After class study! Part 2

May 15th, 2008

A girl falls in love with the professor’s cock and can’t imagine a day without getting it into her bitchy pussy, she loves his big rod and she loves making it cum into her mouth…

Next week, Samantha wore a tight white skirt with a low cut top on the class. Again, she started teasing him by opening a peek of her pussy. As soon as Samantha stepped into class, she glanced at him and just wanted to jump on him right there and ride on his shaft, however, she was not alone, so she went to her seat. She knew after class they would have a good opportunity to have fun together, so there would be a time for everything.

As soon as his office door was closed, and the last student had gone away, they were in each other’s hugs. They both breathed heavily and looked like animals. He helped her take her shirt off and remove bra, then it was time for his shirt and tie. He picked her up and put her on his desk. Then professor took her skirt off, and moved his mouth to her lips, then to her neck. He reached down her crotch, right between her legs. She spread her legs wide for him and he reacted instantly. He licked the outside lips up and down, biting each one slightly. He licked around her clit and lightly touched it with the tip of his tongue. Then he took it into his mouth to suck on it. At this moment Samantha lay back on the desk, her back arched. She was going insane from the pleasure he was giving her. She grabbed his hair and got his mouth back to her lips for hot kissing, while unzipping his pants at the same time. (more…)

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After class study! Part 1

May 14th, 2008

A sexy chick wears really provocative clothes and tries to seduce her professor, she finally succeeds and his dick gets into her tight pussy…

Mr. Parry was her history professor. As soon as Samantha entered his classroom he had taken a great interest in her. She had a killer body, long lean legs, tight ass, and nice firm breasts. Her cloths were always scandalous and strongly emphasized her sexy curves and humps. There were some days when Samantha wore very short skirts and all Mr. Parry could think about was that she didn’t have any panties. Her behavior was also very nasty and defiant. He was older than her, he was a teacher, and she was a student, so no they couldn’t have had any relations ever. There was a chasm between them. Big chasm. It was difficult to lecture a class while having a hard on down there.

Today, a usual summer day she walked into class wearing a rather revealing blouse and a short skirt. She sat down in her usual seat in the front of the rows. He could feel himself getting embarrassed by her sexy look. She noticed that and it made her giggle. Her desk was low and open, without any panels, so that the teacher could see her crotch. She knew that, that’s why she always kept her legs widespread when he happened to look at her. Sure, his eyes could catch her doing this, Samantha was teasing him again and again. Though it was hard to concentrate on what he was saying he didn’t complain. (more…)

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Sex experimentation

April 2nd, 2008

The college professor is working on an experiment to increase people’s libido, he suggests a young girl to be tested and she agrees…

We extend our thanks to the author DAVID.

Jenna was a very prim and proper student. She was fair skinned with freckles, long redhair tied in a pony tail. She was a 20 year old Biology major at a university and had an avid passion for gymnastics and the figure to match.

But one thing was certain, the figure was never seen. She was always overly dressed never showing skin. There was one of her professors though that happened to deal with her often because she was always after the grade you see. He often looked at this young woman and wondered whether she had much of a life at all-maybe sex life. The professor, Ken, being a 35 year old man who was divorced often would masturbate thinking of this young woman. The professor just so happened to be checking out a tucked away gym at one point and in the gymnasm there he saw Jenna in a tight outfit with boobs protruding out against that spandex fabric and the outfit accentuated her toned features from her thighs to her calves. Ken had a chance to see those nice pink soled shapely feet too that moved with such sexy grace. Her tits bounced performing her routine. Jenna’s black outfit brought out her fairness.

The professor was working on an experiment for increasing people’s libido for six months and needed a subject for testing. He had a knocking at his office door. (more…)

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Movie night at school

March 26th, 2008

A young college teacher has to face young, perverted students who are only starting their sexual lives, there’s no way for a young teacher to escape their advancements…

This happened when I worked as English Literature teacher in college. I taught classes for freshmen and sophomores. It was intermediate course and it included watching the classics. For that course there was a specially equipped hall with armchairs placed in the shape of amphitheatre. On the very top there was a pretty old projector. The movies were played during the day and lunch hours for those who couldn’t make it to a movie because of another class.

Also for the detention students who were doing bad in classes I suggested it would be a good way to spend their detention time with some use.

Back then I just graduated from my masters in Social Science and turned 23. My private life, to be honest, sucked! Though a lot of guys from my university found me attractive, there were like four or five of them, they were more into my girlfriends, who were more accessible. I had some experience in sex but it was just this one guy I dated in highschool. Then few relationships that lasted for few weeks the most. Usually it all happened at the parties, where everyone is drunk and guys, really buzzed guys are more capable to want sex, but not good at performing. You know what I’m talking about. So, before that accident I didn’t have anyone for about three months. Females need to get it out, you know. There are plenty of ways. And I wasn’t a teenage girl anymore, I was 23! So I started changing and it even surprised my own self. I started going crazy for short shorts and skirts, tight dresses, blouses and tops with deep cleavage. (more…)

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Librarian lady

February 26th, 2008

A guy who is doing pretty bad in school goes to the library to read up on the exam books, but the sexy librarian lady has other plans on him and there’s no way he can resist her charm.

Hi! My name is Craig and I gotta kick ass story to tell you. I was 20 and studied at my freshman year in college. I was the oldest guy in my class… I was a pretty bad student and failed a number of classes. I had to attend detention almost every day. It was at the library hall and I had to sit there among endless book shelves. There was this young librarian girl working in there. Well, she was as young as 27 years old. Sarah – that was her name. She was tall, long legged brunette with 34 cup tits. There was a rumor in town that she was a slot, but none of my school friends and me thought it was true. Sarah was just a hot girl and a lot of envious bitches could make up shit about her.

One day I was kicked out of my class and I was supposed to go to the detention. I went to the library and was the only one that morning. I came by Sarah to say hi and sat down next to her table. I looked at her legs as I usually do and was amazed how beautiful she was. I sat there and looked at pictures in books. I didn’t feel like reading so I just looked at the pictures.

She started talking to me and I kept on turning pages. I could feel she was looking at me for the whole time. Sarah was telling me about her weekend, that she didn’t have time to chill at all because she was supposed to be in school for the new books to arrive. I started turning my head to her and checked her out from her head to her toe. When my eyes went back up her legs she pulled them apart… not all the way but enough so that I could see her blue panties. (more…)

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Forget about cramming

February 8th, 2008

When you’ve got to cram for your exams, you really are having a bad time, all you think about is studying, studying and nothing more, why not take a break?

I guess I would know who wrote the message even if he didn’t put his name at the bottom. I had no reasons for being angry with him. He was my friend. He was much like a girl, like you know, gay friends, you don’t usually take them for men, but for girls mostly. It was in the manner of his to show up out of the blue. He could disappear for six months or call me once a week. So, he was a strange guy. As for the way he looked… I can’t say he was very handsome, but he was a hunk. And he was soooo charming! But I must confess he didn’t really try to charm me, and I didn’t know why.

What else, he was sly and clever. I didn’t know his cell phone number, I could never find him home till midnight.

- “If he shows up again I will turn him down”, – I thought and got back to my cramming.

The knock on the door coincided with the most difficult paragraph in the book. It was really the most sophisticated paragraph ever, I found myself reading one and the same phrase several times just to get the meaning.

- “It’s not the right time”, – I uttered the long-before-prepared phrase when opening the door.

He was standing in a relaxed manner leaning on the door. Light green pants, a white shirt… A brief-case in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other. (more…)

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Doncha fool me, player!

February 4th, 2008

A college macho falls in love with a girl who doesn’t seem to be interested in him, he is not used to that kind of treatment, he is used to having girls losing their head over him, what will he do?

Max is a really hot looking guy for his age. He’s 19, build, tall and has gorgeous face. All the girls in college are after him. But that morning he was feeling blue… He’s gone through some major issues in the past few days. He got expelled from his college and got in a fight with his older brother. But on the other hand he quit smoking, stopped drinking alcohol and signed up for boxing classes that he used to take a couple of years ago. So life must go on!

Max is popular among the girls and he’s a real player. All of the chicks he goes out with he uses for sex or for his popularity upgrade. All of them except one. Her… Kate- she’s this blonde hottie. A Barbie looking girl. She broke his heart. They’ve known each other since they went to the elementary school together. And their moms are like best friends. All of that was giving him the opportunity to go over to her house without any valid reason. But Maximus was pulling back. That girl made him feel like he was some kido. Kate had some magical aura around her…

She has this pure beauty and she’s so feminine that makes her the perfect match for our stuck-up Max. She knocked him down. Just like that! No other girl has ever made him feel that way. She has just turned 18 and her greenish hazel eyes were breathtaking. If only she had red hair she could easily be a witch! But she was just a Barbie doll. (more…)

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Final Exam

February 3rd, 2008

A sexy chick know that it’s hard to pass her exam cause she hasn’t been studying much, well, she sure has some tricks to show her professor and she knows how to make him feel like she’s the best student.

I’m professor at the state university. Which state, I am not going to mention for obvious reasons. Recently, I became a widow. My daughter got married and I started living on my own.

My life has stopped for awhile. Nothing was happening in my miserable life anymore. Nothing. During my lectures to the Senior class I would be thinking of what I would have for dinner. I would look in the window and feel empty although spring has livened things up all around me.

That day it was the usual lecture, the same faces in class except her – Judith. That skinny blonde girl was sitting in the front row and started performing some dirty show.

I’ve known her since she was a freshman: she’s a bright student, outgoing, creative, but lazy. She is able to accomplish anything if she puts some effort. This semester she didn’t attend a number of my lectures and I’m sure she didn’t bother to do any reading.

It’s not that she wasn’t able to get better grades, it was pure laziness. I planned to talk to her about the importance of the subject. I couldn’t get why that girl wouldn’t start planning her future career being that bright she could get a scholarship at the best MBA schools. I looked at her and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The girl was sucking her middle finger. She pulled out her tongue and started moving it around the finger. I hardly kept myself from laughter. She looked pathetic! But she went on. Jude started touching her neck and went down to the open cleavage. Her finger started moving around the nipple and her face looked like she was enjoying herself. I turned red. (more…)

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Evil Students. Part 3

January 26th, 2008

When the teens feel the power of the evidence they have on their teachers, they get even more bald and make them bring one more teacher into their game, there’s no way to refuse them and they won’t stop until they get what they want!

Alison was breathing heavily, choking on lust and desire to have wild hard sex right now. She felt man’s hands round her boobs, she felt a hard dick between her vulva lips. Her vagina was holding the cock tight. She was impaling herself on the cock. She was crying asking for more. She wanted him to fuck her harder and penetrate her deeper. She was standing on her fours, helping him get deeper. She was cumming crying loudly, biting her lips, overwhelmed by sensations. She’d never felt such bliss before. Her partner ejaculated in her pussy but he wanted more – he wanted to fuck her mouth. Alison was licking the stem, holding the pecker with her lips tight, while her tongue was playing with it. She was getting hot again, feeling her pussy getting warm, making her wanna feel another cock entering her from behind.

And suddenly she felt… another dick getting in her pussy. Ohhh! It was so wonderful to feel two cocks at once. Double penetration made her feel unbelievable sensations. Alison lost control over her emotions – she was crying non-stop and very loud though there was a cock fucking her mouth. There was more crying now – her partners were cumming too. Two streams of cum rushed in her body filling her with healthy semen, which was flowing off her lips, her chin, dripping on the floor. She cried out again, and a huge wave of orgasm seized her body, and she lost consciousness… (more…)

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Evil Students. Part 2

January 25th, 2008

The students have discrediting evidence on their college teachers, they could either disclose the information or keep it under the hat, but that depends on what they teachers are willing to do to please them…

He took his dick out of her butt and got a dildo in it. Katherine was on the verge of fainting. Her butt was raised up high, one could see a dong out of it. The teens were giggling pointing at her ass. Helen managed to cum several times during their fuck. She could draw well, so the guys told her to bring a pen and write it in big letters on her friend’s butt: Place for fucking. They told her not to wipe the sigh off and renew it when necessary. Katherine wasn’t allowed to take out the dong till the guys left. When they were finally leaving she had to creep out of the living room to tell good bye to them. The guys said they liked the fun. They even praised their slaves for good and spunky work.

Wesley told the women who were standing nude on their fours he had another surprise for them. They had to call another instructor to join them in their games. They suggested calling Mrs. Alison Simon, a married instructor in biology. She was a pretty woman with a beautiful body and good manners. The suggestion stunned the girls. It was more then they could take!

- But it’s impossible! Please don’t do this to us, guys! It’s a very bad joke of yours. Don’t pick her, pick somebody else! I’m begging you, please. – Helen was lying on the floor, cupping her hands round their feet.

- Don’t pick her, please! – Katherine lay by her side too.

The two young assholes liked that servile plead. Two naked instructors were begging them! It made them even crueler and pervert. They liked their own cruelty. (more…)

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