Sex loan. Part 2

May 10th, 2008

In order to take out a loan, Chloe has to go through a serious test and she actually finds it very exciting…

Chloe nodded and dropped her purse. She bent down, her big round boobs almost fell out of her bra. The young man saw her tits and peered at the display.

“Mrs. Jenkins actually you don’t meet all the criteria, all the “Cs”. I don’t think we can help you. I’m sorry.” Mr. Reynolds uttered still staring at the screen.

Chloe sighed in disappointment.

“When approving a loan we take into account a wide range of things, and unfortunately, your capacity criterion isn’t up to the level,” Mr. Reynolds continued looking at her closely. “We need to know more about you,” he continued after a short pause. “Here’s a form you can fill. You can return it today at about 9 pm.”

Chloe grasped the form, she was ready to try. When looking trough the form at home she got really surprised at the questions like “what do you like?”, “when do you have your period?”, ‘what is your husband’s occupation and his work schedule?”, sex, age, education, etc. (more…)

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Sex loan. Part 1

May 9th, 2008

A married lady can’t forget her ex lover, she remembers the hot and passionate sex they used to have and feels sorry for her husband who can’t satisfy her in bed. This lady decides to make her dream come true but for this, she needs to take a loan from a credit union…

Chloe was standing in front of the mirror enjoying her body. Tiny thongs didn’t hide much of her young, 39-year-old body. Chloe had long black hair, big tits with really dark nipples, an almost perfectly flat stomach, and a well trimmed pussy seen through her snow-white panties. Her pussy was tight, Chloe knew it well. She turned round to see her big butt (she called it “a butt”, her Jose would call it a “fat ass”.) she became sad thinking about him, she went on with dressing up.

She was married for 12 years now. Her husband, Andrew, worked as a coach for a school basketball team. He was a tall blonde and had cute curly locks. “I’m happy!!!” Chloe tried to persuade herself. But every time she thought of the things that took place 13 years ago she realized she wasn’t.

That time, 13 years ago, Chloe was a spunky and vigorous 26-year-old girl who lived her life in full and enjoyed all possible adventures she could take part in. She lived in a small town, so there were not so many adventures to enjoy, it was pretty boring there.

She met Jose in the club. He was a beautiful Hispanic who made her crazy about his strong touch and passionate kisses. They spent the night together… (more…)

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Sail Away

May 8th, 2008

A guy who is tired of working goes on vacation and rents a boat to sail the Indian Ocean. He meets a girl in the bar and offers her to join him. That is going to be a hot voyage!

We extend our thanks to the author ANDREW.

I had lived in Germany all my life, I’d been toiling like a slave working as a manager in one of the factories, manufacturing cars. My salary was more than ok and I could afford much for myself, I could buy things that I wanted, I could visit the places I liked and much more. I earned a lot of money and I could spend it all on myself. I divorced my wife and honestly I had too, I spent most of my time on the job, I came home late, I very often had too work nights and weekends so I spent very little time with her.

I don’t know what she needed, but I have her anything she wanted, she never worked a day in her life and she got all the money from me. She could spend my money on things like beauty Salon, jewelry, new cars and stuff like that. I loved her, but one day when I came home earlier that she thought I would, I was shocked to see her with some young guy who was fucking her on our king-size bed, she was moaning lustfully, asking him to fuck her deeper. Can you imagine, I was seeing this with my own eyes! That event ruined all our relations, of course she swore by the name of God that this would never happen again, she was telling me how much she loved me but I was firm in my decision to part and however much she tried to save our marriage, she failed and we divorced. (more…)

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Bike Ride

April 29th, 2008

A guy goes bike-riding and bumps into a pretty chick. They make a bet and he wins, but what is he going to get for it? It’s sure going to be a lot of fun…

I was on my vacation, so I woke up at about 9 and went bicycling as usual, I have had love for bicycling for many years already and I don’t have a car and it’s not because I can’t afford one, that’s simply because I don’t love cars and I think that everything in this life should be natural. I even ride my bike to work everyday and I almost never use the services of the public transportation, even if it’s pouring with rain I still ride my bike to work. That keeps me in good shape and I just love feeling the fresh air blowing in my face while I am riding.

I took my bike and decided to ride around the beach road, it was pretty empty so I was just riding slowly, taking my time and enjoying the sunny weather, suddenly my eyes caught a girl who was riding a bike too but she was ahead of me, I decided to catch up with her and maybe even talk to her. I sped up and caught up with her in a minute, I noticed that she was young and slender, I leveled with her and tried to start the ball rolling.

“Hi, you don’t like cars either”, I asked her and smiled.

“I don’t need a car for myself as I usually ride alone”, she answered and smiled back.

“So, how long have you been in biking?”, I asked her again trying to keep up the conversation. (more…)

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That was my lucky day!

April 27th, 2008

A guy wins his happy ticket for two to a spa saloon and decides to go there with one of the chicks he picked up on the beach, that’s going to be real hot!

We extend our thanks to the author OSCAR.

Thinking back to about 7 years ago, when I was yet a college student, our class took its annual trip to the Hot Mineral Springs, not far from Vancouver. It was a very nice and quiet place, it seemed like nature itself was blessing this area, green grasses alleys and woody sites, hot pools of streaming water etc. I loved this place. We all loved having fun there, enjoying every day of our trip. That year our new teacher Miss Jenny came with us for the trip.

Everyone in our class thought she was a milf; she had long brown hair, big sexy astonishing tits and a great sexy admirable body. No one had ever seen her in a swim suit before, so when we saw her we couldn’t stop staring. Miss Jenny’s swim suit was just a piece of garments that made her look very slim and we could see her nipples go perky through the material. Her bikini was very thin, when she walked down the alley in her sexy outfit I noticed lots of guys and my classmates gazing on her. They virtually devoured her with excitement, so adorable and desired body!

It was a resort season, so there were lots of street vendors and hawkers, trading fish, vegetables, fruits, souvenirs, juices, drinks, pizza inns, etc. Every year they held a lottery, you should buy a ticket or more, then you will be allowed to join Hot Springs lottery, where they raffled off flyers for a free sauna and spa at the hot pools, you should only put your ticket in a box, and then they draw a winner. (more…)

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A young pretty girl is dreaming of becoming a model, she arranges with the photographer to take pictures of her, but it’s going to be more than a regular photoset…

She wanted to invite a photographer. Not just a normal photographer. She had plenty of casual photos… But recently she discovered a website where a lot of amateur girls posted their nude pictures.

She got so excited by this idea she really wanted to have her own portfolio. And perhaps, it was more of a feeling she wanted to experience. How does it feel like to be in front of the camera absolutely naked.

She was sure pics would turn out really well. Blonde, mod style short haircut, blue eyes, petite size, slim, what else? All she needed was the right photographer. One of her girlfriends advised her to contact some guy she knew. She said he was very qualified plus he never hits or harasses the models.

Moreover, there been stories when girls would actually hit on him and try to seduce him but he would never let anything like this happen. A real professional.

That was the guy she needed! She didn’t want to pose naked for sex. Just for the sake of beautiful photos.

And so for the X day she got herself new lacy lingerie. Black. She also got herself black fishnet stockings that were supposed to be held by the g-string and took out her really high-heel shoes. When she put it on altogether – it looked a million dollars! (more…)

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April 25th, 2008

What it feels for a girl to be fucked by a man? To feel his dick tearing her apart? And what if a woman wants to make a man feel the same? Can she submit him and fuck him as if he were a woman? Read and find out!

- “Hi!” – I’ve heard soft Alice’s voice in the phone.

- “Oh! Hi sweetie! I haven’t seen you for so long! I missed you!”

- “I missed you too! I want to see you. Will you come to me?”

- “When?”

- “I want you right now!”

- “But I’m still working!”

- “Don’t you want me?” – She said as if she was offended.

- “Oh…!!!! Don’t say that! Of course I want! Just give me a minute to think up what to say to my boss! And I’ll be all yours!”

- “That’s great! I’ve prepared a surprise for you!”

- “Wow!!! What surprise?” (more…)

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Yoga class

April 24th, 2008

When your girlfriend leaves you, it’s a good idea to shift your mind to something else, so why not try meditation and Yoga especially when the instructor is a hot lady.

We extend our thanks to the author ANDREW.

Hi, my name is Seth, I am 26 years. Recently I’ve been feeling rather de-motivated and depressed, my job started getting me down and I wanted to try something new in this life. My girlfriend went to Europe to pursue he studies and I was left all alone. She used to write to me in the first months of her stay there, but as time went by I heard less and less from her and when she spring came I started thinking that she had forgotten about me. I couldn’t get used to the thought that she left me and I first wanted to frown my sorrow in the bottle, I would do that but for my friend Alex, he advised me to enroll in a Yoga and meditation class, he said that meditation helped to get rid of bad thoughts.

I heard about meditation by I never considered it to be really helpful. I thought that it was just for old men who had lots of free time to attend those shitty classes wasting their time. I would have never enrolled in that course but for my girlfriend. The thoughts of her were getting me sick and I couldn’t think of anything else. So, to try to shift my mind to something different I arrived at the appointed time to the Yoga and meditation class. I was greeted by Priya Rai, the instructor who spent five years in India practicing Yoga and absorbing the mysteries of the ancient scholars. Her office was right in her apartment and I was surprised to hear that I was the only student in her group. She told me that all of her students were at the intermediate level and there were absolutely no beginners, that’s why she would have to spend two weeks practicing Yoga and meditation with me before I could start my classes with the rest of the group. (more…)

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SOS for sex

April 21st, 2008

A girl is lost all alone in a criminal districts and tries to find a way out, she is asking a man for help but he charges too much for it…

That happened in August. That summer was a terrible heat. And my clothes were what the heat demanded. That day I was wearing white silk top and colored flared skirt. I usually don’t wear the panties in such a heat, but that day I was in the end of a period. Perhaps, that was why I was so irritable. And that was why I quarreled with my husband, who picked me up from the party at my work. In short everything finished the way I didn’t want. I blazed up, said a lot of unpleasant things and demanded he stopped the car and put me off.

When the lights of the car disappeared I understood I choose the wrong time for such “fine” gestures. It was pretty late and there was no one around me. I got frightened. Moreover the region I was left in was considered to be quite criminal. All that made me feel creepy all over. I decided to find or to catch the cab and go home as soon as it was possible. The sound of my high heeled shoes resounded in the silence. I wanted to take a short cut and turned inside the block, but I lost! I was trying to find the way out but in vein. Here I felt someone’s look on me! Oh, No! Someone was following me! I sped up the steps and the stranger sped up either. In a panic I decided to knock to the first door to ask to call my husband or to call a short. (more…)

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European trip

April 16th, 2008

We all know that the hottest chicks are in Europe, the guy goes to Germany on a business trip and finds out…

I was 30 and single. As I was single I had a plenty of free time. I liked to go to gym, watch porn and leer at beautiful slender legs. I was an IT manager. So once my boss told me I was gonna go on a business trip to Germany.

I was happy to go there. I’d never been to Europe before. I was to go to Bonn for eight days. My friend called on me the day before the flight and said I was damn happy to go to Germany as German girls are really sexy. He said I had to use my chance and have fun with chicks, just like in German porn. I thought it was a great idea. I just loved German porn movies.

Anyways, I arrived in Bonn. I got to my hotel room. It was my day off and I only had to be in the office next day. I didn’t wanna waste my time sitting in the room. I went out for a walk. I couldn’t say I liked German girls.

I went to the office next day. Boss was an old grey German. After talking about business he said I could go and check their equipment. He added their best specialist would show me the way and generally show me around. (more…)

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