold any longer when Sandra licked the tip of my cock. I wanted to fuck her desperately but she asked me to wait a bit longer. She smelled my shaft and said it reminded her of her college days when she fucked in orgies at school. It turned me on to hear such sluttish talk and begged her to suck me off. She started devouring my cock and almost managed to swallow my long cock till the base. She slid her mouth out slowly till the tip and moved her mouth back and forth on rod. I grabbed her sluttish head and pushed her deeper. She seemed to enjoy it as she sucked on it more violently leaving traces of thick saliva across my cock. She was a professional cock sucker and knew how to stroke a cock.

She sucked me deep and hard and I was on the verge of ecstasy, I shouted:

“I want to fuck you Sandra!” She replied:

“You are such a bastard! Come on, fuck me” and spread her legs wide inviting me to enter her. I positioned my cock against her pussy cave and pushed slowly my wang in her tight pussy. I felt a delightful sensation when the head of my wang touched her warm pussy and started fucking her. I moved in and out of her holding her open thighs with my strong arms. Sandra screamed in joy and my thick shaft filled her entire cunt and rammed against the walls of her pussy. She had her eyes closed and her face was contorted with pleasure. My cock was totally disappeared in her warm pussy and she was trying to get it deeper inside her. Seeing her big tits bounce all over the place, made me lose control and I cried out:

“You are such a horny slut, Sandra!” She squealed:

“Yes, fuck your whore. Cum on my face, Peter”

I loved to hear those words and kept banging her. I was on my verge and soon I felt my balls preparing a good load for her. I came very close to cumming and I removed my dick from her pussy. I continued jacking off in front of her face. She kept saying: “Cum all over my face, I want to taste it” and it turned me on even more. Within seconds, I started cumming and focused it on her luscious, red lips! I splattered my semen all over her mouth! I then moved over to her forehead and came on it too. I left a few drops even on her hair! One cum shot fell on her eye, and she kept it closed. My cum started dripping down, her nose and her face was in a total mess. But she was smiling and loving it. She then sucked out the remaining cum on my cock dry hwne I finally finished. After that she said:

“I never knew you could last so long and cum so much” and scooped out a big lob of my semen from her chin and put it in her mouth. She opened her mouth showing it on her tongue and swallowed it with a slurping noise. After that she rubbed some of the cum on her tits and massaged them. Then she licked it my cum from her tits, moaning: “I love eating cum Peter” After she cleaned her face by taking all my cum with her fingers and sucking them off, I collapsed next to her and stared at her now cum-dried face. I wondered what happens next.

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