Get to know my wife better!

March 29th, 2010

The husband finds his wife sleeping, he notices that she is completely wasted, he decides to spill of his dirty fantasies out, being sure that she’ll not remember a thing the next day…

Last Saturday my wife met with an old girlfriend: they have lived so much together. This 33 year old women went to the gym class and kept her body fit all the time. She was a gorgeous blonde of thritish, with big boobs, thin waits and a big round ass to kill for! There was something about her ass, although it was not that of young girl’s derriere, but her ass was a focus of interest for any man, with strong erection, because you could fuck the hell of that ass for hours! My wife loved parties and she really does, and she loves alcohol. Barbara never drank a lot, but she never refused another round of good shot of whisky or cognac.

Barbara informed me that she would not come home until 10 pm; I was not in a rush to go home on Saturday as well. Met some friends of mine, one of the stood a shot in a pub, so I got home long after midnight. When I opened the door and entered my house, I found my wife totally boozed, she hardly dragged herself to the sofa, and fell onto it without taking off her all cloth. There were only her blouse and skirt on the floor; she was lying in her lingerie and stockings. (Read More…)

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This guy calls at his friend but finds him out, although his hot milf mother is welcoming the guy and asks him to come in and wait, the waiting part is gonna be really hot!

Now get this short story of mine experience with a mature woman. I usually enjoy some weekends with my friend at his house. As his father goes out of the town every weekend, he doesn’t get bored with my company. We enjoy the days, watching TVs, playing games etc. No, you don’t think that we have sex because we are not gays! We are both straight! Sometimes his mother also joins us in card games. Well, I think from this place we should start particularly! About his mom, she looks pretty sexy like a mature porn star. She has got big boobs, blond hair, sexy ass and also some sexy expressions always on her face.

But something unusual happened a few weeks ago……

As usual I was preparing to go to my friend’s house. I thought to phone him up and ask, at what time should I come? His mother picked up the phone. I said:

“Hello, how are you today? Is Tommy home?” A soft voice replied:

“Yes of course. When are you coming?”

“I was just about to leave. See you!” I hung up the phone. (Read More…)

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Fucked and watched!

March 23rd, 2010

The chick and her boyfriend makes themselves comfortable in the car and get down to some hot business, read and enjoy…

By the time I started this story, my boyfriend and I have been dating for over 7 months. His name is Lukas, and I am Jayden. For Lukas’s birthday we went to the bowling alley with his junior brother.

After four games of bowling, we decided to take a break and have some snack. I sat on his lap and kissed him softly, and then he kissed me a bit harder. I laughed and leant back, but that’s when he grabbed my hips pulled me forward and I could feel a hard bulge forming under my skirt and on his pants. A naughty smile came upon my face, I instantly got wet. We gave his brother some money so that he could play the video games and with that we ran outside.

We ran around to the back of the building and he pushed me up against the wall. There was nobody near by, only cans with litter packs and some other backyards stuff.

“Oh, God! You are so hot! Jayden, I want to eat your pussy” I moaned to his words. (Read More…)

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Fuck after party!

March 22nd, 2010

This hot chick meets a guy at the party, one thing leads to another, and finally they find each other in bed. Read and get as hot as you’ve never been before…

Start from describing myself: a 22 year old girl, with gorgeous blonde hair and busty breast, booty round ass to kill for and neatly shaved pussy to lick an fuck! I am slim, not going to the gym because I don’t really need it! I am sun tanned because I love going to beach and bathing sun in the nude.

So I was sitting alone, checked my email, opened my ICQ and read an invitation message from my girlfriend asking me to join them at the wild party. I got outdoors and made my way ahead, anticipating really funny adventures tonight! Her boyfriend, Robert, saluted me at the door and led me right. I liked this guy from the very beginning: he was a tall well-built good looking guy, stylish and very charming… when we got there the party was in the full swing, some of the guys were already drunk, and she introduced me to all of them. I got some beer, a real talk of partying people began, we chatted different things. Suddenly my girlfriend asked me:

“By the way, do you like Robert?”

“Well, actually I do, he is cute!” (Read More…)

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French classes!

March 18th, 2010

This guy is crazy about his French teacher, he dreams about fucking her pussy day and night, there’s nothing he can do to make himself stop, he probably will, but only after she drains his balls completely…

“All right, class! Bye everyone and remember that next time you are having a short test! OK!” He looked at her, the only desire he owned at this moment was to have this woman and the desire was huge.

She was his teacher, French teacher, and he depended on her classes to support his future life. He was supposed to study abroad, and he was in need to study French very well to have this opportunity as he was gonna to study in France. She was a very skilled and professional teacher, but he didn’t succeed in the language of Napoleon, and that’s why he always had to stay late to finish the exercises. He was both angry and happy to stay a bit longer with her, she was writing something down in her note book.

She turned her face and caught his eyes staring at her with some fire in. “Oh, my God, did he really want her?” But he was her student, and rules of subordination forbade everything between the student and his teacher. Although it wouldn’t hurt her, she should have stopped thinking of him. She was supposed to think of lessons, and couldn’t even admit a mere thought of it! The French teacher, a hot gorgeous babe with a body to die for, hadn’t had sex fort 2 weeks, since the last fun in the night club, she hardly even knew that guy who picked her up. Her pussy was soaking wet and craved for a young flesh inside. Hell, too late she found out that she was sitting with her legs wide open and he saw this! (Read More…)

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Alicia in Brandon’s bedroom

February 26th, 2010

Alicia is a real slut who has been fucked previously by a gang of rockers, her boyfriend doesn’t know this and he thinks that she is as pure as she can be….

Alicia had some negative situations in her life which you already know about but sometimes she was happy too. She had good parents, friends and of course, a perfect boyfriend. She and Brandon had been together for almost two years and she loved him very much.

It was a hot day in May. The weather was wonderful. It was as warm as in summer but not so much hot. The weather didn’t make Alicia happy but it improved her mood a lot. Brandon’s father often left the city for two or three days for business purposes and his mother worked at a twenty-four-hour supermarket and sometimes spent all days long at work. Today both of his parents were away and the young couple decided to spend the day and night together in Brandon’s apartment.

Now they were in a hurry to satisfy their passion. They entered the flat and Brandon locked the door. They couldn’t wait any longer. When they reached his bedroom they had only underwear on. Brandon was wearing boxers and Alicia was in modest white panties and a white tank top which couldn’t hide her hard nipples sticking out though the fabric. She looked very sexy despite the fact her lingerie was rather simple. Of course, Brandon’s cock was going to tear his boxers through. (Read More…)

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Alica and rockers Part 3

February 25th, 2010

This girl likes rap but the rockers don’t share her taste in music, they submit her and make her suck their cocks, she does it with pleasure forgetting all about her boyfriend…

Alicia went to the bathroom and rinsed her mouth more thoroughly than usual, washed her face and looked into the mirror. What a disgusting slut she was!..

- Come in, sweetie, – the wounded man was happy to see Alicia again.

He was still smiling. Alicia decided to finish her shameful duties as soon as possible and leave. She sat near the man and stretched her hands to his groin.

- No, wait. I’m not ready yet… – The wounded man confessed. – Will you help me?

- I’m here to help you, – Alicia replied.

- This isn’t what I’m talking about… – The man pushed the girl’s hand away. – Will you dance striptease for me?

This frightened Alicia a lot. “If I undress they’ll fuck me for sure!” she thought with horror.

- I never undress, – she said ready to cry. – I’ll do whatever you want but don’t make me undress…

- Then I want to see you satisfying yourself, – the man said.

- I’ve told I don’t want to undress… Please… – Tears were flowing over the girl’s face.

- You don’t have to undress. Just put your hand into your panties and caress yourself. (Read More…)

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A hubby loves cock!

February 23rd, 2010

The husband and his wife don’t belong to each other, it seems like they are willing to be fucked by absolutely anyone and they don’t mind it. Read the story and see how the cuckold gets fucked in his ass!

I am a good hubby for a wife who loves cuckolding her husband. That was taking place when she brought a lover of hers with his friends to me and they had fun. I was dressed like a house maid and all the guys emptied their balls on me.

…my wife was getting a close-up of me, I noticed all the men started to get dressed. After my wife got a good close-up of me Arthur told me to get dressed but do not wipe any cum of me. He also told me to clean the room up. As everyone walked out of the room I looked in the mirror and I saw myself with cum all over my face, hair, neck, on my fake breast, and in my panties. I turned around and looked at the back and read “I love cock” on my panties. I could also see the cum draining from my ass. I looked for my bra and maids uniform and found it difficult to walk because of getting fucked so hard and good! I couldn’t walk comfortably in my heels. As I bent down to get my bra I could feel the cum escaping from my butt and into my panties. I could also feel sperm running down my face. I got my uniform and put it on. As I was cleaning I could feel the cum start to go down my thighs and into my stockings. (Read More…)

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The woman I love!

May 11th, 2009

This man is married but the life with his wife does not make him happy, he finds another woman and discovers what a true love really means…

Do you believe in love at first sight? Some people say that it truly exists and it is just a matter of occasion, some say that this is bullshit and never occurs in real life. But let me tell you a story to prove that love at first sight really exist. Moreover, the love is true generally. Now, juts a few lines about myself: a 32 year old man, married, a receding hair, a bit chubby, all that is a very nice beginning for an erotic story! He-he! Some girls might feel strange: getting married with love when I was 19. I was love sick that time, and my wife didn’t share her affection with me, she seemed to be one of those women who could not be satisfied with anything. Cold? Well, perhaps she didn’t love sex much. Bitch? No, she was really OK with me, but our sexual life needed to be revised. We had sex only twice in a month, and that seemed to be enough for her. It was like going to the ill fame house, and more often it finished with words: “get off me, and that’s enough!” no need to say that even a fallen softie and doormat would need some new and fresh flesh and more sex. It’d been about 2 years running as my wife was spending her summer vacation at her parents’ ranch, in a 1200 miles distance. I couldn’t have an opportunity to join her cause of my work. Of course I wanted to spend this time with success and meet someone. Going to the personals and other chat sites was a wasting of time, there were some rendezvous but each time whether I was rejected or I had to retire… going to the brothel was not a solution! (Read More…)

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What a blow job!

May 11th, 2009


The guy calls at his girlfriend with a hope of fucking the shit out of her, she doesn’t let him fuck her pussy but the incredible blowjob is something he can expect!

Every Friday, after his Aikido workouts in the gym class of the College, Alexander called for his college girlfriend Tatyana. He was 24, she was 23. They both studied at the same college and lived on the same street. They never arranged to have some particular dating, it was all about that he always visited her on Fridays as Tatyana’s parents were out and they had a vehement and tumultuous sex. Now, however, there was a new departure, and her parents turned to be home at the moment Alexander came.

“Honey, my mom and dad are home!” Tatyana said

“What? How can it be, it’s Friday! I want you, babe!”

“It’s OK, but they came back early today and I don’t know why!”

“I want you so much, babe! Can’t you see?”

“Oh, my God! All right, we will work something out! You get up on the garret and stay there, OK? I’ll be there in a minute!”

“What are you gonna do?” (Read More…)

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