Hooker’s diary. Part 20

October 22nd, 2008

The party goes on and our girls are in for a very serious gangbang and I sure you don’t wanna miss it!

… What a wonderful doc he was! He was licking her toes, while his dick was pumping her pussy vigorously. Selma was sitting on the table jerking his penis with her feet, while the physician was undressing her slowly. He wanted to see all of her gorgeous body! His cock got back to her leaking bosom. Selma closed her eyes, moaning and impaling her pussy on his insatiable hard member.

Meanwhile, we were invited to join some docs at table. They poured us wine and treated us to some snacks. Hands were constantly roaming over our bodies. It wasn’t rude and careless. It was really delicate, really sweet. To make our new friends hotter, Liz and I started undressing each other adding some lesbian chic to the show but trying not to distract everyone’s attention from Selma’s top-notch performance.

Selma was a cowgirl. Her client was lying on the chair, squeezing her boobs, and she was moving up and down on his shaft. Her eyes were half closed, her hair was disarranged, her juices were flowing down her hips, she was moaning in the lustiest manner I’d ever heard. She was looking really beautiful fucking the guy. She was a real goddess of sex.

Selma was such an insatiable dirty slut! She started caressing her boobs and her clit, accelerating the tempo. The wild ride was lasting for a while, till her partner asked her to turn round cause he wanted to see her face during sex. When the ride was over, Selma was lying in the armchair, sucking her partner off. The guy was enjoying her blowjob, commenting on her skills and talents. Selma was rubbing her clit tirelessly. She was so hot! (Read The Complete Story…)

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Hooker’s diary. Part 19

October 21st, 2008

Now all the hookers are gathered at a party and it sounds like it’s going to be a really hot gangbang but it starts with a really innocent blowjob while all the others are looking…

…. I wanted to please him so I said I’d been waiting for him to come and screw my asshole. He was ramming me hard. He was groaning, showing his teeth. He threw off the shirt, he was hot and sweaty. But he was so awesome fucking my butt! I got on my fours on the kitchen table, impaling my rectum on his phallus. My anus was burning hot. I was floating in the waves of bliss. I was on the verge of cumming. I climaxed crying loud and moaning. His cock was still hard and still fucking!

My client was tired of banging me in that position. We moved to a cozy bedroom with a lovely fireplace. I was hot but it was the fire from inside my asshole making me hot and wet. My “boss” was sitting on the couch, I was pressing my hands against the back, impaling my anus on his dick. I wish you could see us moving from the kitchen to the bedroom with his cock still in my ass! I was fucking his cock, rubbing my clit with my fingers now and then. He was holding my butt cheeks tight, shivering with strong sensations.

He suddenly decided to enter my pussy… His penis rushed into my gushing cave which was itching for his shaft. I climaxed again. He came too (finally!).

The sex marathon made me so hot. I was all soaking wet. He allowed me to take off the apron and the bodysuit. I left my stockings, shoes, lacy collar and gloves on. I was wet. I was naked. I was sluttish. I loved it. I was sitting in front of the fireplace with my legs spread wide to sides, sucking my boss off. My left hand was fondling his balls, while my right one was pinching my own nipples. He loved watching me do that.

“Work girl! Dirty slut! Suck your boss well!”

I would really love to reply something but my mouth was stuffed with his stem, so sorry boss… (Read More…)

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Hooker’s diary. Part 18

October 20th, 2008

The new client wants our heroine to arrive at his place, as soon as she gets there, his cock slides into her willing holes…

… Singing woke me next morning. The singing was so clear, so beautiful and so luring. First I thought it a song on the radio or something but then when I could distinguish the words I realized it was Selma and Inness singing a duet to a guitar. I stepped in Selma’s room and saw both of them sitting on the bed with Selma wearing a short gown and Inness resting her head on her girlfriend’s shoulder. They beckoned me to come and join them. I sat on the bed edge and tried to sing along. When the first song was over, they started another one, and then another one, unfortunately I didn’t know the words, the songs weren’t in English.

“I haven’t played for a while. It hurts my finger tips a bit… Lotta can you play?” Selma asked me.

Once when I was younger I used to try to play the guitar. I wasn’t really skillful but I could try to play it again. I took the instrument and started playing some easy tune. The girls were humming along. The door flung open and we saw two more girls coming in. They heard our singing and wanted to find out what was going on here.

While listening to Selma’s sweet voice I took her portfolio to look it through. The first picture depicted Selma in a bright satin blue dress and matching color wedge heels posing naughty exposing her sweet round butt. Then I saw a man licking her slit and her sucking his dick and getting hardly banged by him in all possible positions. (Read More…)

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Hooker’s diary. Part 17

October 18th, 2008

This time the new client turns out to be the professor from the university our heroine used to work at, what’s it gonna be like? Read and enjoy…

…When he left and we looked at his card it turned out he was some very important police officer in town. Wow!

Liz and I took a bath together, using a chance to make out while washing.

“Girls you were wonderful! Max was really pleased.” Frau Dort said patting me on the cheek.

I looked round the place, it was kinda empty there. It was well over the midnight, and it was Monday… But my hopes for having some more time for sleeping were going to fail when I saw a group of guys entering the door. They stared at us. There were just five girls available: me, Liz, Ching, Selma, Inness and Kerry. The rest were busy working. I saw Loren go downstairs but suddenly she turned round and got back to her room… it was pretty strange.

When contemplating over Loren’s behavior, I got so lost in my thoughts a touch on my shoulder made me tremble and almost cry out with surprise. A man in a dark gray business suit pulled me to the stairs. I didn’t even have time to see his face – he turned away to talk to the man who grabbed Ching by the hand. I was moving ahead of the client. I almost fell off the stair when I heard the very familiar voice speaking to me in English:

“So what are you doing here Ms. Smith?”

“Lotta” I corrected him that very second. “How are you doing Mr. Grady.” (Read More…)

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Hooker’s diary. Part 16

October 17th, 2008

The new client comes to the brothel and he really loves seeing girls making out and when his dick gets rock hard he surely wants to get into their gushing holes…

…. So I was riding Hans’s cock and rubbing my clit, cumming. I couldn’t help crying, making Klaus totally thrilled. Fucking voyeur! I didn’t give a damn…. Hans’s dick was so…. Fantastic! It was so big, so hard, getting so deep!

Damn… Klaus told us to turn to each other. Did he want us to fuck or to turn round all the time? Then he told us to go on lying on a side with Hans behind my back… I just wondered how come Hans was still so calm and didn’t even say anything about Klaus’s whims… Hans was such a great fucker. I had another orgasm.

I was ready to cry: “Don’t stop Hans! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Just don’t stop please!” I was like a crazy-about-sex chick, some insatiable nymphomaniac. But…. Klaus told us to change the position. We were standing on our knees, Hans was behind my back ramming my pussy methodically. I wanted to please him too. And looked like I was pretty successful in it – Hans was groaning loudly. I was crying. Soon Klaus’s squeaky moaning joined the duet.

“Now cum, cum inside her mouth!”

I was on my knees in front of Hans, and a huge cumload was spurting inside my throat. I was choking on his semen, his cum was everywhere – on my chin, cheeks, hair, breasts. Oh, I wished all my clients were as hot and hungry as Hans…. (Read More…)

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Hooker’s diary. Part 15

October 16th, 2008

This time our heroine gets a client who first fucks the shit out of her and then wants to take the role of a spectator watching her getting fucked by a guard…

…. I wasn’t really zealous at blowjob, I knew Kamil would soon replace his friend to ram my pussy. I was right. My slender legs in scarlet stockings were resting on his shoulders. His big circumcised dick was getting closer to my slit…. But entered my butt. He started a hardcore anal drill. The main issue was that his dick was just a bit smaller than that of the dwarf…. So it hurt at first… but soon it was feeling really great. I couldn’t express how much I enjoyed anal sex with Kamil as my mouth was stuffed with Mustafa’s pecker… I was on the verge… I was cumming. Both Turks ejaculated inside me.

They were pleased. They were happy. They were feeling up my boobs:

“Work girl.”

I got on my knees to suck and jerk their dicks in turn. When the cocks were hard again I mounted Kamil’s one, while Mustafa got to screw my ass. They asked me what penises I preferred – circumcised or non-circumcised. I couldn’t lie and said I loved circumcised ones a lot, they made me feel so good…

They liked my answer. They made me cum over and over and over again. It was like a crazy sex rollercoaster. But the time was up… I licked their dicks, balls, and anuses and then helped them get dressed. Good bye guys and see you later!

I got downstairs to Frau Dort, this time wearing my all black undergarment. (Read More…)

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Hooker’s diary. Part 14

October 15th, 2008

The gangbang with the soldiers is about to be over but there are two more clients waiting for our heroine and they definitely want to stuff her holes with their hungry cocks…

…. Though it was such fuss on the bed, turned out everything was evolving according to the plan. They’d already tried our deep throats, our twats, tits, hands, and even feet, so it was time for anal action.

Ching, Inness and I were standing on our fours on the bed, and the guys were standing behind our backs. They put on condoms, lubricated our assholes and started the ram. I felt a big young cock in my tight and dick-hungry ass. It was pumping me rhythmically and smoothly, and…. I suddenly felt another dick take that one’s turn to fuck me. Changing the guards, so to speak. This new cock was so big and pulsing inside my rectum, it felt so great to have it deep inside me… Penis number three was fantastic! It made me so hot I was about to cum…. There was a real choir of moaning and crying in several moments, it meant we all climaxed together. It was so awesome!

The guys were resting, and we were sucking their dicks and jerking them, and pleasing them with our breasts, our feet and hair. I enjoyed squeezing a dick between my boobs. Then the guys said they wanted to try each of us in turn. I was the first in the line. They were screwing me all three of them, just like the guys from my neighborhood several days ago. I was trying to get as much pleasure from having their dicks tearing my holes and getting deep in my throat as possible. The soldiers were groaning and moaning and crying – did it mean they liked the foursome? I knew they did.

Two cocks were moving in sync in my pussy and butt, massaging the wall between the holes. Their hands were roaming all over my hot body, making me shiver in ecstasy. I really wished we could prolong that bliss forever. I was about to cum…. I came, but they never stopped. Their frictions were making me hot again and eventually we had a wonderful orgasm for four. (Read More…)

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Hooker’s diary. Part 13

October 14th, 2008

The adventures of a hooker in a German brothel never seem to end and every new day brings hot experiences to her insatiable pussy and this time soldiers are gonna be drilling her pussy…

Hey guys! Hear you liked my story, thanks for your comments, I’m thrilled you enjoyed it. Your comments inspired me for writing more. So, it’s me again, I’m Liz Smith, I’m a hooker in a German brothel, and all my clients call me Lotta.

I woke up late and all alone in my bed. It was Sunday. My body was aching all over but I had to get up and go downstairs to the hall. I took a shower, took a pill to dull headache, put on makeup and went to have breakfast with my girlfriends. Loren, Selma and Ilse were sitting at table.

“Hey Lotta how’re you feeling?”

“Hey girls. Where’s everyone?”

Turned out most of the girls went to church in the morning. Ching, Inness, and Myelin were still sleeping. There was some sad news to know. Three Polish girls were taken to another brothel, that was so sad… But it meant there could be new comers to our brothel, that was great.

I remembered about pole dancing classes I had on Sunday, damn. I hoped there could be any way to miss them, but unfortunately, they were inevitable, totally inevitable.

When we were through with breakfast we heard some noise from the hall. Those were the girls coming back from the church. They all looked so demure and modest in trousers and skirts, so different from their usual nasty and lusty look in peignoirs and sexy lingerie. The girls were so noisy and kind of hilarious, it was fun to watch them. Loren told me about her Saturday fun. She said she had three soldiers in the row. Her words made me remember Herr Paul… (Read More…)

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Weekend in the village

October 4th, 2008

This guy plans a quiet fishing weekend for himself but it turns into a really hot sexual adventure, read and enjoy…

The day was breaking but it was still rather dark. I was walking along the old village road with a fishing rod. The air was fresh and all the sounds were bright and clear. It was easy to walk. I could hear the river flowing and it made me excited about the forthcoming fishing. I was quickening my steps despite the trainers wet with dew and heavy rucksack filled with fishing tackles and other stuff…

At this early time one could see just a few fishermen in boats in the middle of the river. But to my surprise I saw a red car; they must have come from the city. Someone’s heels were stuck out of the window. I wondered if they didn’t have enough room inside for sleeping or probably they’d drunk too much and hadn’t been able to set a tent. I could see the tent lying on the ground not far from the car together with a table and a couple of folding chairs. A provident suslik was hiding the bread.

I was passing them looking forward to the fishing. But out of the corner of my eye I noticed those heels were moving. Rhythmically… You could hardly misunderstand that. And the car wasn’t big, something like a minivan. How did they manage to do it inside?..

Scratching my groin (I hadn’t had sex for two weeks working in this damn village) I passed the car. Why did I have to envy them? I’d have a nice fishing soon… Having made a few steps I heard some noise. I looked back and saw the heels disappeared from the car window and the door opened. A naked woman struggling for a sheet left the car. At first I could see her ass, very sexy ass I must admit. (But I guess in a week all asses would look attractive for me. People go mad here from too much of fresh air and sex abstinence…)

The woman jumped onto the grass. (Read More…)

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A stewardess

September 23rd, 2008

Do you have any idea what can happen on the plane on a night when everyone is sleeping, but not exactly everyone…

A plane from Moscow to New York had been flying for three hours already. It was the dead of night, nearly all the lights were off and almost all of the passengers were sleeping. Everybody except me… My eyes were fixed on a very sexy young stewardess passing along the aisle. She was wearing a translucent snowy white blouse which revealed a lacy bra and a blue skirt.

Here she probably felt my impulses or just noticed I wasn’t sleeping and came up to me. She bent a bit not to wake the other passengers up and asked me in a whisper if I wanted something. At this moment her blouse stuck out and I could see her nice beautiful breasts and a small brown nipple right in front of my face. It drove me mad instantly and I whispered into her ear:

“Now more than anything in the world I want you…”

Involuntarily my fingers touched a thin fabric of her stocking under the skirt and my tongue passed over her face and licked her ear conch. The girl didn’t push me away, she was standing still… It made me more confident and my finger slid up to her little lacy panties. I touched the edge of them and realized they were moist, it turned me on a lot… I raised her leg and put her silky thongs aside to lick her wet vulva lips smelling with a peach shampoo or something. She moaned and I noticed a girl sitting next to me to the left woke up. I thought she would say a banal thing like “What a shame! What are you doing?!”; but anyway I couldn’t control myself any more and despite my expectations this nice creature with an angel face bent to us and her small but fast tongue began sliding the stewardess’s pussy (as I later understood she hadn’t been sleeping for long).

Stephanie lost her head and didn’t understand where she was. Five minutes ago she had been executing her duties and now her hot leaking pussy was being tongued by two people she didn’t know, moreover they didn’t know each other either! (more…)

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