September 29th, 2007

What is it like the first time when you are a virgin? You’ll always remember that, right? This guy had his first sex experience and it was a bit extreme…

I remember my first time very well. It happened at the party on campus. My friend invited me there. I was the youngest among the people. I was sitting at the corner away from all the rest who were drinking and smoking. It was dark and smoky there. The music was terribly loud.

Suddenly I heard cries from another part of the room, and then somebody slapped the door loudly. Somebody sat on the other side of the couch I was sitting on. I looked at the person. It was a girl. Her name was Janet. She was a girl you wouldn’t miss. She was rather stocky, but not fat. She apparently weighted just as I did that time, but she looked very nice. She was sobbing, sniffing. She tried to be quiet for nobody to notice her. I knew her younger brother Nick. We went info karate together. So I decided I could talk to her. Besides, she was crying and I wanted to know why. I sat closer to her and asked if everything was OK. She looked up at me in surprise. In several sobs she told me she had just rowed with her boyfriend and he’d left the party without her. It was almost impossible for her to get back home now. And it meant there would be another row when she came late.

I offered to give her a lift. I also told her I didn’t like the party. I was alone there and couldn’t even meet a girl as they were there with their boyfriends. Besides, everyone was making love like crazy. My friend got his hands into his girlfriend’s blouse, and my acquaintance Terry, for example, was jerking off her friend. So, in short, it wasn’t the best place to be all alone. (more…)

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It is love…

August 27th, 2007

Valerie is a virgin babe, her pussy has never been visited by a dick before, he is a strong and confident man and he wants her, she loves him but is so shy and reserved, but he surely knows ways how to break the barriers and conquer her virgin pussy…

It was bright Monday morning. Valerie opened her eyes. It was 7.30. She looked out of the window. It was a wonderful day. In some 10 minutes she stood up and slowly went to the bathroom. Standing in front of the mirror she gave herself a happy smile, washed her face, took a shower, and wrapped herself up in the towel.

On the way back to bedroom she noticed she was home along. It was strange as her brother was going to spend the whole day at home. In the sitting room she saw a note reading that her brother went to the pool and would be back after 7 pm. (more…)

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