Fuck in the car!

September 29th, 2008

Those guys are so excited that they can’t wait to get to the house, they have sex right in the car and it seems pretty exciting…

I met this woman a few years ago. She told me at once she was married, but she didn’t look like a loyal wife. Well, for me it was careless. They live in another city, on Western Coast and it took me a 3 hours flight to see her. Last summer I flew out to see a lover of mine who was a married slut wife.

She picked me up from the airport. She was wearing a sun dress with no bra. As we got onto the highway I kept looking over at her great legs. It was type of legs you always dream about. I finally couldn’t resist myself and I leant over to her. I slowly pulled the zipper of her dress down so that it would fall and reveal her right pink nipple. When her breast exposed I teased her by caressing her nipple gently and making circles around its tip. I began kissing her neck, nibbling her ear, and finally sucking on her nipple. We were still on the way and things were risky. But turning her on while she was driving was a great thing to do. She was breathing heavily, as if gasping the air, but anyway kept driving the car steadily. She would smile but didn’t stop me, she obviously liked the way I caressed her. In response to my light touches she opened her legs wide, the closed them and then opened again. Signs for turning me on. I think her pussy was itching with delight and sure she wanted to scratch that itch but we were doing 70 km on a highway and she couldn’t afford it. I decided to help her with that itch and moved my hand to her right leg.

She kept sighing and moaning with the pleasure of my touch and we both realized that we couldn’t just stop on the road. It was so hot to see her beautiful legs slowly spread open and her dress rise inch by inch along her thighs, revealing more of her white skin. She was very slim and fit, her slender body was something to die for and it was obvious to me why her husband was in such a big love with her. If I was her husband, I would also be happy to have such a wonderful woman. Anyway, he loved her so much that didn’t pay attention to her nasty pranks and was ready to share her with other men.
Her foot kept pushing the speed up to 80 and I had to remind her that I didn’t want to be pulled over by the cops. I moved my fingers up her thigh slowly until I revealed all of her luscious legs. I then put my fingers to her red lace panties. As if guessing my intentions he would open up her legs wider, inviting me inside. She gasped and tried not to drive of the road. It was dangerous. I told her she must have been turned on because her panties were already wet. I hooked her panties with a finger and moved them aside. I could see her neatly shaved pussy, all glistening with her juices. I leant down and started kissing her legs. She slid down in her seat, and that was just enough for me to flick her clit with my tongue. She was so turned on and I was getting harder and harder.

She tried to control herself as she drove and I just savored her juices. Her fluids tasted salty. May be all women taste salty, I didn’t know, she was the first women I ate. At this moment there appeared some sound approaching. She told me a car was coming and I quickly sat up! She had lust in her eyes and told me I should not go on like, otherwise she would face a risk of losing control of the car. As soon as the other car passed I put my hand back on her thigh. She smiled lustfully (that lovely smile of hers), and I moved my hand back inside. I made sure she was wet enough and then inserted my middle finger. She opened her mouth and gasped! The car drifted away, that meant she had lost control of the car for a moment, but with much force she managed to get on it. I started giving her thrusts with my finger, pushing it in and out rhythmically. As the result, she soon stiffened with orgasm. She grabbed my hand and pulled it out. Then, without tearing her eyes from the road, she put my finger into her mouth and sucked it off. After that she reached out for my pants and felt the bulge. I unzipped my pants, slapped the bulge playfully, and pushed my pants and boxers down. Now I was sitting on the front seat half naked. She smiled at my huge hard on. She licked her right hand and started to stroke my cock.

I was in heaven and she knew it. I loved that hand job! Now I didn’t care if there were other cars passing by. I wanted her to go on and she proceeded with stroking my cock. She was so good that soon I was about to come, so I stopped her and said that I wanted to wait and come inside her. This was enough for her. She also wanted to have me inside of her. We had gotten so hot that we had to drive off the highway and parked in an empty area. There were lots of trees around, so the place was hidden. We stripped quickly and started making out vehemently at once! She grabbed my penis and started sucking on it furiously, and I fingered her pussy some more. I had to tell her to stop because I wanted to be inside her. She felt so good and eventually she raised her legs up in the air with her back on the back seat. Her head was hanging down from the car’s door.

I got on her top and put my cock in her mouth for some last suck. After she sucked me off enough, but then with one massive push I was all inside of her. I kept thrusting my cock into her and her legs swayed up and down with my pace. The more I fucked her, the louder she moaned. Her cunt was so wet, I could feel her juices running down her ass and my balls covered with that sticky mass. When I looked down, I saw that her juices covered her sweet lovely anus. I quickly pulled out, and due to the fact that both- my cock and her ass were all wet, I pulled in with one stroke.

Because she’d had anal sex for thousand of times with previous partners and because she was so wet, I slipped right in. It felt really good and I came in a few minutes.

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  1. Glenn Says:

    I know that lovely feeling well. My woman was fucking with me and going great guns as I bored into her soaking wet pussy – I was holding her hips up and knew that her ass hols was relaxed and wet as I could feel it with a finger. Without telling her I let my cock slip out and it was such a boner it found it’s own way down and into her ass hole which I proceeded to fuck as it went straight in – felt a little tighter and more thrilling me as I lifted Margaret higher to get the best angle and kept pumping her hard. She opened her eyes and amid her sighs and moans asked if I was really shagging her ass hole and when I admitted I was she went really wild and it felt that she was fucking me to death. I shot my full load in her rectum for the first time and emptied my balls in about six strokes then held her tight until I subsided and plopped out as we collapsed on the couch. This made my reputation as a great lover which she told all her friends that I was the best fucker she ever had – luckily for me!

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