These two people start experiencing the true meaning of love, they find a nice, cozy spot and do all the things they’ve been dreaming to do…

You looked a bit anxious, didn’t understand anything. Without a word I took you by the hand, opened the door, and led inside. Then shut the door and locked it. You shuddered to hear the sound of the door being locked and looked at me frightened, but I just smiled in response, winked at you. You looked around; you were in my bed room for the first time. Watching some trash on the floor, then looked around, I shrugged my shoulders and began to light the candles. Looking at me, you slowly sat down and finally I saw on your face a slight sing of a first smile. I switched off the light, and room filled with mild calming light from soft unstable flame of candle. After a second hesitation we kissed. Approaching you I looked in your eyes. Removed your glasses and put them on the sofa, then gave you a hug, you threw your arms round my neck. Your lips touched mine slowly and neatly, so lively, soft and sweet. We kissed again and again, hardly able to catch a second to breath, your hands clutched on my neck tight, and I embraced you even harder, pressing your belly to my body. Our lips opened and tongues met. We hugged, kissed, embraced and nursed each other, my throat gave a moan, you groaned as well, we were standing this way unable to move away, and your heated beat in unison with mine. Finally we stopped kissing still staring at one another’s eyes, you hands loosened your clutch; you looked like you were trying to read my mind and feelings…. (Read More…)

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April 16th, 2010

This chick is a real slut, she’s got a boyfriend but she keeps getting fucked by another man, she keeps it secret from her boyfriend but soon he finds out…

This happened long ago. I met a girl. Her name was Rebecca. She was short, a bit plump, with beautiful pimples on her cheeks and big blue eyes which seemed to me so naïve.

We chatted for a long time with the help of icq. About 5 months later I decided it was time to meet face to face. I drove to her city – she lived in another state.

She worked as a waitress in a small café. When I saw her I liked her immediately. She looked fantastic. Her D-cup bust was great.

When she saw me she recognized me at once despite the fact we had never seen each other before, just by the pictures we had exchanged. She was free at that moment, so she came up to me, wrapped her arms around my neck and started kissing me passionately. It was too much for me… I looked into her eyes and she understood everything. She took me by the hand and led to a small utility room. (Read More…)

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This guy is shopping around and gets to meet this fashion expert chick, she really like the guy’s taste in clothes, but moreover, she likes what’s hidden in his pants…

It was the 13th of February. The next day was special for me as well as for millions of others who love and are loved. My girlfriend and I were going to attend a night club where our friends were to wait for us.

I didn’t know what to wear to impress my girlfriend and asked my friend to do some shopping with me. We decided to visit Diesel store first. There were lots of really nice things and we even lost our heads a bit.

Then a beautiful girl of about 21-22 offered us professional advice. As it turned out she was a consultant in this store. She was neither tall nor short, very slim and good-looking. She brought us a few shirts and cardigans to choose from. They were all great. At first I wanted to buy them all but then changed my mind and purchased just three items I liked best.

When I approached to the cash desk I discovered that I had forgotten my credit card at home. As I had no cash on me I had to call home from the shop to ask my sister to bring the card. Soon she arrived, I took my new clothes and we drove to another store to purchase a present for my girlfriend. (Read More…)

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This guy has been in love with this girl for years, can you imagine what he felt when he found out that she was getting married? Read and share his misery!

Sammuel was in his twenties when he felt the need of a girl or a woman in his life. It was not only for sharing the bed time after time, but to share his feelings, dreams and emotions. Britney was a lovely and beautiful girl. She was cute and clever, she studied very well in her class and was into school’s activity. She was the only one, he could share his secrets and feelings with, to fill the empty space in his life.

They both grew up together in the same neighborhood and were also attracted towards each other to some extent. When in his 20s, Sammuel finally decided to propose to her and tell his feelings for her. But he was younger and obviously felt shy and nervous. He didn’t want her to marry some other person and leave him alone. Well, it might be a junior’s jealousy or selfishness, anyway, he didn’t want her to leave and felt really jealous when he used to see her talking to some guy.

Meanwhile, Sammuel studied badly in Mathematics at school, whereas Britney, on the contrary, was excellent at it. So, their parents decided that she could teach him for sometime. Now, Sammuel was extremely happy to spend more time with her. (Read More…)

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The vacation goes on and the couple is on a voyage of discovering new things that add more colors to their sexual life, they never stop wanting each other, the true romance is right here in this wonderful story…

We extend our thanks to the author Brooklyn Morgan.

Brooklyn wore a slinky, summer dress to dinner without a bra or panties. The material clung to her firm tits, causing her hard nipples pushed out against the fabric, drawing stares from the local waiters and other guests. It was turning her on all over again. With a short dress, anytime she re-crossed her legs she gave a quick show to anyone looking in that direction. Dinner was spent sampling the local cuisine and exchanging small talk and seductive glances. She already had 3 orgasms that day, but she wanted more. She wrote a note on a napkin and slid it over to Morgan that said, “When we leave here, you are going to kiss and finger my pussy again”. He couldn’t pay the bill fast enough. They headed back to the hut. Passing the hut next to theirs, they could hear the girl inside having what sounded like very good sex. Once inside, she pushed him on the bed and let her dress drop to the floor and straddled his face, putting her pussy lips on his lips. His tongue went to work immediately, exploring all the folds and sensitive areas. Brooklyn rocked her hips, controlling the pressure and depth of his tongue. Once thoroughly wet, she rolled off and pulled his head between her thighs where he instantly inserted two fingers and teased the clit with his tongue. As she played with her tits, he stopped kissing and focused on using 3 fingers to pleasure her. Pure ecstasy. When she couldn’t bear to hold off any longer, she told him to finish her off. So his tongue did a 60 second dance between her wet lips, pushing her to an orgasm. Completely satisfied, they lay naked on top of the sheets and drifted off to sleep. (Read More…)

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The couple feels that their sexual life is losing its colors, they decide to spice things up and set off on a most romantic vacation ever…

We extend our thanks to the author Brooklyn Morgan.

They are by any measure, not your average couple. Brooklyn and Morgan both hold six figure jobs running a chain of fitness clubs. Morgan is 30 and close to 6 ft tall with slightly longer, curly brown hair and a well tanned body. Tanning on their very private deck means he has no tan lines. He has broad shoulders that narrow to a much smaller waist. His arms, back, chest and abs are well defined with plenty of lines outlining every set of muscles. Not overly huge muscles, just enough. He has very little body fat, showing off his v-shaped physique. His abs give lines that trail down to a small patch of hair that displays a hanging, large, perfectly smooth shaft and knob when limp. When erect it is transformed into a perfectly shaped dick that shows off a few veins and a gorgeous darker red/purple knob at the end, measuring a full 8 inches long and at least 2 inches in thickness. Brooklyn can deep throat a lot of most dicks, but she can’t quite swallow all of him. His cock is magnificent. His ass is tight and his legs are powerful. Besides very little hair above his cock, he has a perfectly smooth chest that really shows off his body. Her pussy becomes soaked just seeing him dry off and dress every morning. (Read More…)

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The chick and the guy keep communicating over the Internet making each other as hot as they’ve never been, the babe’s pussy is leaking and the guy has never had such a long lasting hard-on!

We extend our thanks to the author Juiicy.

Julissa : Ay whats up?

Devonte :Nothing chilling…how was it?

Julissa : Was good we ran through it twice so were set for our first performance

Devonte :Nice nice…how u feel?

She wanted to say, “I’m so daymn horny help me Devonte…”

Julissa : Im good just laying down on my bed…

Devonte :Cool…so whats up Julissa…

Julissa : Im just relaxing, a nice massage would help….

”A FULL body massage.” she thought. Especially on her tight, wet pussy… (Read More…)

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A hot Italian chick breaks up with her boy and finds herself all alone, but can that really last for a long time? She finds this guy on the Net and they start exchanging messages, they are talking real dirty, the chick is rubbing her pussy, dreaming of a cock drilling her…

We extend our thanks to the author Juiicy.

Julissa is like any other normal teen girls out there now a days, with a twist. She’s been in a few relationships that haven’t brought her what she’s wanted. Young boys that just want to make out and TRY to be grown adults. Her recent love..yes love.. she loved this young man…but he let her go.. no phone calls nothing they became distant. But she lost it to hi…no not that she’s still a tight virgin..her phone sex virginity. They had phone sex a few times at first she was so uncomfortable…but then she got used to it taking lead…and telling her boy how she wanted it hard..rammed up her pussy. But after it being almost a month that the had stopped talking..she started to become lonely..

She met this new guy on an online game playing site not knowing what was in store for her. They talked and talked but he lived 6 hours from her in the States and her in Canada. She still dreams of the day where they can unite and be together. He’s the man of her dreams, tall about 6”9′, athletic body…and as an add on loved to eat pussy. She’s never experienced the sensations of a guy sucking on her clit and inserting his hot tongue in her, yet she’s always fantasized of it happening. He was so open about it to, young men these days don’t like to…well the ones she’d been with add they weren’t many. (Read More…)

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Nice awakening!

April 6th, 2009

This guy wakes up feeling the hands of a woman wandering all over his body, his cock gets real hard and the pleasures begin to intensify…

I woke up with her hands running all over my back, she slid her hands down my back with her nails digging into my skin. Further down my back, she reached my butt where she lightly started smacking and squeezing. Next she brought her hands around my body sliding up from my stomach to my chest. We kissed and I began to explore her beautiful body with my hands, over her back through her hair, down to her ass, squeezing it and moving further down her long legs.

I started nibbling and kissing her ears and proceeded to kiss down her neck across her shoulders, her soft hand slipped its way down my chest, over my stomach, where she found my already hard dick waiting for her. She then pushed me onto my back, climbing on top of me kissing her way down my body.

Teasing me, she blew some air on my cock making it quiver, licking and kissing all around it, as well as my inner thigh. She engulfed my cock, rubbing my balls and moving her nails down my chest. Stopping briefly, she slid my cock between her huge boobs and I started tit-fucking her melons.

Going back to sucking me, she worked my cock up till I was close to cumming, she stopped before I explode in her mouth. I rolled her onto her back, where I began kissing down her neck, across her collar bone, down her arms, across her flat toned stomach down the outside of her slender soft legs and then moving up the inside. (Read More…)

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… and she became my wife!

March 14th, 2009

Read about the relationship of a girl and a boy, they try sex for the first time and finally decide to get married, this is a pure romantic story and I am sure you’re going to love it…

When we first met, we were still young and careless teens. The first thing I remember about her was her sexy legs. That was the first part of her body which attached my attention when she came over to visit my sister. It didn’t take long for me to learn her name and learn she had moved in the neighborhood. I guess you could say it was love at first sight. Cannot say exactly whether I fell in love with her since I first laid my eyes upon her or not, but there was something that I couldn’t forget about her! May be those legs? Or something else….

Over the course of the next few months we fooled around with each other and did a lot of the usual young teenager things. After several months, the relationship things between us began to get a bit more serious. It started with the usual things like kissing and touching but never proceeded further beyond that because we both were just a bit scared of going too far. We had been dating for about a year when things really began to change! We used to love going to the drive-in theater. It was in the open air and you could seat in your car watching some film and hugging your girlfriend. As most of the teenagers then, we would park in the back rows. And, as usual, most of the windows of cars parked over there were too fogged from the inside and nobody could see what the hell was going on in the cabin! But you do guess what they all were doing on the back seats of the cars. (Read More…)

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