April 8th, 2008

A married couple moves from the USA to Moscow when husband gets a job there, he has to keep an eye on his wife as Russian studs are hot and impatient…

I live in the States for almost my entire life, my family immigrated here many years ago when I was just a teen. So I consider myself to be a real American girl though I still speak some Russian, and I can surely understand it.

So when my husband got a job in the Moscow branch office, I didn’t like the idea much at first because I thought it would be really boring for me to live in Moscow. I didn’t remember much of Russia and was a bit scared of that country. But then when contemplating over the whole thing I decided I should try to change the environment, besides I was offered an interesting job in the newspaper there, so I agreed to go.

It was my fist visit to Moscow, I just loved the city. We got a great apartment in the center of the capital. I was to start working on Wednesday but I decided to go to the office and meet my colleagues on Tuesday evening.

I knew women always tried to look great in Russia so I bought a new blue dress, a new white purse, and new white stilettos. I looked terrific! The driver took me to the office. My newspaper office was situated in a skyscraper along with some other newspaper offices. Front door security man jumped on his feet on seeing me, he smiled and tried to say something in English. It was so funny that I almost burst in laughing. When I was standing by the elevator I heard him tell somebody that I was a foreigner and was gonna work for the newspaper, and that I didn’t know any Russian. Rumors spread so fast…

The office looked wonderful. But I didn’t see any people there. I walked round the office and then found two guys behind one of the doors. They were watching porn movies. They jumped up on seeing me, they opened some Microsoft Word document and smiled foolishly.

“Natalie.” I smiled and stretched my hand.

“My name is Ivan,” one of them said with an awful accent and shook my hand.

“I’m Dmitry,” the other said.

“These guys also think I can’t speak any Russian,” I thought. I made up my mind to play to the gallery this time.

“Nice to meet you guy, how do you do?”

“What is she saying?” Dmitry asked Ivan in Russian.

“She says she’s happy to meet us.”

They were smiling stupidly. They were young guys of about 25. Ivan was a very handsome tall blonde with some impudent but really sexy sparks in his eyes. He was wearing a suit. Dmitry was a tall brunette in jeans and a pullover.

I sat down on the couch and crossed my legs (kind of Basic Instinct scene). Guys were looking at me closely (bet they hoped to see my panties). I asked them why it was so empty in the office. Ivan was trying his best to explain in his very bad English that everyone was gone as they worked till 4 that day, and he and Dmitry were big bosses so they stayed working to finish some urgent stuff. Well it was getting more and more amusing…
“Do you want to drink?” Ivan asked me.


“Dmitry, do we have anything to drink?” He asked his friend (in Russian, of course).

“We have some good vodka and brandy.”

“You’re a stupid jerk. Go and buy some martini.”

Dmitry went out of the office. I really wished they offered me vodka, but… While Dmitry was out Ivan tried to tell me about the newspaper, he was staring at my bust all the time, guess it was really distractive for him. Dmitry got back with two bottles of martini.

“What were you doing here without me?” He asked Ivan.

“She’s sucked me off twice.” Ivan joked.

His words made me hot but I remained calm.

“She’s got great tits, I’d love to see them.” He continued.

“Seeing is no good, I’d love to feel them up. Let’s make her drunk first.” His “smart friend” suggested.

God! What the fuck it was supposed to mean? I had to get outta there but I didn’t do it. Guys poured martini in a glass and gave it to me.

“Cheers,” Ivan said.

“To our fucking” Dmitry added.

I almost choked with his words. I gulped the glass.

“Wow! Just look at her! Hope she sucks as spunky as she drinks.”

“You think she sucks?” Dmitry asked him distrustfully.

“Sure who doesn’t? Do you want me to ask her about it?”

“Go ahead and ask if you’re so brave, buddy.” (It was sure Dmitry didn’t speak any English at all.)

“Are you married?” Ivan asked me.

“Yes, I am.” I replied.

Guys smiled.

“Now ask her if she likes anal sex.” Dmitry said in a trembling voice.

“Have you been to our city before?” Ivan asked me.
“No I haven’t.” I replied, It was so difficult not to start laughing at their stupid games of fooling each other.

“No?” Dmitry drawled, “Who cares what she likes.”

It seemed to be hot in the room. I tried to get up from the couch but I was already drunk because of the whole glass of martini I’d gulped down. My head felt dizzy. But for Ivan who caught me in falling I would have sprained my ankle, I guess. He caught me and his hands turned out to be resting on my breasts. Dmitry gave me another glass of martini and I drank it, not fully realizing what I was doing.

“Guess she’s ready. Check her nipples.” He asked Ivan.

Ivan let his friend check my nipples out. I tried to say something but couldn’t do anything about it. Guys pressed my body between theirs and were feeling me up. It made me so hot that I almost cried out in Russian for them to fuck me hard. I managed to set myself free of their hot embrace but I was too drunk to go, so I just fell down on my knees. I was thinking what to do when I felt them raise my dress rim. I tried to set it right but lost the balance and fell on my back. I was swaying my hands in the air trying to find something to clutch at. I did. Those were two erect dicks.

“WOW!” I moaned.

I was gonna say something else but the dick poking against my lips didn’t let me do it. I opened my mouth and started sucking it. The second dick entered my mouth too, they stared ramming my mouth in turn. I felt my panties completely wet. I stuck my fingers under the panties to check it out and couldn’t help but finger my slit.

“Look she’s masturbating!” Ivan exclaimed.

“Think she’s ready. We’ve never fucked a foreigner here.”

“How many girls have we already done on this couch?”

“I don’t know, several dozens, maybe.”

Strong hands lifted me up on a coffee table. Ivan’s shaft was in my mouth, Dmitry was standing behind my back. He raised my dress and tore my panties apart. His hot cock entered my leaking slit in a sec. Maaan, what were those impudent guys doing to me? Two strangers were squeezing me between their bodies, one of them was screwing my pussy, and the other was fucking my mouth. The worst thing about it was that I LIKED IT! Yes, that’s right, I liked it.

“Oh, boys, don’t stop!” I cried.

“She’s a hot bitch.” Ivan noted holding me by the hair and impaling my mouth on his dick.

He came soon. He didn’t cum in my throat but on the glass coffee table right in front of me.

“Tell her to lick it off!” Dmitry suggested.

“Lick it, bitch!”
I did. Dmitry erupted his cumload on the table too, so I had to lick it off too. Then they told me to dress up and dance striptease for them. I knew how to do it, I used to do it in front of the mirror or in front of my husband. I took off my dress, swayed my butt in front of them, and then threw off my bra.

“Masturbate now!” Ivan asked.

I sat on the floor and started caressing my clit with my fingers. I managed to cum several times in about five minutes. Guys’ cocks were ready and hard again. Ivan told me to come up and mount him. His shaft got in my wet pussy without any difficulty. I was jumping on his dick, it was so damn hot and pleasant.

“Dmitry, fuck her ass. Let’s just tear her holes!”

I’m not a big fan of anal sex. But that time I didn’t really care, I wanted to feel two young hard dicks in my insides. Dmitry lubricated his cock and entered my asshole. His dickhead pressed against my anus, I was ready to feel some pain but it slipped inside my rectum painlessly. Two phalluses were screwing my holes. They didn’t move in sync but anyway those were the brightest sensations in my life so far. The orgasm lasted forever, at least, that’s what it seemed.

I don’t remember who came first. I only remember I sat on the table and sperm started streaming out of my holes, guys told me to lick it off. Then the guys told me they would fuck me everyday when I started working.

I put on my dress. I wanted to throw away my panties but they told me to put them on though they were nothing but some rags. In stead of saying good bye Ivan slapped me across the butt, and the guys laughed loudly.

I got home. My husband was there but I got in the bathroom before he saw me. I didn’t work in that newspaper, of course, but I often think about that wild sex with two hot Russian studs.

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  1. Don Says:

    Sex with strangers rocks! I love your story. My # is 6465124909 if you want to get together and we can fuck all day

  2. Anonymous Says:

    stupid lie storie

  3. sayali Says:

    not bad but good

  4. Eita Says:

    I loved the story i jerked myself and iam still horny any ladies who wants my black African hot horny dick get intouch [email protected]

  5. IEP69 Says:


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