My very Happy New Year

January 28th, 2008

It’s great to lose virginity at your birthday, it’s like the best present you can ever get. Read about this guy’s experience and enjoy his story…

Well, happy hew year all! This is my first story about my first experience. I mean about losing my virginity. I’m 21 and glad it happened to me that way.

This time we were having New Year’s party at one rented studio apartment down town next to the clubs and all that. We had lots of booze and thanks to the fact I finally turned 21! The party was absolutely awesome! A friend of mine, is a well known DJ, was playing real club music and we were having the best time!

I went downstairs to get some smokes and saw two hot girls walking towards our building. They looked tipsy and I felt brave enough to come up to those glamorous girls. It turned out they were coming from the night club Pure. Can you imagine? The best club in Las Vegas! One of them said Paris Hilton was there as well!!!

Those beautiful chicks said they didn’t mind coming upstairs for an after party. In the elevator I was checking them out. Sexy tight dresses and high heels were pointing two amazing asses! I couldn’t take my eyes off! They saw that and one of them gave me that smile. She was the sweetest petite brunette.

That smile was the deciding point for the whole story. I’ll skip all the talking with the girls and stuff. But to be honest there wasn’t much. Everyone was just dancing and simply used body language. Let me skip all the unnecessary details and tell you the most exciting moments. (more…)

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I was 18 that time

January 21st, 2008

You never forget the first time you have sex, losing virginity really sticks in your mind, especially if you’re just an 18 year-old teen.

I was 18 and he was 21 that time. He rushed in my life like a hurricane. He was so handsome, so adult, so vigorous, so strong,… though I must admit I didn’t like him at first. I wasn’t used to pushing at the first date, you know, I was counting seconds to run away from him, but he was so persistent kissing my lips and caressing my body…

It’s not that I was a modest girl, I was an ice-queen. I guess it was due to the upbringing. I was never too drawn to guys. By he didn’t pay attention to my words and pleading to stop. He was smiling lustfully and kissing. I was dizzy of his kisses and I really couldn’t believe such things ever happened in reality.

I was used to spending much time with him. I got addicted to his caress, his kisses, his touch, I wanted to be with him 24\7, enjoying every single second of feeling him near me. I was so madly in love and used to forgive most outrageous things he did like, for example, he hugged me in the street and raised my skirt to caress my butt, or he made me sit on his lap making it possible for everyone around to see my underwear. He used to thrust his hand under my skirt and in my panties, I bet people noticed that too… It was impossible not to notice it anyway! Whenever I was sitting on his lap I felt his hard and huge cock and I can’t hide it – I liked the feeling. (more…)

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December 28th, 2007

It can’t feel better when you are losing virginity with your ex girlfriend, you are inexperienced and want to feel the new sensations, so go ahead and enjoy!

The phone rang. Carter was sitting repairing some old walkman. He got distracted from his favorite hobby and picked up the phone.


-Hi! – It was Apple. They broke up about a year ago.

-Oh, hi! – Carter was trying to sound calm.

-How are you?

-Fine, thanks.

-Let’s meet.

-What for?

-I wanna talk to you.

-Talk now.

-Now, I gotta see you. I need it, you know. Let’s meet.

Though Carter still felt hurt and offended he thought he’d better stop quarreling.

-All right. Where do you wanna meet and when? (more…)

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School leaver’s first time

December 28th, 2007

After not seeing each other for many years old friends meet again, one of them has a beautiful daughter and she’s really hot, can a friend resist this hot, young chick?

There were two men sitting at table – Sam and Peter. They used to be best friends but due to certain reasons they hadn’t met for several years. They met on the street some weeks ago. Life’d changed. Sam became editor-in-chief in a popular magazine, he had a large apartment, a good car, and a good life. Peter hadn’t been so lucky. He married and he had a daughter. His wife died in a car crash leaving him with a daughter. He had to bring her up all alone. His daughter was his pride and joy. Jemmy (that was her name) was 18, she was a school leaver and she was going to go to a prestigious collage.

Sam finally had a chance to meet her. They were sitting in Peter’s kitchen. Jimmy was about to get back from school any minute. Sam’d heard so much about her that he was really excited to see her. Peter often told him about her schooling, but he didn’t say a word whether she was pretty or not. So Sam had to use his imagination to guess. He thought she was a short plain girl with a small pimply face short legs and big round glasses. But as soon as he saw her he realized how wrong he was. Jemmy was a very pretty gal: she was tall, she had a beautiful face, thick black hair, and fantastic body. She had a thin waist and flat stomach. She had really out-standing boobs though she was a teen. Sam guessed she was wearing glasses but she looked great anyway. She was dressed casually: a sweater and a long skirt. She definitely had her style. (more…)

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Orgy. Part 2

December 12th, 2007

When you are an 18 year-old virgin, you can only dream of sex and desire the greatest sensations, but when you have mature teachers who are ready to become your guides in sex, there’s nothing better….

I guess she forgot she was sitting on the couch naked. I got my boob back in my dress and came up to her. I was trying to calm her down, saying it was ok. I confessed we were surprised to see her fingering herself before the screen, but there was nothing wrong about it, she had nothing to be ashamed of. We were sorry to break off her bliss. I sat down on the couch and hugged her, pressing her head to my breast. She was sort of shocked, so I covered her with some clothes to make her feel better. Her young, hot body was so close that it was turning me on. I felt my slit get wetter. I was trying to suppress my arousal, but it was difficult to do it as Sally buried her face in my boobs. She was rubbing her nose against my tits, it was very hot for me. But I managed to overcome the temptation and tell her it was time to get dressed, and that we would talk about it later.

She didn’t let me go instead she pressed her body tighter against mine and started pulling off my dress, exposing my knockers. She sucked on my right nipple, while her hand was feeling up the left one. I looked at Matt, he was staring at us smiling. I bet he decided he wouldn’t fuck his wife that night. I looked in Sally’s eyes and said that if she continued doing the things she was doing I wouldn’t be able to control myself anymore. She didn’t answer, but pressed her lips against mine, kissing me. Her tongue was thrusting in my mouth. I responded to her kiss and started caressing her body, feeling up her hard, sexy breasts. When we stopped kissing each other I asked her if she was sure she wanted it. (more…)

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December 11th, 2007

When you are an 18 year-old virgin, you can only dream of sex and desire the greatest sensations, but when you have mature teachers who are ready to become your guides in sex, there’s nothing better….

Hi! I told Matt I didn’t mind writing about some of our sex adventures. Matt is going to write a story about it, and I’m gonna write the same story, but from my own point of view. Men and women can see things differently sometimes. Anyways, I hope, my story will be interesting for both men and women. I was taking part in all that, right! Matt told me if I managed to write a good story I would really turn my readers on. Just the thought that somebody might have an erection or her panties wet while reading my story makes me gushing.

Well, I can promise you one thing, while my one hand will be writing the story my other one will be helping me satisfy my desire, if you know what I mean. Well, just imagine that: I’m lying in my bed naked, my hips are spread wide and I’m getting my pussy fingered when Matt is sitting in front of me. Matt loves to watch me masturbating, especially if I’m saying different nasty things at the same time. It’s a real turn on for him.

You see, I haven’t even started to write the story, but I’m already on the verge of cumming. I wish you could be near and look at me! (more…)

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Bosses are no saints

October 26th, 2007

A mother gets sick and sends her young daughter to clean the office for her, the boss is surprised to see the young chick and he wants something more from her.

Mrs. Radcliff and her 18-year-old daughter Bridget lived in a small apartment in New York. They had to suffer a lot that year. Bridget’s dad died in a car crash several months ago. Those were hard times for the family. Mrs. Radcliff had to find a job in a pharmaceutical company, and a part time job as an office cleaner in another office. After classes Bridget often helped her mom with cleaning.

Once when her mom was sick, Bridget had to go cleaning instead of her. She was to clean the boss’s office. When she was through with watering flowers, suddenly the door opened and she saw Mr. MacFerson, the boss.

-Hi! What are you doing here? Where is your mom?

-She’s sick. – Bridget said quietly.

-Oh, I’m sorry. OK, then.

Mr. MacFerson was tipsy. He was on his way home when he remembered he forgot some necessary papers in the office.

-Listen, Bridget, can you do me a favor? Could you please make me some coffee? – He asked her then. (more…)

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Some party!

October 16th, 2007

These two people meet at a party, they don’t know each other, but they feel they are attracted to one another, to deepen their intimacy they decide to take a bath together and then…

Once, I was invited to some party. That was supposed to pass very funny and gorgeous time and they promised there would be lots of girls. I was rather shy guy, so that’s why it took me so long to pick somebody up. There was some vast hall with drunken hotties dancing around. I went in and in no time I was harder than a rock looking at all the girls there. I think some of them were under my age but that was not my problem. I watched them dance. I ordered a drink. Soon, when I was drunk enough, I asked one of the girls to sit with me. But she refused and I had to go upstairs to see around the house. When I entered some door I saw someone was already there. It was the maid; she was putting soap in the bath room. She smiled at me and said she had just come and was happy to have fun here. Her name was Vera. I said I was Jenya.

I smiled and said it was OK. She continued with saying that she had not been at parties too much, so tonight she was gonna have a whale of time. This girl seemed to be very cute and funny. Vera also said that she wanted to take a bath. I said she might do whatever she wanted, as this was a free country. I could not see her body because the bubbles were covering her. I asked her if I could wash her back, and Vera said yes, but she never had a man do it for her. Her tan shoulders were so sexy. Her jet black hair ran down her back, and shined and looked like silk. As soon as my hands reached her back I knew I now might use my chance to have fun. (more…)

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American defloration

October 13th, 2007

When your friend breaks up with his sexy girlfriend, the best thing you can do is to comfort her, invite her to your house and make her feel really good, especially if she is a virgin.

I can still remember that hot day when I missed my classes in college. My parents were out visiting my grannies in another town, so I could do whatever I wanted. It was really hot, like in Africa, I guess.

I suddenly heard knocking on my door. I didn’t want to open it. I was too lazy to get up from the couch. They knocked again.

-Ok, I’m coming, – I grumbled, going to the door.

I was almost naked. I wasn’t ashamed of my friends, if the one knocking was one of them and if it was somebody I didn’t know, then hell, I didn’t give a fuck. I saw a girl.

-Can I help you? – I asked her.

-I’m Katie, remember me?

I had never had such a girlfriend; I could be sure about it. I decided to find out what she wanted from me. I opened the door slightly. I remembered who she was! She was my friend’s girlfriend! Once she came over to my place with him. She was a wonderful girl, but Dan (that was my friend’s name) broke up with her, saying she was kind of weird. He didn’t manage to fuck her even once, and now he was trying to avoid meeting her.

-Hi, – I said.

-Hi! Is Dan here?

-No, he’s gone somewhere, but you can wait for him here. Hey, you must be tired. You live in the other part of the town, right? (more…)

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A thief!

October 13th, 2007

You shouldn’t still things from the shop especially if you are a pretty girl and moreover a virgin, salesmen can make you pay, but the money is not what they want…

I now recall that damned day as if it was yesterday, – said Aunty Barbara: I just turned 22; I was a young woman but still loved sweets. I also loved Egan very much, so once I conceived a plan to seduce this guy. Egan was a salesman in our block’s groceries shop, one day (I still remember that day) I went to the shop to take some foodstuffs my mom had ordered a day before. Unable to resist a seduction, I stole a tiny bottle of honey and put it right under my skirt. I managed to deal it while Egan was out in his closet. No sooner had I hid it under my cloth as he returned and saying good bye to him I was already on my way out when all of sudden I felt somebody put his hands onto my shoulders what made me feel scared. I meant right this reaction, but played my role very well. I trembled like an innocent, and, with an angel face turned to him. So, I spoke in a voice as if I spoke with some fool stupid. But Egan just bent his lips to my ear: “You move so funny today, Barbara! What’s up? Are you OK?” he lifted me with his hands, then put down and shut the door. Despite I was expecting this coincidence I felt scared if he might tear my dress up. Here I couldn’t stay imperturbable any longer and tears welled into my eyes. But Egan remained very rigid. “Come with me” he said, taking me by hand, I was despaired as I kept rebuffing him all spring, he was very handsome, and I didn’t want to be his next toy like those whom he had picked up and left all around. I enjoyed pretending like I never noticed him, it made him really cross. But this now, I seemed to mar everything. “Well” he said when we left alone: where is it?” I felt my face turned red, but couldn’t say a word. He approached me so close that I had to rest against a table that was settled in the middle of the room. When his chest approached my breast, I covered my cups with my palms and didn’t give up. “Would you take it yourself or let me do it instead?” I was so embarrassed that even didn’t resist when he rode my skirt and his hands appeared on my pussy. (more…)

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