African Heat

January 12th, 2009

This guy is on contract in the tropics and he’s got no woman nearby, he can always get a sexy, black chick to jerk his cock and that will be the best handjob ever…

We extend our thanks to the author Carl T.

It was about 10 pm and we were stuck in an ungodly traffic holdup. It took more than 3 hours to fix the pipe and the site was 30km away in the bush. Leaving there at 7pm I thought we will be back at base at the latest at 10pm. Now it is ten and I am still 20 km away stuck in a go-slow with rain pelting down. I told the driver that he must check for a joint where we could go and have something to eat and drink while we wait for the traffic to clear. On top of it I needed to shit. I must have gotten a tummy bug again. This was the third time today that I could feel my guts is going to explode. Being the only white guy around for at least 50km radius you just do not get out and squat next to the road and definitely not in a go slow. Your white ass will shine like a light house on a moonless night. So if you get a place to drink and eat you are halfway to getting a friendly shithole somewhere.

The driver opened the window and shouted something to some on in the local lingo. Someone came to the car indicating that there is a bar ( this is actually just a local joint we call bush-bar nothing western here) He told me to follow him quickly and I dashed in the rain and between cars after him. We entered a shabby building with dim lights and he showed me a table. There were quite a lot of people and they seemed friendly enough. One guy greeted me and I realized after a short chat that we are destined to be here for some time. A fuel tanker overturned and caught fire. This caused the go slow and clearing up a mess like that in this neck of the woods takes forever. (Read More…)

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African beach fuck

January 6th, 2009

Do you know what can happen to a guy who is all alone in Africa? There are many african chicks with chocolate pussies willing to be fucked, read the story sent to us by Carl T, he really knows what he is talking about and I am sure you’re gonna love it!

We extend our thanks to the author Carl T.

I was on contract close to the equator in Africa. It was a blistering hot day. We were off and went to local beach to have swim and lots of cold beer. Where the fuck do they get cold beer in this place one of my co-workers asked? I wasn’t really listening as I was staring at the lovely girls swimming in the surf.

One caught my eye, she was wearing a white tea shirt and tan colored tight boxer type shorts. Her full stiff tits were swaying and bouncing and the wet tea shirt did nothing to disguise her erect nipples. I could see her full pubic hair through her wet shorts. I was getting so hard i thought my cock will break. I only had shorts on and was worrying someone will notice. She must have noticed me staring as she kept on looking at me fixing me with a stare that nearly made me come. Fuck I haven’t had pussy in two weeks. Where are we going to fuck was all I could think off? I wanted her and right now.

I asked the guy who served us if people stayed overnight at the beach. He smiled a knowing smile and confirmed. He looked at the beach and asked me straight up: you want that sister? Follow me he said. We followed a path through the brush behind the beach and got to a bush bar. (Read More…)

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My sexy neighbor

January 3rd, 2009

A new neighbor moves in the house and the guy seems to be falling in love with her, especially after what he had seen….

This amazing thing happened to me this week.

The apartment next to one that is mine has never had permanent residents as far as I remember. My neighbors have always changed each other.

And last month some new people settled in it. Our new neighbors moved in rather unnoticeably. In the morning loaders unloaded the lorry with furniture and other baggage and in the evening when I returned from work I could hear the sound of a routine repair in the flat. The next day my Mom told me who the new neighbors were. They are Tiffany, a divorced woman of 46, a bank worker and her nice daughter Vanessa.

I saw Vanessa the next morning as she came to borrow a drill. I didn’t ask why she needed it for I knew she would ask for help. I had no real desire to drill that day, so I just gave her the tool.

Vanessa turned out a very pretty young woman of 22 or 23, slim, with sexy exciting curves. Everybody likes such girls. They have to be liked and admired!

Since that day I hadn’t seen Vanessa for a couple of weeks. And then one day I forgot my keys. I was sitting on the footpace opposite the lift and railing myself for being so absent-minded when the lift doors opened and I saw two shapely legs. It was Vanessa… I began to raise my eyes from the legs up to her short skirt which was immediately pulled down. Then my look slid higher through her breast up to the attractive face. My face looked probably very silly at that moment because she laughed and I got confused. (Read More…)

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A story on the road!

December 26th, 2008

This couple is driving along the road and suddenly get a flat tire, the husband stops a truck and a some young, hot studs come to help them over…

We had just finished checking into the hotel and my wife, a beautiful brunette with approximately 5”7 height and a perfect set of large boobs met me at the door with a wild look in her eye. We had been on the road all day, and unfortunately 15 miles far from this small town we got a flat tire of our car. She was very quiet on the ride to the hotel and now I know why. When we got into this unpleasant accident, we started trying to stop any car passing by to help us. Finally one truck pulled over the road and the driver, a big guy with massive muscles agreed to help me. She told me that after I had left her with the truck driver to get the tire fixed, she had gotten out of the car to stretch and look around.

She was wearing denim shorts and a tight little white top. Her bra was getting uncomfortable so she decided to remove it, and as there was no one around, she took off her top, and then unbuckled her bra. The warm sun felt great on her bare breasts and a slight cool breeze brushed across her hardening nipples. She stood in the sun for awhile then noticed a truck driving over the hill a couple of miles, so she put her top back on and climbed into the car.

The truck stopped by, and she heard some one get out of the car, fearing the unknown, she rolled up her window, and locked the doors. The truck pulled over behind and she closed her eyes hoping they would leave her alone. She heard footsteps but no voice, so she opened her eyes to see a young guy staring at her. Then he began to wave at the truck for his friends. 3 more men walked up, now she could hear them speaking. The oldest said:

“We should go or we will be late, I am sure this lady will be fine” Then she heard one say:

“Man look at those tits! I feel myself dropping fucking load all over them!” (Read More…)

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This young girl who works as a bylaw officer receives a lot of complaints about the Sven’s Cult that is located at a rustic farmland, she heads off there to investigate the case and faces a lot of adventures…

The first part is here: Sven’s Cult.

We extend our thanks to the author David Trask.

Darren was a 37 year old black superviser at a small Bylaw Office and Marianne was an in shape redhead bisexual who was his trusted assistant and fuck buddy. They are members of Sven’s Cult that gathered at a rustic farmland/farmhouse to practice and live out legal sexual fantasies.Sometimes the Bylaw office would get calls about exhibitionist, nudism or sexual acts seen outside or in windows on that cult property as people drive down a roadway near the farmland. Mostly these complaints were discarded and ignored because of their affiliation with the cult. But, a new 20 year old summer student who was trying to aspire to be a by-law officer this gave Darren some kinky ideas.

Crystal who had long brown hair, fair skin, 5ft 6 inches tall, wore a bylaw uniform that consisted of black shoes, black socks, brown pants, an orange button up shirt with a bylaw bag on it, and always had her hair tied in a bun. Darren and Marianne knew after several weeks that Crystal was not ready for bylaw enforcing mostly because she lacked confidence. This lack of confidence surprised them because she was a ballerina and her body was in great shape still. She also said in passing she was interested in modeling.

Darren said ” I think it would be great to boost this young woman’s confidence by getting her to do some modeling for Sven and some how incorporate her ballerina background/bylaw enforcement into this modeling experience.”

Darren’s dick went hard. (Read More…)

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  • Our threesome!

    When a husband finds out that he wife is having an affair on the side, he decides to play it cool and when the opportunity comes along, he joins his wife and her lover and they have a nice threesome...
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  • Life goes on

    Nick is the best lover, he is the one any woman dreams of, he's got a really strong and a big dick and he surely knows how to use it. His girlfriend knows this and she invites him to her place where they have the best sex ever.
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Doctor Morrison’s class!

December 5th, 2008

This couple is experiencing some difficulties in their sex life, passion fades away and they decide to enroll in a Dr. Morrison’s class…

My name is Rose and my husband’s name is James. We have been married for over 3 years. At first our sex life was great, I think it was because we were so new to each other and couldn’t get enough of making love. But now it has become less energetic and more boring, and the flame between us has disappeared somewhere. On my turn, I find James very sexy, I love his big figure, well built muscular body, his biceps muscles, he finds me sexy as well, and so there mustn’t be any problems. We have tried watching porn movies, and during the viewing process we would get hot and horny and have wild sex for about an hour, but soon he would become cold and indifferent again! I love to have James run his long tongue between my pussy lips and suck on my clit. But I don’t remember when we have done this for the last time. He just does not seem to want to satisfy me anymore. I was at a loss and didn’t know what to do until once a co worker of mine suggested a sex class of Doctor Morrison that changed her life. She was also married and she had the same troubles with her own husband but soon they managed to solve all problems. She said these classes brought a new inspiration to their fading sexual life. She told me the next class was this weekend and invited us to go with them. James was not fond of idea of doing somewhere on this weekend, but I talked him into going there with me and he reluctantly agreed.

I was excited when the day came. We arrived and found about 15 couples there. They were of all ages, which surprised me. Not young, not old, but the age diversity was obvious. A few minutes later the instructors walked in. They were a middle aged attractive couple, the man and the woman, his name was Doctor Morrison and I noticed that he took very good care of his body. It was obvious he worked out a lot at the gym. His wife Helena, was a petite blonde with at large round breast that was visible through her open cleavage. Well, these two matched each other very well; they definitely reminded me of some porn movie actors. I looked at my husband and noticed that he couldn’t take his eyes off her breast. I gave him a push and he reacted immediately with a grimace “It’s OK”. (Read More…)

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Arabella’s adventure!

December 1st, 2008

This chick really loves fucking and she can get laid with a guy she sees for the first time in her life, she doesn’t even care if it’s two guys…

Arabella was walking down the street to the bus station. She was deep in thoughts. Her hot and sexy body, her sexual and enticing curves were a real appeal for any guy passing by. She was dressed in a white top and shirt denim mini skirt, which was fitting her tight round ass so sexily, that it seemed like this girl had a really perfect ass! When it slightly rode up her nice slim legs revealed, driving all men wild. She stood out against other chicks for being able to wiggle her hips in a way that drove men crazy. She never passed up any chance to get laid with guys. She was not a slut, but she was really fine with having sex. The men knew it and wanted her as well. When she got on the bus, the men inside turned their heads to her all at once. She smiled having noticed their close and piercing looks. One guy was watching her with burning eyes: moreover she didn’t mind if he gripped her ass and fondle with her pussy. Actually she was on her way to the office from her friend’s house. His name was Bruice, he was married and his wife was out at the moment when they had some fun. She did it well with Bruice’s cock and was rewarded with a fluent shot of his cum! Now she recalled this funny and very horny episode and it made her get excited again. She took a seat having arched her back and spreading legs a bit. Arabella’s panties exhaled a sweet aroma of love juice. “I wish he was not in a hurry to his work” she thought. If only Bruice didn’t rush to his job, just at the time she was about to explode, she would have enjoyed his cock right in the hole. She pressed her handbag to the belly down there in order to knead it as she always did earlier when being alone.

Arabella couldn’t wait to get to the work as soon as possible, there she could lock herself up in lavatory and have some pleasure. Her panties were totally wet. She hardly managed to get over of her nasty thoughts and looked around. There was a guy of 22 – 25, he was well-built, black haired, hairy chest and slim-hipped. He had a sun tanned body and blue eyes. His eyes fixed onto her legs and his eyes flashed. She trembled slightly and was ready to put out to him right here, into the bus. She pretended to cover her legs with the handbag, however opened them wider instead. Now the stranger could see the color of her underwear. She was giving him a soulful look, but he just smiled ironically. His smile made her pussy leak, now she was not playing the coy girl, she was longing for sex, and that was pressing desire. When he was getting off the bus at the next station, he suddenly caught her hand and carried Arabella with himself. (Read More…)

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November 28th, 2008

The class goes camping and spends a night in nature, the students get drunk and one of them mixes up the tent and starts advancing the teacher…

Helga woke up because someone was fucking her… fucking her ass… no, just pussy… but from behind. “It must be a dream, – she thought. – No, it seems real…” First of all someone’s small but hard penis was too real and it was moving forward and back in her vagina… But the most interesting thing was that she liked that! Yeah, yeah..! More..! She felt it was consuming her… OH!!! Oh, God!!! Oh! Helga moaned when strong climax shattered her. And suddenly the man behind her stopped… He was frightened… “Come on!” she almost shouted at him. He entered her again and after a few thrusts he started shooting his semen into her… She felt him coming… however; it didn’t last for long…

Actually the fact she enjoyed the coitus was strange. Helga had only one partner in her life, his name was Rob. His cock was much bigger than the one she had now but unfortunately all the fucking they had had together was terrible.

Rob visited her once a month. He came to the city, bought candies, flowers and champagne. They drank a couple of glasses each and then the man solicited to her trying to kiss and embrace her. Finally they both went to the bedroom where Helga pulled off her jeans and panties, lay on her back and spread legs. Rob would get undressed, lean all his weight on her and put his cock into her with no sexual games. Everything was usually done in silence. He moved forth and back and about ten minutes later he came shooting all his cum inside her. When all that was over he would kiss her and go back to the living room to finish the drink. Helga went to the bathroom, poured his sperm into the toilet feeling only disgust and nothing more, got dressed and returned to the living room. This was the reason why she didn’t believe in those Hollywood stars’ moans during sex. She didn’t feel any pain but it was not pleasant either. (Read More…)

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It happened in a sex-shop

November 22nd, 2008

Have you ever had sex in a public place? somewhere in a shop where you know that people can hear and see you? Read and enjoy!

Cecile hadn’t enjoyed sex much until she was 30 years old. But then something happened and she became extremely sexually active. She wanted to make love often and a lot. And she allowed me to practice the things I’d never dreamt of doing to her before.

Cecile turned out to love watching porn movies – short, rough and speechless. I liked to caress her and notice the moments when she began leaking. This way I revealed the fact she got tremendously aroused when girls in movies were tortured and various objects were pushed into their holes. Her pussy would become incredibly wet!

Once I made an attempt to insert my hand into her but I didn’t succeed. However, on another occasion my hand got literally sucked into her hole! Both of us enjoyed it greatly. But it was the best to eat her together with having my hand in her loin. Her climax would be very strong. At this moment her vagina squeezed my hand so tightly that it seemed to me it would be just squashed. The main thing at this very time was to keep on ramming her pussy with the fist. Fantastic orgasm!!! Yeah, my Cecile became really lecherous.

The story I’m going to tell you is 100 per cent real. To tell you the truth I didn’t believe it could happen in reality. (Read More…)

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The Ghost Lover

November 13th, 2008

This woman is so horny that she is imagining having sex with the ghost lover, he is so tender and sweet, but the problem is that he exists only in her imagination…

We extend our thanks to the author Darrel Horton.

Mr. Marten and his wife were returning to Boston from a business trip to Chicago. They were the only ones in the coach. They could feel the vibrations as the train rolled along the hilly terrain. Mrs. Martenson looked out the window admiring the beauty of the rolling countryside as they passed hills and valleys of lush green, interspersed by buildings and farmhouses.

Mrs. Martenson was a beautiful woman. She had a lovely face with brown eyes and full lips framed in auburn hair that flowed down over her shoulders,large swelling breast, a tiny waist,and long shapely legs that seemed to go far miles up to her a round tight ass that swayed from sideto side as she walked but she never flirted with men and she had never given her husband a reason to doubt her fidelity.Her husband was sitting beside her and seemed to be in a state of reverie, his eyes not focused on anything.

He was a company executive and he often had to go on long trips. His wife always went with him as she did on this trip. He was dressed in a suit and tie, and with his dark hair and olive complexion he looked very distingished. Everyone said they made a handsome couple. (Keep Reading…)

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  • My girlfriend's Mom!

    What if your girlfriend is a virgin and doesn't let you fuck her, it's a real pain, isn't it? But what if her mom is a real slut who wants to ride your cock and drink each and every drop of your cum, nice, isn't it?
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  • Lola's ass!

    It's hard to put up without sex when your wife is on a business trip, but it's really nice when she's got a female friend, who is a slut and who wants her ass to be fucked. Would you refuse to fuck a nice butt while your wife is away?
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  • Party turns into threesome!

    A girl is invited to a campus party and gets to visit a student's dormitory, do you have any idea what is happening there during the hot student parties?
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