Have you ever had fantasies you wanted to cum true? If you are married you can share them with your wife and may be she’ll be the one to realize them…

Part I and II in brief.

Once I noticed my wife reading something on the screen of our home computer. She was so interested that didn’t see I was looking at her. Later I managed to find out what made her so exited.

We used some of those fantasies but sometimes we added our own details to them. Our sexual fantasies were the following:

Part I: Fantasy #1 Sex with a few men at the same time.
Fantasy #2 Sex with BDSM elements.
Part II: Fantasy #3 Sex with a woman.
Fantasy #4 Sex in a public place. (Read More…)

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April 5th, 2010

Two friends decide to get a girl drunk and push their horny cocks into her willing pussy, I am sure, we’ve all been there, done that, haven’t you every tried to get a girl wasted and then fuck her?

It happened in summer 3 years ago when I was in the country. The day was hot. I woke up early and started watching TV.

Suddenly my mobile rang. It was my friend calling.

- Hi! – I greeted him.

- Bill, hi! Listen, I’ve got a nice idea. Let’s meet near the shop right now, – Andrew offered.

I got dressed reluctantly and in 5 minutes was near the shop. Andrew was waiting for me already.

- Why so long? – He asked me unexpectedly.

- I need to get dressed… – I replied. – What’s the idea you told me about?

- Do you remember Helena who came here last year for summer?

- I do. What’s about her? (Read More…)

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A hood of pleasure!

February 20th, 2010

This guy goes to a popular tourist destination and finds a hot chick for himself, he takes her outdoors and fucks the shit out of her, she is a great sucker and he loves the way her tongue runs along his cock…

Hi, buddies! My name is Barak! I’m 36, I live the way I love and I have got a small business on the Western coast, and I believe that I’m a pretty good man. But as mot people I have my own merits and demerits, although I think that advantages prevail. You know, I am weak and hot about young, cute teens, or girls of specific age. Don’t think of me as a pervert or something like that, I just got a weakness for younger girls, and I definitely prefer younger pussies rather than older or mature ones.

One wonderful summer night I happened to have a vacation in St. Tropez. Saint Tropez! Oh, Yeahh, sure, let me just show you around this wonderful place! Saint Tropez is a beautiful and well known familiar place to stay on the French Rivera, located on the same coast, juts in one of the most beautiful gulf in the world, along the French Riviera. Saint Tropez is an excellent place which is neighboring with other well famed European resorts like Cannes, Nice, Monaco. Saint Tropez is surrounded by endless white sandy beaches and a sunny climate. Saint Tropez is known as a playground for the rich and Hollywood elite. The travelers from all over the world come to this paradise for work or in search of adventures, unloading their pockets on expensive drinks in any of the abundant and stylish nightclubs. Celebrity watching is also popular. On the whole, Saint Tropez is upscale, and expensive, but nevertheless, a fun city to enjoy. Saint Tropez is well known fro its beaches first of all. Saint Tropez offers miles of sand. The Plage de Tahiti, 2.5 miles southeast of town, is the best in the area. If swimwear is making you feel restricted, head east to La Moutte, a naturiste beach, and get rid of your cloths. Many of the beaches near Saint Tropez are nudist beaches. (Read More…)

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A girl in the taxi

February 19th, 2010

The cab driver sure has his lucky day, the chick asks him to drive her to a particular destination and offers him an unusual kind of payment, read and enjoy, it’s going to be really hot!

It was the third day Andrew waited for the girl he felt obsessed with. She had been on his mind for three days already, her charming smile and a lustful look. And his hand still remembered her hand though it was just a one-second touch…

Last Saturday he was driving around the city looking for clients when he noticed a couple leaving a café. He suddenly stopped close to them and thus made other taxi drivers angry who had been waiting for clients for long already. He didn’t care! He knew this couple was going to be very generous. The guy would never haggle and would pay what Andrew asked as he wanted to fuck his girlfriend as soon as possible…

These young people didn’t want to wait. The minute they sat on the back seat of the car the guy put his hand under the girl’s skirt. She just smiled apologetically and told Andrew her address. It wasn’t far!

Now this address was literally burning his mind. For the third day he had been staying near her house… Maybe he would see her today! (Read More…)

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A cock for a divorced female!

February 17th, 2010

The divorced lady is really crazy for sex, she’ll do anything to get a fat cock all the way down her pussy and she can’t wait for her pussy to be fucked…

Being a recently divorced 34 year old woman, I was looking for some fun with no special conditions or commitments. I had enough of married life, and now being alone for long 5 months, without sex, I was hornier than ever. I am 34 years old, short and on the plump side. My tits are large, but still perky.

As I was shopping at our local groceries store, I had the pleasure of being waited on by the most beautiful and so handsome man, Ronald, I had ever seen. Although he was 22 years old, he seemed so young to me! He was almost 7 feet tall, a beautiful tanned muscular body, and he smiled like an angel with that hot Hollywood smile of his! I was trying to pay attention to what he was saying, but all I could wonder is how huge his cock must be. I’d already heard about this guy, they said that he was a fucking horny fucker, but I had never been with a guy like this one. Was that tall? He had to be going to the gym and must have amazing stamina. While he was helping me, I made sure to bend over so that he could see my big tits popping out of my shirt. He started asking all kinds of personal questions, and I knew he was getting into me. That was great! To be honest with you, readers, usually I would have rejected this type of blatant advance, but this time something came upon me, I was flattered, and he was absolutely gorgeous. After exchanging numbers, I left the store. (Read More…)

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Virgin Cum Swallower

July 16th, 2009

Read this hot story from Mrs. C, do you like it when babes suck on your cock and squeeze every drop of cum out of it? Do you like to cum into their sweet mouths and see them swallow all it with a smile? I bet you do, read and enjoy!

we extend our thanks to the author Mrs. C

I am a woman in her late 30′s with a husband of almost 15 years who has a fetish for hearing stories of my past lovers. One of my first stories that I ever told him gets him hard every time he hears it. Let me begin.

Early in my sexual encounters, I enjoyed only fucking in my pussy. I loved it and needed it so much that I was constantly looking for a good hard dick to satisfy my horniness.

I met this guy through my job at the local restaurant that I worked at during that time. When we first met, I instantly wanted to fuck him. Through his visits, I found out that he wanted to shove his “hot rod of a dick” in my mouth and have me give it a tongue twirl. Up until that point I had never actually swallowed a load of cum. All I had ever done was just stroke the dick with my hand and then slobber on it for a minute before I would have him stick his hard cock in my pussy. (Read More…)

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Teens camping

June 2nd, 2009

Two teen babes are camping in nature, they meet up a family and decide to get to know the men better. It’s gonna be a hot night in nature, believe me…

We extend our thanks to the author Betty.

It was a beautiful day in Florida, not too warm and yet sunny, I was happy since I was going to go on a camping trip with Becky and her family. Becky and I had been friends since forever. I was 18 and had started my periods three years ago. Becky’s father, Andy, who had been my first lover for over 3 years now, was also with us and I was excited to once again be with him.

We went to the campgrounds and parked the RV and started to set up. It was almost dusk by the time we were done, dinner was done and all was peaceful and quiet. We all sat by the fire, the neighboring campers had joined us as well; they were a family of 4 – father, mother and 2 sons. After a few beers, of which I had some too, thanks to Andy, the little ones and the moms went to the RV to sleep. Becky and I insisted on staying up late. The neighbor, Justin was around 30 and getting a little drunk. Becky and I started to giggle at what he was saying, Andy moved closer to our blanket and was joining in our laughter. (Read More…)

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Hot, pretty babes shouldn’t drink and drive, this chick did and ran into problems with the law, she had to take the issue with the hot officer who fucked the shit out of her…

We extend our thanks to the author Phil.

It had been a very long day and after 10 hours at work Kath just wanted to go home and soak in a hot tub. As she returned to her desk she noticed that an email had come through at the last second.
‘Do I really want to read this now?’ she thought but before she could answer herself she had already clicked on it. It was from the girls at the office reminding her that they had arranged to go out that night. Although Kath felt tired she also felt quite excited at the thought of a night on the town, so turning off the computer she made her way down to the car park.

Pushing the button on the key, she suddenly noticed in the corner of her eye someone standing by a car. She swung around slightly nervous at who it could be.

‘Evening. Just checking the car park. Don’t be alarmed’, replied the police officer. ‘You’re in a bit of a rush?’

‘Just on my way home, then out with some friends but I’m glad you’re here checking on us.’ Kath felt immediately attracted to the officer and felt the warm tingle down her spin into her underwear. She opened the door of the car and wondered to herself why she had got so aroused at the sight of that officer. ‘Maybe I’ve just been working a bit too hard and need some release’, she thought. (Read More…)

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May 18th, 2009

This guy is having the time of his life at a party, he picks up two gorgeous girls and fucks the shit out of them, they love every minutes of it and there’s nothing his cock likes better…

After having drunk some beer, in a good mood, I and some friend of mine made our steps to one girl. The door opened and there appeared some cutie: cheerful, warm-tempered, we examined her whole body, every piece of her, those nice nipples, tender swan neck, slapped her ass, and came in. There were other 4 sweet goodies waiting for us, we introduced ourselves in a very noble and gentle manner of medieval knights. The fun went on, we were drinking beer, listening to the music, watching babes around us, and they made it on purpose making us turn on, their twists and bends made me mad, the knobs placed irresistible burden on jeans, it was like volcanic eruption, when you are still not burst but anyway, it makes you hard-on so that you are losing your mind. I was dreaming of putting these bitches down, and ramming them hard right on that red carpet one by one, changing places and eating them piece after piece.

From the left, from the right some sun tanned female bodies were dancing, filling the whole room with their sweet flesh aroma, we filled our desire with some more drink, noon was gonna come back home, time was flying by like some enigmatic tale man, reminding of the dawn that was still on the way and the night that was still in full swing. Drunk guys, smoking grass and getting wild, it was only one room flat there, but we didn’t care on how 8 people could find enough space to settle in. (Read More…)

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Risky Blow Job

May 12th, 2009

This couple just loves risky sex, this time they are in a car with their parents sitting in the back, as soon as they nod off, the girl goes for the guy’s cock and the guy can’t be any hotter, read the new story from our author and enjoy every word of it!

We extend our thanks to the author FAITH N.

For a heads up me and my boyfriend love risky sexual encounters. I just love the thrill of getting him off somewhere we could get caught. This account is probably one of the horniest and sexiest encounters we have had yet and I hope you enjoy.

A few months ago me and my boyfriend went away with his parents. It was a two hour drive and got quite boring. He was driving, I was in the passenger seat and his folks were in the back. After about an hour they both fell asleep and partly because of the boredom and partly because I was horny, I adjusted the rear view mirror so I could see them as I reached over and started stroking my man’s crotch through his jeans. He liked it but kept telling me to stop but he was soon rock hard and couldn’t resist any longer.

Continually looking in the mirror making sure they were sleeping, I unzipped my bf and pulled out his big hard thick cock. He began breathing harder as I wrapped my hand around it and started stroking up and down slowly but firmly. The head was soon wet with his pre cum and I needed to taste it. I moved the mirror so he could be lookout and I put my head in his lap. First I licked around the head flicking ova his japs eye tasting his warm salty pre cum before wrapping my lips around the head sucking on it. He was trying to drive and not make any noise as I lowered my mouth taking most of it in until the point of gagging. Although I love gagging on his cock it is very noisy and I couldn’t risk it. (Read More…)

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    This babe placed her info at the dating site, she found him really easily, he came and he fucked her with all the might that he had, her mouth, her pussy and her right butt got all of his dick and then he came right into her ......
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    A guy picks up two hot MILFs in the bar and takes them to his place, they sure love his dick and they'll not let it go until their sluttish pussies get enough of it!
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