My exhibitionist wife!

March 26th, 2009



The couple is experiencing a new wave of development in their sexual life and it seems that they are really enjoying every minute of it…

Now it is a short story about my family. I mean my wife and me. My wife and I had decided to go out to dinner and then to an adult movie store one Sunday night. After dinner we went to a local adult movie house. It was a small movie theater, not large, but enough to feel yourself comfortable. This movie theater had a special balcony section that was for couples only. Others could take their seats down there, in the hall. We took a seat and enjoyed the movies on the screen. On this particular night the film, we were about to see, was about taboo sex. During the movie I found out how much the subject of the film turned on the wife.

Looking around, there I saw 2 other couples (whether married or not) in the balcony section. Reaching over I ran my hand just over my wife’s leg and pushed them apart to open her snatch and slightly opened her dress down. On her thighs she was having nylons and a garter belt. Much to my surprise there appeared no panties inside at all. She parted her legs some and I began to play with her already hard clit. The more I played with it, the hotter she became. Eventually she just slid down in the seat and her legs were spread wide while her wet dripping cunt was in full view. Seeing that she was enjoying the movie and the attention of my fingers, I just kept on playing with her. Several times during the movie she would start cumming, and at these rare moments she would let out a hardly audible moan! But I thought that other couples could hear those noises. Her smooth hairless pussy, which was held neatly shaved permanently, was glistening with her juices. After the movie was over, we left and walked to the car. Standing next to the car in the parking lot, I approached her from behind, leant her against the car and reached through the opening in her dress. When I groped her moist pussy, I started playing with her pussy some more. At this point she was very hot and very open to whatever I wanted. She was ready to obey my advances, her legs gave way and she was accepting all the pleasure I was giving to her. As I played with her by the car, another couple walked by and stopped and watched, while we continued to play around. Reaching around behind her I untied the dress and let it fall to the ground, so that her nude body was exposed to everyone to see. (Read more…)

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New Year – new life. Part 2

February 18th, 2009

The party goes on and now the man has to strap the slut wife in front of everyone, he is spanking her ass and than goes on to fuck it, wanna know what’s going to happen next?

- Stop it! Put your hands down! I’ll kill you, bastard!!! – I had to remain uncovered and the man was taking his unfaithful spouse under the table.

- Just look at them!!! When did you have time to become so close? I’ll kill you, I promise! But before that I’ll cut off your tiny cock and you, bitch, will eat that!!! Stop it, I said!! – He addressed me this time because I made another attempt to remove my cock.

- Andrew, don’t do that. You can punish them in a different way, – Julia stood our part.

I suddenly felt ashamed but then that feeling was substituted by fear. Andrew looked at us and became thoughtful for a moment. It seemed to me I could hear his convolutions moving.

- Well, I guess it’s my wife’s fault first of all. I’m sure it was her idea. But you’ll be punished as well… Take off everything! Right now! Otherwise, I’ll do that myself and then throw you outside to feel the New Year frost! (Read More…)

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New Year – new life. Part 1

February 17th, 2009

The man is invited to celebrate the New Year with his female boss, at a party, he finds her friends accompanied by their husbands and the fun begins…

I was going to celebrate the New Year alone. I had little finances as the manual therapy I practiced at one of our city hospitals didn’t bring me much money. Besides, my beloved girlfriend had left me a couple of days before the holiday. She told me she’d met some Frankie who she used to have a relationship before me. Now he was a respectable man and as soon as he asked her to be with him she agreed.

She informed me about that by phone. It seemed strange to me as she had told me I was the second man in her life. The first was Bill, I knew him very well. As for Frank – I hadn’t heard anything about him before. I guess I just didn’t understand her words: Bill was not the first, he was the last before me…

I slept badly, ate with no appetite (or could forget about my meals), stopped shaving. Generally speaking, my life wasn’t interesting and exciting…

One day the chief of our department came up to me. (Read More…)

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Read the second part of the story from our valuable author Carl T, the third part is to follow, so let us cheer the author up with our encouraging comments! I personally enjoyed the story and I am sure that you will too!

The guy missed his flight, but he sure compensated for it and got much more in return. He is having the blast fucking tight black pussies and it seems there’s nothing sexier!

We extend our thanks to the author Carl T.

It became obvious to me that she was an exhibitionist. She kept on walking naked around the house and went down to the kitchen to get some more snacks and drinks. She sat spread eagled in front of me allowing me to have a full view of her pubes. She lifted her legs and described in detail how she shaved her pussy and ass hair. She told me that she and her roommate shaved each other in and around the ass hole as they can get and see everywhere. This chick is kinky and more than turned on I thought. Her pussy hair was neatly shaved in a heart shape above the pussy. I was getting hard at the thought of two beautiful women shaving each other. She noticed my cock is getting ready for more action and took it straddling me, sliding my cock all the way in with one stroke. She was piping hot inside. She was very wet and I could feel her contracting herself around my shaft. It felt like a small hand was inside playing with my glans. She started to move slowly up and down allowing a near full extraction and insertion of the whole length of my cock. Her tits were brushing up and down against my chest. She kept doing this for some minutes and then she came with a shudder not making a sound. I lifted her of and she laid down spreading her legs rubbing her pussy. (Read More…)

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Our dear author Carl T has sent us a new story about the adventures in Africa, he really loves the idea of fucking black pussies, I am sure you are going to love it to, read and enjoy!

We extend our thanks to the author Carl T.

I was standing on the tarmac waiting to board the flight. It was hot and humid and I was somewhere right at the back of a long queue. People were jostling and pushing in the front to make sure they get the flight. I kind of resigned myself that this is futile and stood there admiring a gorgeous lady a few yard in front of me. I could just see the long black silky hair and the most fucking delectable ass on any human being. She was on a phone and I realized she is telling someone that she is not going to make the flight.

5 minutes later the boarding stopped and people turned with the characteristic African way of doing business, well next time to go back to the terminal. No booking ahead here, they sell as many tickets as they can and first come first served. So I had a two hour wait ahead.

I walked to the Bar in the terminal and ordered a cold beer. I noticed the lady that was on the tarmac sauntering in as well. She was off medium height and had full perky breasts and as stated before an ass that will make the Pope jack off. Sweat as a result of the heat outside was glistening on her smooth black shoulders that was bare but for the two slim straps keeping her dress on. Her legs were smooth and athletic. I thought this is a class act and someone will be sorely sorry she is not on time. (Read More…)

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The Art Club

February 10th, 2009

Our long-standing author David Trask has sent us a new, wonderful story, which I am sure our readers are going to appreciate!

This guy finds himself in a really wired club with his girlfriend, the members of the club want them to engage in hot sexual action right in front of them and there’s no way to escape, moreover, it would be a stupid idea to escape such pleasures…

We extend our thanks to the author David Trask.

Darrel 21 and Lisa 20 have been seeing each other for two years. They both met at an Art college both interested in pursuing some sort of career in that direction. Lisa in the last 6 months had joined an all women’s art club which was a hideaway type place in a rural wooded setting. She did not say much about it other than it was a great place to learn from more experience people how to draw and paint etc.

Lisa who was a fairskinned redhead with a nice petite athletic body usually biked to this location outside of their town. Something funny has happened though to Lisa after attending this all women’s art club. Lisa’s conservative ways were disappearing. She used to be a little more shy, and she used to dress with too much clothing on. Darrel loved to watch her now that the months were warmer for she was usually dressed conservatively most of the time but ever since she went to this club and with warmer weather she wears roman style sandles, bares her nice toned legs, short shorts, a tight top accentuating her breasts and her helmet on her head. She takes a bike trail all the way down an hour to this location. Darrel began to feel left out and decided to tell Lisa.

When Lisa learned of Darrel wanting to bike with her and to attend the art club she smiled and said she would ask. (Read More…)

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The longest orgasm in my life!

January 24th, 2009

Many interesting and exciting things can happen during the flight, this guy experienced the longest orgasm in his life, read and enjoy…

Now it is time for me to sharer my own story which occurred just a few years ago. I never thought I would post my story around here, but now it is some kind of fun, and why not to tell other what happens to me in my previous days. So, due to my work I have to travel a lot around the country making all of that booking paper work. That flight was the one I was looking forward to. I travel frequently for work, but it never bothered me much. Most of the trips I have taken were short, usually about a day or may be two. No longer. Yeas, I had been on longer flights, but they were usually with friends or family. This flight was going to last about a day, as usual, and I was traveling alone.
Now, a few words characterizing me, I am a nice looking easy going 28 year old guy, of obedient humble and executive type, always nicely dressed and hair gracefully styled. I like to dress well, in cool business suits and white shirts. I was seated in the first class, and to me, it was a nice experience because I was not a frequent guest in the first class. Here I could feel myself being a rich and important bigwig and do what I liked.

The nice thing about first class is the free liquor. Actually, I’m not much of a drinking guy, but on this occasion, I knew some good drink of good old liquor would help me relax and feel more comfortable. After emptying several small glasses of this Devil’s drink, my inhibitions were lowered considerably and I cold feel my head reeling, just a bit, but enough to me to keep my consciences in control. Though I felt very-very high! (Read More…)

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This guy is sent on an assignment to a remote city, there he settles in the apartment with a hot woman and her young, slutty daughter. That is going to be a fruitful stay, read and enjoy…

I went on a business trip to a small town. I had a lot to do and my stay there was going to be about five months long. When I arrived the company lodged me at a room in the apartment that belonged to a woman. She lived there with her daughter. It was three-bedroom apartment, that’s why we could live all together without hampering each other. Moreover, the woman was happy to have another source of finances as she worked hard for little money.

My landlady was a 35-year old woman, a widow, rather pretty. Nice figure, very energetic and interesting to talk to. Her name was Natalie. Her daughter, Lindsay, was just irresistible. She took after her Mom in face and shape, too.

Since early morning to 6 p.m. I was at work but evenings I spent with my ladies. It was obvious that Natalie hadn’t had a man for a long time. She liked chatting to me. We used to speak about everything in the world. We went for a walk in the park a few times. (Read More…)

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Jungle adventures in Africa

January 23rd, 2009

Read one more story from Lynda XX, this time she’s writing about adventures in the jungle, a woman gets kidnapped by the savage tribe and her pussy is gonna get fucked by huge, black cocks…

We extend our thanks to the author Lynda XX.

I saw one of those old movies the other day, where the hero and heroin were travelling in the African bush and were captured by native hunters, as usual my imagination started to run away with me and this is the result, hope you like it!

I was trying to make my brain work but it was impossible, I finally came to the realization that my white guide was dead, probably killed in his sleep, I knew that the only way to stay alive was to stay calm and not panic, even though I was on the edge of a total breakdown.

“Do you speak English,” I asked in a wavering voice, not sure if that would be a good sign or not? I repeated I question, when I got no response, and if they understood me they weren’t letting on, but when one of them used the end of his spear to motion me to get up, I didn’t hesitate, and scrambled quickly to my feet, It was at that moment I got I first good look at Peter, as the tears welled up in my eyes, I could see that his throat had been cut from ear to ear. I wanted to reach down and touch him to make sure, but the sharp point of a spear in my back prodded me to move off into the jungle with my captors.

As they made their way through the dense jungle floor, I had the chance to observe the men as they walked silently down the narrow path in single file, and while none of them were taller that five and a half feet, they were all well muscled and although I tried not to notice, they were all incredibly well hung, their long black phalluses swung in time with their steps. (Read More…)

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African Heat. Part 2

January 13th, 2009

We’ve got the second part of the story “African Heat” from our valuable author Carl T. I must tell you that the second will really make your cock as hard as never before, read and enjoy. The guy is all alone in Africa, but there are lots of black chicks who are willing to taste a white cock and this is going to make his stay more exciting and interesting…

So you girls want a drink I asked while she was still staring at my dick. I asked what their names were Tina is the one that gave me the hj and her friend is Lizzy. Sure was the answer and I want us to party tonight Lizzy said putting her arm around me pressing her tits in my back. One of the guys that was sitting nearby was eyeing me with a strange look…get that a lot, I think they are jealous because of the attention foreigners get, (dollars makes the difference). I ordered him a beer as well just to break the ice. Lizzy then sat down next to me and whispered in my ear that Tina said I have good meat on me. She squeezed my cock through the jeans and I started to get hard again. Ok I said but I had no where to put it, Tina heard and giggled and said you lie you put it in my hand…fucking right I did…

It was still raining and the bush bar was filled to capacity. I then noticed another white guy standing around with a beer with a girl chatting him up. I asked Lizzy if she knows them. Just the girl she replied. I motioned to the guy to join us and so they did. Can’t remember what the girls name was but she was equally pretty. The guy Gary brought a round and mentioned that he is also stuck due to the go-slow. He was squeezing the girl’s butt. By now she was also filled in on my man meat size and what happened and I became a bit of a curiosity item around the table. The beers were flowing freely and fast and the discussion was now firmly about who was going to fuck first, where and with whom. (Read More…)

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