The student meets a hot Latina chick who often gives him a ride after classes, now it’s his turn to return the favor, but this time she’s gonna be riding his cock!

It was during my late course studies, and I was as nervous as hell. I somehow couldn’t find the time to balance between my College, my girlfriend, my part-time job at a supermarket, and the course, which I had decided to take for better grade. I still can’t quite remember why I did it, but there we go. The course was a bit way away from where I lived, and it meant I had to rely on the dear old trains, which delivered my ass up to the place. But that was not the end of my adventures because I had to cover a 15 minute walk towards the studies. So, it took my a bit long to get to the courses than I could expect.

Luckily, I found a good friend on the course, who was so glad to give me a ride. She would offer me a ride to the train station where I might have a use of late runs. I was very grateful to Gianna for what she did, and throughout the 3 month course, I started to look forward to the end of the night more and more often. Don’t get me wrong, I love my girlfriend, but there was something about Gianna which made me kind of forgetting about her. She was a bit shorter than me, Latina, with beautiful light brown skin, a good, mildly curvy figure, and a round ass to kill for! She was a couple of years older than me, but looked so fucking young and petite.
We found out we had the much in common and often talked things we were both interested in. I never mentioned my girlfriend to her, because afterwards some really bad and dirty naughty ideas formed in my mind about what I would like to do with this Latina babe. (Read More…)

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Sleeping pleasure!

May 15th, 2010

Two cute student chicks share a room, why not share their fantasies as well? Sweet lesbian fantasies of sexy teen student chicks, read and enjoy!

That happened to me when I studied at the University. I didn’t live with my parents because in this city we didn’t have a house or some relatives or even friends. I was late to get my name on the list to the college hostel, so I had to rent accommodation juts a few block from the campus. There were 2 of us, 2 girls who rented one apartment, because it was a bit cheaper for us both to share accommodation fees.

I walked in to the apartment I shared with another girl named Rebecca. It was late Friday night. I had been in the library, preparing for my exams on the next Monday. The living room was in a small light on because that the TV was on, but there was no Rebecca to be found. I figured that she had gone out and simply forgot to turn the TV off. I walked back toward my room, which was next to Rebecca’s. The light was on in both of our rooms and Rebecca’s door was open. I peeked in and was shocked at what I saw!

Lying on the bed, there was my cute roommate fast asleep and naked. In her hand was a large red jelly dildo! In fact, it was my dildo! And I could swear that it had obviously been used recently. It was still shiny from being inside a wet pussy and the room had the odor of pussy. You know, that specific smell of a woman’s excited flesh. As I looked more, Rebecca’s pretty shaved pussy was also all shiny and wet. Rebecca was lying there sleeping with a sweet smile on her face. I was shocked at what I saw. Rebecca was certainly an adorable, cute girl but she always seemed to be shy and quiet. Never in my dirtiest dreams could I ever think that Rebecca was being such a whore. (Read More…)

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This chick loves sucking cocks, she can never count the number of cocks she’s sucked in her life and she’s never going to stop!

Today the whole class was leaving for a camping trip in the oak forests. However Angelina was growing restless. She wasn’t interested in all the arrangement her classmates were busy with. She was thirsty, horny and was craving cum very much! She was looking around thinking of what to do. She noticed that the teacher was distracted by someone, so she whispered to 5 of the guys in her class to follow her. She had been sucking cock all morning on the way to school at the bus stop, then in the bus itself, with a guy from another class, then in the bathrooms at school. However, she wasn’t anywhere finished. Once she starts sucking a cock, it is very hard for her to stop wanting more cum, suck more balls and gag on more cock.

Angelina and the group of guys slipped into another corridor when no one was looking. She took them around her in a circle and begged to give them all head. At first they were reluctant. They refused and called her a disgusting worthless cum sucker, but she whimpered and begged so pathetically! She said to the biggest boy how huge she thought his ball might be. They eventually gave up when she suggested paying each of them! They charged 100$ for a company, 20 bucks for cock, and she agreed! She was such a cum-slut that she was paying them to let her suck them off. She loved how degrading and humiliating it felt to sink so low! (Read More…)

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Early holidays!

March 10th, 2010

After failing an exam, students go to a cottage in the country and fuck their troubles away, they are accompanied by a hot teen slut who is willing to do everything to make them ecstatic…

This happened in February during my winter holidays, I and my twin brother Angello, 2 guys from Milan, after having done bad on exams, the spirit was fucking low, so to make the routine brighten and to charm the life a bit we decided to go somewhere to have fun. One friend of ours had a cottage in the country, so that was nice place to get fun! We also wanted to spend our holidays there. As we had enough money we could buy lots of drinks, the winter was not cold that year, but that day it was getting frosty, so staying on the station and waiting for the train we had got cold much in a while. One nice petite babe approached us and asked:

“Are you waiting for the train?”

“Yeahh, you too?”


“Would you like some smoke?”

“Sure, I’d love to…” (Read More…)

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Biology teacher

March 4th, 2010

The guy has no interest or whatsoever in biology, but he sure is interested in the horny milf who is teaching it, he can’t take his eyes from her boobs and it all comes up during their private lesson

- Victor, come to your senses!

Her voice returned me to reality.

- Why do you always daydream at my lessons?

- I don’t have enough sleep, – I replied.

- But now you’re with me again, – she smiled, – let’s continue…

And she kept on explaining something monotonously. Ann was my biology teacher at college and I took additional lessons from her coming to her place twice a week. She wasn’t married and had a wonderful ass and a big bust. Her dresses were always of the same style but of various colors, with a deep décolleté. She never wore a bra and her nipples could be slightly seen through the fabric.

Ann had been the object of my sexual fantasies for a few last months. Especially after the occasion when she had dropped the book on the floor and then bent to take it up. She was standing with her butt to me and I could see her long slender legs.

Sometimes during lessons I started thinking about her in a sexual way.

- Victor, you’re again somewhere in your dreams. What’s up with you?

- Nothing’s wrong, Ann, don’t worry.

- Do you think that’s nothing? I’m explaining the new theme to you but you’re not listening to me at all. And you don’t learn anything. And you haven’t done your homework. Tell me why you attend my lessons if they are not interesting for you? There must be some result after lessons. You pay me but there is NO RESULT. (Read More…)

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My nice neighbor

January 16th, 2009

This nice girl moves in the dormitory and discovers that her roommate is a real slut, she once sees her getting fucked in the middle of the night and can’t keep her pussy from leaking…

Maria was a very beautiful long-legged blonde with a tight ass and nice breast. However, she managed to hide that under baggy sweaters and horrible pants.

One evening someone knocked at her door and then entered the room. It was a short girl with a small rounded butt and C-cup breasts. Putting her bags near the second bed (Maria lived in a college dormitory) the girl was telling Maria something but the only thing she could understand was that she was her new neighbor. Maria was shocked but didn’t know it was just the beginning. The rest of the day they spent in silence, to be more precise, Maria was silent and the new girl told her plenty of her life stories.

A half an hour after the girls went to bed somebody knocked at the door.

- Kirsty, (that was the new girl’s name) it’s me! Open the door!

Kirsty stood up quickly as she wasn’t sleeping waiting for that knock. She came up to the door, opened it and said:

- Come in, but be quiet, she’s sleeping… (Read More…)

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Getting my credit!

November 17th, 2008

What does it take to earn a credit for a student? Especially when you have a horny teacher whose pussy is leaking and begging to be fucked…

This story happened to me when I studied at Southern University, I was majoring in a business administration and it was very essential for me to graduate from this program. Well, I was not the best student, actually, I never studied hard, though academic disciplines, I had been lectured, were very important and interesting. When my first examinations came, I, like most students of my age, was not ready for that. To be promoted for the next semester, I had to pass exams on elective classes, and World Literature was one of them. The literature teacher was a tall black haired woman, she was about 30 or so, and as I know, single with no family. She was attractive, with big bright eyes and round sexy curves. As soon as I hadn’t attended her classes at all, and was missing all the time, I hadn’t chances of passing her exam successfully. I found her office and knocked on the door. She was alone, sitting at the desk and reading some papers. I asked a permission to let myself in and entered the class. I began to explain my situation, said that I was so sorry for not attending her classes. She seemed to be listening to me carefully. I said that if she passed me today, I would be so thankful to her and I’d appreciate it a lot. She asked my name, then turned to me with another question:

“So, as far as I understand, you are not ready, young man?”
“Yes, mam!”
“And you want my credit to be promoted?”
“I had to work hard all previous days and unfortunately I had no time…”
“It can be done easily, but you should earn your credit”
“Mm, what do you mean? How?”

(Read More…)

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Gosia’s troubles

November 11th, 2008

When you have troubles in the university, you better be nice to the director of studies, he is a black man with a huge cock and he needs satisfaction…

We extend our thanks to the author JAMES DEAN.

Her name is Gosia and she studies Biotechnology at a small technical university in Poland. Today she has a meeting with the new director of studies in her chosen field. She has been very depressed and sad this past year because she wasn’t able to pursue her studies. She failed a few courses and that caused her to miss out 1 year. She is hoping to find some kind of solution today with this meeting. This new director of studies is a foreign man from Senegal. Gosia lived in London for 3 months a few summers ago, so she has seen a few black men, but has only briefly talked to a few of them. She is just 21 and while she isn’t a beautiful girl, she is quite attractive and very petite. She is 5’5″ and she only weighs about 90 pounds. She is very slim, but not anorexic. She has thin arms, thin legs, tiny little breasts, but a nice and pretty little bubble butt. She has long straight light brown hair and blue eyes.

She has been very withdrawn this past year and hasn’t met too often with her friends, she basically keeps to herself most of the time. She is a very intelligent girl, but also quite deep and complex. She almost always wears black clothes, mainly as a reflection of her dark mood. And today as she readies herself for this meeting she has decided to wear black. As she looks through her closet she sees a long black nylon dress and she decides to wear it. This dress completely covers her everywhere from her neck down to her feet, only her face, neck and hands are exposed. Even though she is completely covered you can still she her body quite well, because this dress is skin-tight and it’s made of a very thin nylon material so you can very well see every curve of her sexy little body, and since she is wearing her high-heeled black boots her tiny little bubble butt is pushed out and very noticeable. Since her mind is focused elsewhere and she has this dark and depressed mood it really wasn’t her intention to look sexy, but with this dress being made of a shiny, paper-thin nylon material and being skin-tight it would be very difficult for any red-blooded man not to take notice of her petite sexy little body. (Read More…)

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What it means to be a student?

October 11th, 2008

This chick is so horny that she is ready to satisfy all of her fellow students and her mouth never gets enough of cum…

Silvia studied at West Oak College, she was a sophomore and was majoring in American History. It was a tall, 5.8 raven haired cutie with blue eyes and juicy lips. She had a sexy appealing curves, exciting humps, high round hips, round big ass (she could be proud of), large breast with big perky pink nipples and slim long legs which went up, forming a cock hungry crotch. Silvia loved wearing tight fitting cloths which definitely outlined her beauties and shapes. Everything was OK about this lassie, she was hot, she did great on her term grades, sometimes joined College social activities, and only one thing was really frustrating about Silvia. She was, to be said, a cum-hungry girl, a type of women who never refused a mere idea of having sex wherever they had chance. Unlike some of her class mates who never pretended to be nuns, and behaved very vulgarly and lustfully, she was quite the opposite. She had never been a focus of interest for her male class mates, she never was an object of rumors and chats chits, but everyone in the college knew her basic features.

She had a wild obsession with males’ cum, a lust for guys’ semen was so strong, that she couldn’t stand this feeling. For Silvia it was like a doze of drugs for some dope user. Needles to say, that many guys in the College spread various rumors about her. Some of the guys kept trying to meet this girl and try luck with her. However, she was not a talkative person, and was considered to be incommunicative. Finally, a guy, who had been attracted to her for a few weeks, decided to have a chance. He had heard many arousing stories about the girl and finally decided to approach her, and ask her if she would be so kind to have fun with him. He came over to her when she was standing outside her auditorium. She was wearing tight white pants and blue tight fitting low neck top, which exposed her cleavage openly. She was standing with her books pressed to her chest, talking to her class mate girlfriend, her round ass was facing this nervous boy, named Mathew. He admired her from behind for a few seconds, then he approached her. Silvia’s pants were so tight and perfectly fit that they accentuated every inch of her ass very perfectly! It looked like she was wearing no underwear at all! He was all mesmerized by this girl and couldn’t move a step. However, she was wearing a type of G strings that showed itself above her pants just under her small back. That was just a thin strap of fabric which set off her ass view from behind. (Read More…)

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Morals of college students!

October 4th, 2008

Hot college chicks are lustful and wanton, they are always looking for sex adventures and they never miss a chance to satisfy their horny pussies…

This is a short story about 2 young college sluts, between lectures and home they find enough time for some good fun with their class mates. This story features what usually happens in our colleges every day, whereas most parents think that their “students” devote their valuable time going to libraries and listening to the lecturers. How about these 2 young cute lassies, Monica and Vanessa? Read this story!

It was a usual Monday. After having lunch, Monica and Vanessa were coming back to the college territory, walking around green grass plot in front of the laboratory campus, there were a lot of other students hanging around and killing time. It was a nice sunny day, sun was shining brightly to let every creature enjoy its favor. Monica turned to Vanessa and said, “Honey, I’m so hungry now! Let’s have something to eat?” Vanessa looked at Monica and saw that sluttish fire in her eyes!

“Hold on! We’ve got to be in the class after 20 minutes, Professor Jenkins will never let us come in late” Vanessa protested: “We have no time for that!”

“There’s always some time for that, darling” was Monica’s reply, “Let’s see if we can find Mathew!”

Before Vanessa could make a word of protest, she was grabbed by the hand and pulled away, Monica was leading her to the lab campus. To make all things clear, let me explain the meaning of this chat between girls. Girls both were absolutely hot and sexy, they were full of sexual energy and lechery, and both loved fuck and suck. Monica was a type of girls who were addicted to sucking a cock, who loved giving head to big fat cocks. Hardly a day passed by than Monica didn’t have a big load of cum running down her throat! Her girlfriend Vanessa also liked blow jobs and she was definitely the best, but she wasn’t able to control her desires. (Read More…)

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