Sex with my neighbor

February 11th, 2009

The young guy feels crazy about his neighbor and always gets a bulge whenever he sees her, well, I guess it’s time to get that bulge right into her pussy…

On my way home from college I met Jessica, my neighbor, who lived upstairs. She always seemed to me so hot that I had a bulge in my pant every time I passed her. She was a 32 year-old brunette with a D-cup breasts and a tight ass.

This time she was wearing jeans and a bright-orange tank top. Her hubby had gone on a business trip and she felt lonely. We both entered the lift.

- Hi! – She looked at me friendly. – Are you coming from the college?

- Yeah…

- Are you… – She bit her lip, – good at computers?

- I am…

- Can you drop at my place then? Something’s wrong with my laptop… Leave your bag at home… If you’re not busy, of course…

- Oh, no, it’s Ok. I’m coming right now…

- Ok, I’m waiting for you. (Read More…)

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There’s nothing better!

February 11th, 2009

There is nothing this girl loves better than sucking on fat cocks and feel the hot cum filling her mouth, she likes to drink everything to the last drop and there’s nothing she enjoys more…

What should I begin with? Want to write this story, but hell, stumbled over the first sentence! I wasn’t always like this, I have been dating guys since I was 18 and sucked my first cock at the same time. Actually, it didn’t take me too long to figure out that all guys wanted their cocks sucked so I went along with blow jobs as a matter of course! I found it really OK, although giving head was not the only of my priorities. Over the years, boyfriends came and went, came and went again, I have grown up and now I truly enjoy the act of fellatio up to its highest point of delight, I can do it very well, and in my now 21s, it is the only thing I really want to do most!

Over the last year or two, after I broke up with my ex and last boyfriend I decided to give relationships a re-light and spend some ore time using guys for my wants and needs instead of the reverse! Well, being good looking with a great face and ancient Greek goddess body structure, I don’t really have any problems looking for and finding some fat cock and balls loaded up with fresh cum, to satisfy my always growing lust for male’s sperm! I can orgasm from having a cock in my mouth and spend many hours during the week thinking about those rare moments when I have a chance to use some cock to fulfill all of my nasty desires and needs! And I just lie in my bed and look forward for the next Friday night fun that will deliver more adventures and joy in my life. (Read More…)

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My lecherous friend

February 5th, 2009

This girl is a real slut, she is only twenty years old, but she has seen really many cocks in her life and she can never get enough, read and enjoy!

I want to tell you my friend’s story… Her name is Violet. She is a 20 year-old hot brunette… She works as a trainer in a fitness club, likes sport and looks just terrific: great silicon boobs, model-like tight ass, slender legs, full passionate lips and piercing in her navel, nose and a tongue. She’s 5,6 feet tall and a real beauty!

Concerning clothes she prefers minimalism. After she’d made silicon breasts she likes showing them as well as other parts of her body…If we go to a club she usually wears a top without a bra under it or a sunfrock – it is important that her bust is appreciated! – a mini skirt or tiny shorts and of course high stiletto shoes… She likes stilettos!

A couple of times when special occasions took place in a restaurant or a club with a swimming pool Violet put on her white clinging dress on the bare body… Then at the party she jumped into a pool or someone poured her over with water and her gown would disappear!!! Fantastic… Just imagine, a girl dancing in a wet, almost transparent, dress; her dark hard nipples stick our though the fabric… But recently she repeated this trick with her new boobs and men just couldn’t restrain themselves and tore her gown and herself actually… (Read More…)

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New Year celebration. Part 2

January 31st, 2009

The chick wants to get home as fast as she can and forget the whole thing, but it turns out she’s got no money to pay the taxi driver. There’s an alternative and she knows what she could use to pay the fair…

- You’re fucking hot, bitch! If you want more just tell me. Now I’ll go to bed, – Bobby whispered to me, wiped his monster with a towel, put on his boxers and left the kitchen.

I was standing near the window being afraid even to move. I sure felt unsatisfied as I had just started enjoying the coitus when my friend’s hubby ejaculated but I had no strength to continue and my butt was burning. I had to do something with it. It was 3 a.m. and Bobby would probably like to repeat that once again but I knew it was too much for my ass.

I decided to go home. I wiped the semen from my stockings and crotch and went to the bathroom. My knees were weak and I felt pain with each step I made. It was good there wasn’t blood on the towel; it meant my butt wasn’t hurt actually.

To tell you the truth I was ready for the worst. In the bathroom I looked into the mirror and got terrified. What a beauty I was! My face was dirty with mascara and blood from my lip, mixed with tears. (Read More…)

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An evening for three

January 28th, 2009


Two friends call on a girlfriend and have a nice evening together. A threesome is so much desirable and hot, have you ever tried it? You should if you haven’t, read the story and see how hot it can get sometimes…

Since I’ve met Ann I kept thinking about her all the time. Every morning I woke up with the recollection of our unexpected but so much romantic date. Don’t get me wrong but if you experience it once you will want to try it again, no doubt!

I’ve got a friend whose name is Andrew. He’s 22. I’m not going to describe him in detail but he’s a rather attractive blonde with gray eyes.

Of course I told him about Ann. My story turned Andrew on so much that each time we met he spoke about the girl.

One day when we had nothing to do Andrew offered me to visit Ann. I don’t know why but at first I thought the idea was crazy. But after a short reflection I agreed and called the girl. To my surprise she liked the idea. And 20 minutes later we were at her door…

Ann greeted us warmly. She obviously liked Andrew. Of course we didn’t drink tea. It was wine that we preferred. Soon we finished a bottle and I had to go to a supermarket for the second one. When I returned I saw Ann sitting on Andrew’s lap. They were kissing paying no attention to me. I came up to them and sat beside. A moment later Ann kissed my lips too… (Read More…)

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The guy keeps fucking the mother and her daughter, but the day comes when they want to do it together, how about a threesome? That must be really nice and hot…

My fingers started rubbing her clit. Lindsay moaned, pressed me to her and suddenly screamed. Her body was twitching in convulsions, pupils of her eyes rolled under the eyelids, breasts became hard and nipples turned brown. Her vagina squeezed my phallus as tight as her mother’s pussy. They even climaxed in the same way!

Of course, I couldn’t restrain myself in such a situation and ejaculated. When Lindsay felt my cock was pulsing in her opening she shuddered in another orgasm. I thought I would never finish shooting my semen into her. I was cumming and cumming and that provoked additional spasm in the girl’s body. Gradually she relaxed and released my thighs stretching herself on the table. I separated myself from her and my cock slid out of her vagina with a squelching sound. My semen mixed with her juices started flowing out of her and soon formed a pool on the kitchen table. Lindsay didn’t react and was lying still. Her beautiful body was glistening from the sweat covering her, her pubic tuft was wet and vulva lips couldn’t come together.

I went to the bathroom to have a shower. When I returned I saw Lindsay licking the liquid that had flowed out of her to the table. Her hand was massaging the crotch. She turned to me, her face was shining. The girl grinned and rushed to the bathroom. I got dressed fast as it was time for Natalie’s return. Lindsay was in the shower until her Mom arrived home. (Read More…)

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Terrific gangbang. Part 1

January 21st, 2009

This chick really loves her boyfriend because he is the one who can make her pussy leak and he is the one who can fuck the shit out of her, and she will feel like she has never been fucked before…

I haven’t seen my ex-boyfriend for 7 months already. He graduated from the university and went on a business trip to Japan. His father had a company in that country and Max became his representative. We managed to remain friends but I couldn’t dare to tell him about my relationship with his Dad. When we parted my friend Victoria often gibed at me. Even when Max and I were together she used to tell me I was a slut and it wouldn’t last for long. And she was 99 percent right but I still think I had a chance. Well, that will do talking about it.

Alex, Max’s father fucked me once when I was his son’s girlfriend and then left the country for 5 months. During all this time his wife called me twice: first – to congratulate me on my birthday, and second – to ask me to solve a little problem of hers in our city.

Alex was in my mind all this time, he didn’t leave that place even for a minute… And to make me remember him he gave me a huge 13.5 inch vibrator. I liked to fuck myself with it in the evenings thinking about Alex during the process. I missed him…

During these 5 months I had 4 partners but none of them could be compared to him. I compared my partner to Alex involuntarily. He was really the best! And finally at the beginning of January he called me. He didn’t hide how happy he was to hear me and treated me as if I was still his son’s girlfriend though he knew we’d separated long ago. (Read More…)

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Some fun with a cucumber…

January 16th, 2009

We’ve got a new author Sally with a story “Some fun with a cucumber”, we’ve read this story and think that Sally really knows how to make our readers hot, read and enjoy! You are going to love it too and we will be waiting for more stories from Sally!

We extend our thanks to the author Sally.

Finally I am alone with my older married lover. He is sitting on his couch looking at me, willing for me to make the first move. I walk over to him standing tall in my high heels I look deeply in his eyes. I then sit on him cowgirl style. I kiss him passionately and he kisses me back pushing his tongue down my throat. I am wearing a short skirt and a tiny g-string so my pussy can feel the bulge growing under his jeans.

I rub my pussy against his cock which is now getting hard under his jeans. He rubs his hand up the inside of my thigh and pulls my g-string to one side, my pussy is really wet now and I rub my clit up and down his bulge. He lifts up my tight vest top and my big tits bounce out. My nipples are hard and he sucks my nipple at the same time he has his hands on my ass pulling me against his groin. I lose myself in the feeling and am moaning and groaning loudly all the while riding up and down his ever growing bulge.

He suddenly pulls me back by the shoulders he barks “look at my jeans, they are all wet from your pussy, you stupid whore!”

He knows how I love it when he treats me dirty. (Read More…)

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This guy is tired of living and fucking his wife only, he wants some fresh pussy, if you were in his place then you’ve got to read and enjoy this story…

Hello to all fans and readers of this site! I have to be honest with you, talking things and recalling events that took place many years ago is not easy as it may seem! Even now when I remember those wonderful minutes of pleasure, I still cannot sit calm and quiet! However it’s time for me to share my experience of fucking somebody’s wives with you! And this is so great! I’m not a good writer, actually this is my first written work, I can’t be sure you welcome my story, I use no names but all the rest is a purely truth! A few years ago I decided to pick some chick up, I was bored with living alone without some babe by my side making my life happier and more interesting… and as for sex, and this woman was expected to be a very good partner. Though I was married and we still had sex with my wife but I soon got tired with that one type shit of missionary position and her constant discontent and complaints about headache or something else. You know that women shit, men!

I am a good looking 32 year old guy with brown hair, good built body, and 6” cock! I think it is a normal size for me, but I wish I could have a bigger one! Well, my wife is a lovely woman, she is cute and kind but she is nothing, a full zero in sex! She is 5”8 tall, looks great for her type and age, and always keeps fit, but she is not as hot and passionate as I would love to have.

My dreams of cheating on my wife just made me feel hard at the only thought of it and thinking of such experience resulted in my immediate hard on. This feeling was making my balls drain fucking away! Imagination worked its way very best, but don’t think I’m a perverted guy with fallen mentality! Quite not at all! I’m just a guy who is looking for something new! As you all know to meet a woman you like and prefer is not an easy job whereas taking her into your bed is the damn hard deal also! I don’t look like some Enrique Iglesias, though I do think this fucking guy has got a real talent and sings very well, and I’m not radiant with youth and beauty! For me it was rather hard job to pick some chick up! Yeahhh! It was fucking rocky cool when I fortuned to meet a girl, a black haired girl with big boobies and tight ass! (Read More…)

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A nice return

January 2nd, 2009


Being away from your wife is a painful experience, especially when you are on a business trip, you are dreaming about your wife’s mouth wrapped around your cock and the dreams feel so real…

Hi, honey!
I miss you so much…

It’s especially unbearable when I’m on a business trip and far from you, alone with my pangs. The winter is very frosty. Just imagine that I can come to you early in the morning, feeling tired of the long flight. And you’re so warm and fragile, meeting me in an almost transparent babydoll… Your eyes are smiling playfully. Your first touch is a kiss on my lips. You smell of coffee and morning sleep. I kiss you tenderly and passionately trying to feel you’ve missed me.
You stop breathing… Being afraid to make you feel cold from my cold hands I’m passive and you slide down pulling my pants down…

I can see your eyes full of delight and anticipation when you look at me from below… You’ve guessed what I wanted… You’re smiling to me spreading my cold knees with your warm body… I feel your shoulders and hair on my thighs. And here IT is… the coldest part of my body, shrunk into a tiny lump, miserable, tired and entangled in my pubic hair… It’s missed you… (Read More…)

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