Fun with Mother In Law

December 16th, 2008

This guy is really attracted to his mother’s in law huge boobs, every time he sees them, his dick gets rock hard, he forgets all about his wife and wants to fuck her…

We extend our thanks to the author Ralph.

My mother-in-law is sixty-three classy and very sexy with 34D breasts. She is also head of the HR department at her employer. She was divorced about a year after my marriage and her boyfriend passed about 5 years ago. We have always had good natured flirting between us, but as of late it has become more interesting.

I was helping her redo the landscaping on her new house when I noticed every time she bent forward, her breasts were very exposed through the collar opening of her polo shirt. I just quietly enjoyed the view. When my wife and her grandmother came out, my mother-in-law made a comment about her breasts falling out everywhere and pulled the opening closed.

Later in the week, I went with her to fill up her car and when we got home, I gave her my lotto money plus an extra two dollars. She asked if I wanted an extra ticket. I told her no, that it was a tip for the show a few nights earlier. She said I must really be hard up if I enjoyed looking at her saggy breasts. I replied I thought she had quite a nice rack and really enjoyed the view. She told me not to let my wife hear me say that and get out of the car (smiling all the time). As I left the car, I told her she should wear a low cut top every time we work together.

She called a few days later to get me to help her plant some more flowers, and sure enough she had on a low cut tank top, and has every time since. She makes an effort to keep her tits in plain view for me and at times seems to glance down to make sure they are visible. One time at the gas station, I tossed her credit card back to her making a special effort to drop it on her cleavage, but lost the nerve to ask if she wanted me to get it. Still, after a long day getting more supplies, I jokingly asked for a good night hug and she obliged. I kissed her on the back of the neck and there was no resistance. (Read More…)

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This guy has a big crush on his aunt, who is a horny Milf, but that’s not an easy thing to get to her pussy as she is a hard nut to crack…

We extend our thanks to the author Daniel J.

It was when I was a young Teenager that I started developing sexual feelings for my Aunt Tammy. Aunty Tammy was always the flirty open sexual type. She has long dirty blond hair, she was always on the thick side, not fat, thick. Nice big ass and big beautiful tits and all the meat in the right places.

The good things started happening when I moved in with her, my Uncle, and my Cousins. Living with people eventually everyone becomes comfortable around each other. Ya can walk around in your underwear and one time or another you are bound to walk in on someone naked or something.

Like I said I always had a thing for my Aunt. I think mainly because she was my ideal type of woman and she was only about 12 years older than me and always looked way younger.

Well one day I came home early from work and my Aunt was always home all day by herself. I came in the house and she had just got out of the shower and I walked in the living room and right in the middle of the room their was my Aunt butt ass naked watching something on T.V. while she was drying off with the towel. She didn’t notice me for a good minute so I just stood their in awe. She turned around and jumped a mile and I said I was sorry. She looked at me and said that’s ok because I didn’t think anyone would be home this early. But I think anyone could have noticed my eyes were 3 times the size they ever were and I had a huge hard on and I mean beaming threw my shorts. I think Aunty Tammy noticed cuss as she was covering up she looked startled when she seen my bulge and my eyes popped out of my head.

I immediately went up to my room and whipped it out and started jerking off hardcore Cumming twice. I just laid back and closed my eyes and just took it all it by seeing my Aunt naked in my head. Those tits were so big and beautiful and that ass was so hot. She had some hair on her pussy and I was never one for hair but on her it was fucking beautiful. (Read More…)

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Tasting my girlfriend’s mom!

November 12th, 2008

This guy is seeing a young, hot chick but it seems that her mother is really interested and is so excited to get to know the guy’s cock better…

It all started out when we were 19 and liked to dance and have fun. We would go out to dance clubs and have a few drinks. This age was something really exceptional for we could spend hours on drinking and having fun, without sleeping or having rest. To say the truth, the period between 18 and 22 was the drinking age! We had a regular dance hall where we would go every Sat night for wild dances and drink.

I had a girlfriend. She was of my age and she was a very nice person. We would go everywhere together because we liked each other and were very close and friendly. One day her mother asked if she could go with us and we said no problem. We went to the dance club, the girl and I danced and I was getting hot and horny. During the dances I was getting excited and I could feel my cock getting erect for my girlfriend was rubbing her ass against my body. Well, I think her mother could see how horny and hard I was getting on, but it was normal for us, we had not had sex. However her mom hadn’t ever seen us fooling around, and it was the first time she ever saw us being so horny! She was OK with that because she was not conservative and realized that sex between young people is a deal-of-nature. When we got back to the table to make another round of drinks, her mom asked if she could dance with me. I shrugged my shoulders and her daughter said: “Yeah, have fun, mom!”. We started dancing slowly and were tightened by couples dancing around as well. I soon realized her mom wanted to be held tight, she kept pressing her curves to my body all the time. It was dark and I think she hoped her daughter wouldn’t see the behavior of her mother. She felt the cock pushing in my pants and suddenly she told she could take care of it. (Read More…)

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It all began in the bus

November 8th, 2008

Those guys are so horny that they pick up a milf and fuck the shit out of her…

It all began in the bus. A lot of people, stuffy… A middle-aged woman with heavy bags in her both hands addressed us:

- Guys, can I get past?

- Which way? We can’t even move… – Max replied in a rude voice, he was older and bolder than we were (he was 19, and we were 18).

- But I have to get off now! – The woman insisted.

- But we don’t! – Matthew giggled in response.

- Let me to the door, bastards! – She flared up.

Having heard an offensive word Max caught her by the throat:

- What did you call us, bitch?

The woman stared at him frightened and dropped the bags out of her hands which I picked up by some instinct. Her legs became weak and Max pressed her slightly to the wall of the bus. (Read More…)

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My new mom!

November 5th, 2008

This guy is really lucky because he gets to fuck his best friend’s mom and Mrs. Anderson turns out to be a very hot Milf…

It was in spring, the end of May. I woke up feeling bad with my stomach bothering me. After my mom left for work I decided to stay home. I soon realized that Stevie (freshman, his parents and mine are good friends) was probably wondering where I was because I usually pick him up on the way school. I called up Stevie and told him about my problem and he said it was all right and his mom would take him to school. So, I was home alone. I went into the living room couch and laid down for awhile. After 30 minutes or so the doorbell rang. Wondering who it was I opened the door and saw Mrs. Anderson – Stevie’s mother.

“How are you, Adrian?” she asked. I said I was having an ache in my stomach.

“Stevie told me you were not feeling well so I decided to come over and see you”

“Oh, you don’t need to do that.” I said.

“Well, lay down and I’ll take your temperature.”

She got a thermometer out of her purse and put it in my mouth and asked:

“Are you alone?” I nodded.

As we waited on my temperature, I couldn’t help but notice how pretty she was. I never really admired Mrs. Anderson out before, but this time I noticed her full red lips, nice dark brown hair, and her big brown beautiful eyes. She pulled the thermometer out, looked at it, and said:

“Hm, you are not OK! Go ahead and take your shirt off and I’ll rub your stomach and give you a massage” (Read More…)

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True Indian story

October 30th, 2008

This guy is really eager to fuck his aunty, although she is married to his uncle, there is no way to stop him…

We extend our thanks to the author Love Rose.

Hi friends, I am from India, the country field with traditions. But unaware whether they are true or not.. At the age of 19tn when I was doing my first year, I always loved to visit my uncles place in India we are loved by our uncles. Actually my uncle was married late, he had a love affair, but the family forced him to marry with some other girl. My aunty was great today she is old ( Uncle is civil engineer and aunty is a teacher). So after there marriage when I visited there place. I recognized that my uncle was still keeping some hidden relation ship with his first love, my aunty was unaware of it. I really felt very bad about it, but could not help it . I had to keep mum. When ever I used to visit there place I used to stay there for 2 months as in India the college vacations are for 2months, I always help her in her every work. Because I respected her a lot.

One after noon when she was back from her school, she called me and asked me for the keys of the house, by mistake I had forgotten to hand over the keys to neighbor’s.. I came back and handed over the keys to her. When I was going back for the movie she said to me “let’s have the lunch”, I said I can’t because I have to go for a movie, but she said no you can’t go your uncle is out of station and you stay with me. With great disappointment, I agreed to it. She said that she will change and come, till that time my job was to make food hot and serve it. But when I saw in the fridge, and smelled the food it was rotten. So I went up to her bedroom to ask her, whether shall I get the food from outside, the bedroom door was locked from inside. I thought she must be in tears due to uncles behavior. So I just peeped through a small peephole that was due to carpenters mistake in the house. When I saw, my body was ice cooled, I said Lord Ganesha forgive me, what have I seen. But then my Mind forced me to see that, I forget everything and started seeing that, first she removed her Saari, she was sweating, she wiped her body. After that she removed her Blous, her bra was holding her medium size Breast very well, she wiped it then she removed her Parkar, her legs where very nice tight and attractive she wiped even those parts. She was wearing a red knicker. I cant tell you when my hand entered, my jeans and I played with my pennies and they just burst into white fluid. (Read More…)

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My wife’s hot mom!

October 29th, 2008

This guy goes to visit his wife’s mom with his wife, he has no idea how horny this Milf can be…

I and my wife have been married for over 2 years. My wife and I visited her mother a few times a year. My wife is very close and friendly with her mom, so we always find a way to visit her mom who lives alone. To be honest, I always hated going because it was too boring. You do all those conversations concerning cooking, housing, washing secrets. When the day of visiting her mom came I felt sad because I was expecting this visit. But anyway, we got into the car and drove away.

The visit started out the same as usual. We arrived there just by the dinner. Her mom had cooked a nice French dish with spicy gravy. Though I was tired from the long road, I was happy to savor such tasty meal, because my mother in law was a great cook. We talked what we all had been doing the past few months since our last visit and then we sat down to dinner. The dinner, against all expectations, appeared to be luxurious, lavish and hearty. 4 types of salads, pasties and spices! Everything was really OK except one thing! I noticed something different in my wife’s mom. Barbara, who was my wife’s mother, was looking at me differently. She had hunger in her eyes. I glanced at her from tops to feet, well, this woman was still a hot spicy doll! Though she was not slender and slim, and put up a weight due to her age, she was still hot! However, I tried to ignore her looks. Frankly, it made me feel rather uncomfortable. It was around 11 of the night and my wife said that it was time to go to sleep. She said that she wouldn’t wait for me and went to sleep at once. I stayed to help her mom with cleaning up. When we were done, I decided to go upstairs and take a shower and this is where the night became interesting. (Read More…)

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This guy is having a crush on his friend’s hot mom and there’s nothing to stop him from getting to her yummy pussy…

This story was originally posted as a comment to the story “My Friend’s Mom“, YourLust team decided to give this comment a second life and post it as a story which we are certain our surfers will enjoy reading.

We extend our thanks to the author Gagan.

This story is when I had just finished my college and was around 20 years old. I met my friend Tushar when I was in High School all the way until I finished my college, I used to like spending time at his house, he was the only offspring of his parents. Tushar was Gujarati.

His mother would always wear Saree Gujarati style. I never looked at his mother Sandhya sexually until one day when Tushar was at the market and I reached his house and his mother told me he will be back in a little while, she was washing clothes and was a little wet.

I sat in the living room and their bathroom was right across where she was bent over and I could see her huge ass jiggle. Sandhya was not slim but not fat either but just the right amount in the middle range with big breasts and huge ass.

When she would walk her ass would shake like jelly. Since she was bending over all the time when she turned a little I could see the deep cleavage that I could peek into all the way due to her big melons. Something stirred in my groin and was feeling excited.

I couldn’t believe it! I called her Sandhya aunty and here I was feeling excited upon seeing her cleavage and ass, although I tried to resist looking at her but couldn’t help and would still somehow find myself looking at her assets, a couple of times she saw me looking at her and we both smiled at each other, I had no choice but to start up a conversation and asked her when would Tushar be back, she said soon & continued with her work.

From that day I would find a way to peek at her and quite a few times I would be caught staring at her boobs or ass by her. I would find a way to go to Tushar’s house when she would be alone. Since Tushar lived in a one bedroom apartment flat, they didn’t have individual rooms of their own, after laundry she would keep all her clothes on the bed in the bedroom, I noticed her bra and panties. I had to touch it, I would usually do it either when she would be taking a nap, or she would be in the bathroom for a shower. (Continue Reading…)

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Fucking my neighbor!

October 1st, 2008

A 19 year-old guy is dreaming about a mature neighbor lady living close to him, he makes friends with her but he certainly wants more than that…

Her name was Pamela. She was about 41. She was a married woman. Although she was above 40 she had a perfect body, sexy round humps and curves to die for. I think she kept such sexuality due to her regular fitness and aerobics. Her height was about 5.6 feet. At that time I was 19. I was young, fucking horny and dying for sex with any cute chick! I was well built thanks to permanent gym classes, strong muscular body and a very good strong cock. And one more thing I liked was that I had an urge for married woman. Yeahh, I did liked young cute lassies of my age, but above all I adored milfs, horny, thirtyish sexy women, especially married ones. Actually we live din the same block, she was my neighbor. Our flats separated by a wall, and there was just a door “between” us. I knew her husband, it was a nice person, who had 3 or 4 jobs to live on and support their family. Though they didn’t live on expensive life, and were not rich, he was running round like a squirrel in a cage to pay the bills. I should say her marriage life was not good enough. I could hear shouting and frequent riots between her and her husband now and then.

They used to invite me on weekends when they had Sunday dinner parties, and I was a welcome guest in their house. In frank, his wife had never got attracted to me. She was all kind polite and considered me only as a guest, nothing except that. She was wearing a nice short tunic with a low neck cut, which revealed her absolutely exciting cleavage, or a summer blouse and very short skirt that gave a perfect view of her slim sexy legs. Anyway, she loved wearing tight fittings cloths, accentuating her sexy big boobs and big round ass. (Read More…)

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September 30th, 2008

A guy who is tired of jerking off finally manages to hang up with his landlady who is much older than him…

I woke up early… My landlady was cooking something in the kitchen and clattering with dishes, it was the very sound that made me awake… Fuck!… It was Saturday… Fucking morning! I wanna sleep… I didn’t want to get up desperately, but the dream I had had couldn’t be returned anyway.

I was lying on my belly. My penis evidently woke up earlier than me was stuck into the mattress. I was eager to jerk… lie on the back, spread the legs and fondle my erected friend.

I think jerking off the phallus is very useful especially if there is no a dame beside you who you can pull the panties off, put in a doggy fashion and push your stiff cock inside her hot leaking twat… So, I was willing to fuck a chick, to enter a moist cunt… But the problem was that no one was so close to be rammed by me right now. A minute later I had a plan…

I made up my mind to go to the bathroom and find my landlady’s panties. She was quite Okay for her age. Not young but rather slim. Breasts were trash and old but as I was here alone it was a chance… I moved to the bathroom. Damn! I had to go past the kitchen with a bulge in my boxers and say good morning to her… I felt shy… Why should I feel shy?.. She must have seen a lot of cocks in her life. I passed her, said hello and rushed to the bathroom. Aha! They must be right here in the cabinet…

Yeah! Here they were!.. She had probably put on fresh ones and pushed these here not long ago… Wow… They smelled of a woman, a cunt… My left hand was holding the panties and the right one was jacking off the phallus. I was inhaling the odor of her crotch holding my breath occasionally. Suddenly I exploded, my cum splashed on the wall and my boxers, all over. I thought I was going to scream from pleasure. Now I had to calm down, wash and go to the kitchen to drink tea…

While I was smartening up myself I felt so relaxed… and hungry as a hunter. (Read More…)

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