Business lady

August 28th, 2007

A young student babe wants to get a job to cover her tuition, it’s really hard to find a job for a college student these days, though she manages it and her boss is a successful business lady. She has to prove her that she is the one for the job. She must prove it with her tongue and fingers, and they are so skillful…

Hi, this story is not my fantasy, it really happened. Well, maybe some episodes were colored a bit to look better, you know what I mean! By the way, I changed the names.

So, my name Tracie, I’m 18 and I’m a sophomore. This story happened not long ago. You know students always seek jobs to cover their expenses. I tried some jobs. I was fired in many places cuz of lack of experience, my spending too much out studying, and other reasons. Anyway I was still optimistic about finding something suitable. Once I saw an ad in our local campus paper: “Business lady looking for assistant. Good salary.” I told my friend about the job, she said I was unlikely to get hired. I didn’t really care about my duties as an assistant, I needed money badly. In short, I decided to try.

Though I was 18 I knew a thing or two about human psychology. So my aim was to get an interview not with some office manager, but with that business lady. If I did it, the rest was just a piece of pie.

I called to the office, the human resources manager told me to give her some personal info about me. My interview was to be held in two days. Ok, I have time to get prepared, I said to myself.When I was there, the secretary looked at me in indignation and wanted to call the security to “ask me to leave”. Somehow we found the common language (I won’t tell you how exactly, let it remain my secret). I was very close to my goal. I managed to get the interview with my future boss. (more…)

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August 9th, 2007

Two female neighbors, no men around, can they satisfy each other? It’s so nice and sweet when two ladies are having sex, they know what they want perfectly. Women’s licking each other’s pussies, what can be more exciting?

Once at night Jolly was at home reading a love novel. The scene depicted a man performing cunnilingus on the woman. The scene further described the unearthly pleasure the woman felt. Guessing the meaning of the word but still not been certain she took a dictionary and found the exact meaning of the word. Having read the article about cunnilingus Jolly’s imagination immediately drew a picture of her lying on the bed with her legs spread and the man licking her pussy. She felt her pussy getting wet and slid her hand down and touched her pussy and started fondling it. Suddenly she heard a door bell she started and opened her eyes not knowing whether to keep caressing her pussy or to go see who was there. The curiosity won and Jolly went to open the door. She saw her neighbor, Helen standing at the door. She was single, 36 years old with a nice, slim body. ‘Jolly, She said, ‘I feel so god damned bored, I have a bottle and I want to crack it with you’. Jolly didn’t feel like drinking but the thought of spending the evening all by herself was even worse so she agreed. They quickly made some snacks and sat at table, they were drinking and talking. As it always happens with women, the conversation shifted to men and that was their sore point. ‘Jolly, you just can’t imagine! I want a man so much, I haven’t been fucked for so long, that is killing me!’. Jolly felt something in her belly, not knowing why she brought a book where she read about cunnilingus and showed it to Helen. Helen read the part and looked at the neighbor with her eyes glittering with excitement, she said that she had had such experience before. Jolly’s eyes sparkled, ‘Tell me’, Jolly begged, feeling her pussy wetting her panties. (more…)

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